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Best International School in Bangalore: The Ultimate Guide

Rupali Karekar
Sep 24, 2021

International schools are becoming more popular as the world becomes more globalized. These schools have an international curriculum that is typically taught in English.

Some people think that tuition fees are high while others believe that the high-quality education compensates for the cost. However, International schools are preparing students to live and work in this modern, globalized world.

International schools in Bangalore are some of the best schools in India as well as abroad. They have the best teaching facilities and excellent extracurricular activities to keep children engaged.

Best International schools in Bangalore are popular among students due to their diverse student body and their rigorous curricula that gives their students a thirst for knowledge. Besides, these educational institutions provide an environment for intellectual discovery, creativity, innovation, and excellence.

Benefits of Choosing Best International Schools in Bangalore

International schools are no longer an exclusive domain meant for children of diplomats and expatriates. More parents are eager to send their children to an international school due to many reasons such as a higher standard of instruction, better quality of education, a more diversified culture and more opportunities.

Best International schools in Bangalore offer not only the best curricula but also a competitive advantage in terms of teaching methodology. They provide students an opportunity to learn from the best teachers and understand different cultures.

The Advantages That Come With International Schools Include:

● A larger range of subjects

● Better facilities

● Higher standard of education

● Trained and experienced teachers

● Better and more extracurricular activities

● Exposure towards international culture

● Opportunities to participate in global competitions and events

Reasons to Consider Before Choosing an International School

An international school can help students integrate into the world and grow as a global citizen. They also produce well-rounded graduates who are much sought after by employers.

The idea of an international school is to groom students to attain cultural diversity and be well-versed in modern and  traditional thinking.

Many parents are choosing to send their kids to the best international school in Bangalore because they want them to have the best of both worlds - be able to learn the latest academic trends but also fully understand Indian culture and values from a very young age.

Here are some more reasons parents should consider before narrowing down on an international school:-

1. Curriculum - Does the School Offer a Curriculum That is Internationally Recognized?

International schools in Bangalore offer a curriculum that is mostly focused on global education and holistic development of students. Some of the subjects offered in these schools are: the arts, business, computer science, design and technology, drama and theatre arts, economics and finance, languages - foreign languages as well as Indian languages such as Hindi. 

Majorly, the curricula offered at Best International schools in Bangalore are International Baccalaureate, IGCSE and Indian Board (CBSE School and ICSE).

Today, many international schools in Bangalore are starting to teach programming to their students. This is to help improve the all-round development of their students and to prepare them for a future career.

This is because of the rapid rise of coding boot camps in India. The courses are designed to teach students how to code and what would be expected from them if they want a career in the IT industry.

Programming languages like Python and Java have been integrated into these courses, as well as internships that give students hands-on experience in developing software.

2. Teaching Staff - What Qualifications Do the Teachers Have?

The teaching staff who teach in an international school is responsible for developing the curriculum and nurturing the culture of the school. They are also responsible for creating a sense of community amongst students.

That is why teachers at international schools are required to be a native English speaker with a degree in a relevant subject. The qualifications of the teachers in international schools depend on the type of school they work in. For example, an international school might require that their teachers have a degree in B.Ed or higher.

While teachers at international schools can be from various backgrounds, they all need to have the right qualities to succeed in this role. They need to be patient, friendly, and have a passion for teaching. They also need to understand the student's needs and be culturally sensitive and open-minded.

3. Facilities - Are There Enough Facilities That Are Conducive for Learning?

The infrastructure and facilities of International Schools should be carefully taken into consideration before deciding to enrol your child. A school's location, amenities, security, grading scale and much more are important factors to consider when looking for an International School.

International schools are often located in unique and exciting environments. These facilities offer not only a quality education, but also an unforgettable experience to students and staff.

Facilities at international schools include smart classrooms, libraries, laboratories, sports fields or courts, music rooms, art studios or galleries etc. It is common to find a range of specialized facilities for different subjects such as science labs for chemistry and physics.

When it comes to infrastructure it includes fully Wi-Fi enabled buildings and other structures such as the auditorium or the gymnasium. The school grounds can include playing fields and sports facilities too.

4. Value for Money - Is the School Fees in Bangalore Reasonable in Comparison With Those Offered by Other Schools?

The school fees in Bangalore varies from school to school. When we compare the international school's fee with those offered by other schools, it becomes clear that the international school has a higher fee than most schools. However, there are many more schools providing international standard education yet their fees are pretty affordable.

On a generic note, school fees in Bangalore can range anywhere between 1 to 6 lakhs per annum. And this includes only the tuition fees and not the miscellaneous expenses.

Many international schools are aware of the fact that parents may not be able to afford the school's fee in Bangalore, and thus they provide them with scholarships and financial assistance options. Yet, it is advisable that parents who are keen on admitting their child at best international schools in Bangalore should financially prepare beforehand.

5. Clubs & Activities - Does the School Offer Enough Activities and Clubs To Keep Your Child Busy?

Schools are not just places for learning, but also a place where students can get plenty of extracurricular activities. In addition to academic classes, schools offer a number of clubs that would be perfect for keeping your child busy and engaged in their spare time.

Extracurricular activities are so important for children in India. It helps them to learn the social skills they need, build confidence, and stay active.

In the modern world, there is a very thin line between what is considered entertainment and what is considered education. Entertainment has become one of the most effective ways to learn something new and extracurricular activities are one of the best ways to entertain kids these days!

International schools in Bangalore provide students with a variety of extracurricular activities which help them grow their interests and develop skills outside of the classroom. With different clubs like drama club, arts club, debate club, science club, etc students can select something that they want to pursue.


International schools have the best facilities, infrastructure and quality of education. Many Indian parents take their children to international schools because they believe that there the students will learn more than what will be taught in a regular school. The school fees in Bangalore for such schools can be expensive, but it is worth it because the quality of these schools is unmatched.

Rupali Karekar

Ms Karekar comes with over 20 years experience in content writing and content strategy in fields from journalism and content marketing. As head of international communications, she has been actively interacting with stakeholders like the student, teacher and parent community to ensure open channels of dialogue and passage of information between all parties. As a result, the school initiatives and stakeholder performances find the right platform and voice to share their achievements.

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