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Which is the best school in Bangalore?

Tusha T Nair
Jul 30, 2021
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Best CBSE school in Bangalore providing world-class education to students from all walks of life.

The reason why an institution succeeds is not because it competes to the top position but because it has the best interests of all the people involved inside its community. Global Indian International school has been a pathfinder for better educational outcomes since its inception in 2002 in Singapore. Apart from establishing 22 schools across many countries in Asia, GIIS has reformed the face of modern education by creating robust frameworks and well-researched pedagogical approaches in order to meet the needs of a child's emotional, psychological and physical development.

Before you wonder which is the best school in Bangalore? You might want to understand what the true value of education is!

A good school observes, engages and responds to its students, it understands the importance of building a good moral character in every child and works willfully to achieve its objectives. GIIS has been constantly reinventing old traditions of the society by using a modern and practical approach and has been successful in creating young leaders and responsible citizens out of its students.

One might wonder how this has been made possible in today's trending environment.

Let's look at some of the top values GIIS inculcates and how students absorb these virtues.

1. Self - Belief and Confidence

The greatest thing you can gift a child is Confidence. With this as our basic approach, we strive to provide an environment where children are given the opportunity to self-initiate and experiment  to help build self-awareness. Let's take our GMP program as an example..

Global Montessori Plus Program (GMP) : A well curated program, the GMP curriculum is a Montessori based curriculum . The preschool children are of the age when they have high susceptibility to learn new things and absorb information like sponges. And the first 5 years of a child are the most crucial and more or less decide the characteristic  traits and habits for the rest of their lives. Keeping this in mind, the Montessori program provides the perfect platform for children to reach their full potential.

● It aids in self-initiated learning where they choose the activity of their interest and explore it to their heart's content

● It fosters discipline and respect towards the surrounding by following the Montessori rules of using and handling objects and activities in the right manner

● It encourages self-exploration and helps the child believe that they are capable of making their own decisions.

● A child is interrupted and guided only when they need help

2. Holistic development

Apart from this, GIIS uses the five pillars of the GMP method that focus on giving a sound foundation to preschool academic skills like Numeracy, Speech, Language and Literacy. It picks up the innate strengths and talents of each child and hones them further by exploration activities like field trips, special events and talent shows. To cater to the physical , socio-emotional and cognitive needs of the child, it emphasizes on Play activities where children get a chance to interact and play with each other. It introduces them to concepts like environment conservation and the importance of community service to bring out empathy and social awareness. It also gives them the skills to adapt to an advanced technological environment and readies them for futuristic learning methods.

3. Ability to think critically and enthusiasm to solve problems

The world is filled with complexities and challenges and in order to blend into an environment like this and willingly take up responsibilities, a child should be instilled with the right set of survival skills. What are survival skills you may ask? Here, we are not talking about the physical aspect of survival but of those  skills that help you sustain in a modern environment where technology, futuristic thinking and self-confidence come into play.

GIIS's unique 9GEMS Methodology.

What are the 9 GEMS ? And how are they beneficial?

The 9 GEMS is a dynamic framework that GIIS follows, to help build the all round character of the students through an integrated learning environment. This framework applies to all the children at GIIS , right from the tender age of preschool to grades 11 and 12.

The Primary GEM 

The first and primary GEM focuses on the very important aspect of academic excellence. The reason why GIIS's framework has been successful in bringing out the best results in exams is due to the innovative methods of learning that the platform engages in. Children at GIIS enjoy learning new academic concepts inside its Next-Gen Campus, due to the conducive atmosphere like virtual labs and other technological facilities inside the classroom. Children usually incline towards gadgets and latest apps to learn their academic concepts and when this is made available to them inside the school campus it creates engagement and interest. GIIS also uses world-class methodologies like Data Analytics to gauge the progress of their students and the possible areas of improvement. These best practices make things easy and give a clear perspective to the teacher with the next step of action. The  lessons inside the classroom are highly interactive between the teacher and the students and the project-based learning helps students take the right initiatives to pursue and present these concepts in front of the classroom.

Other crucial "character building" GEMS

The other GEMS include Sports Excellence, Visual and Performing Arts, Personality Development, Entrepreneurship and Leadership, Innovation and Creativity, Universal Values and Ethics, Community and care and Skills Development. 

All these GEMS aid in bringing about a change in the outlook of students and help them understand the true values of a responsible citizen. With community service being an integral part of the school, it automatically imbibes valuable virtues like empathy, responsibility and awareness towards one's society.

GIIS CBSE Curriculum

How is GIIS the best CBSE School?

The CBSE Curriculum has been reigning the education system in India for many decades and the fact that it gives a strong foundation in core Academia makes it the first choice for most students who wish to pursue professional mainstream degrees.

GIIS is the best CBSE school in Bangalore because apart from the robust CBSE curriculum, it also offers Smart Campus facilities, a diverse environment and a holistic education program that focuses on all developmental aspects in a student. Therefore, apart from academic strength your child is strengthening his other 21st century skills based on Technology, critical thinking, collaboration and self-confidence.


When you think about which is the best school in Bangalore, you might want to consider the Global Indian International School as the best CBSE school for your child.  And irrespective of the advanced facilities it provides, it has a reasonable fee structure that is affordable and well worth  your monies.

Tusha T Nair

Tusha T Nair, MCA, BEd is a  compassionate, enthusiastic, student-minded Senior School  computer teacher  with 8+ years of experience in developing and promoting creativity and high-order thinking skills in  students  to increase their performances in XII CBSE Board while also managing and co-ordinating annual functions, trips, and other events at GIIS Whitefield.

She always assists and co-ordinates with the teachers regarding CBSE-related responsibilities and had also served as a CBSE Co-ordinator in the past.

Exhibiting exceptional ability to make meaningful contact with students and parents, Ms. Tusha specializes in making the students understand the practical aspect of Technology. She has also been recognized as School Innovation Ambassador By Ministry of Education Innovation Cell (MoE).

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