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How does 9GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship Groom Students?

Scholarships give students an opportunity to pursue education with fewer financial burdens. While not all scholarships offer a full ride to a high school or college, plenty still offer financial and other assistance that make a huge difference in the lives of the students. If you want to help your child look for a scholarship, then make sure you check the  options that are right for them.

Many  people think that scholarships are all about academic performance. But high scores aren't the only basis for getting an educational grant. Some grants, like the 9GEMS scholarships, consider the extracurricular profile of the student as well. 

If you want to suggest these scholarships to your child, read up more about the GIIS’ 9GEMS and find out how its grants like the 9GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship might just be a stellar option for your child.

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What is it?

The 9GEMS framework is a teaching methodology designed with the aim of helping children meet the changing and evolving needs of the time. The model is meant to groom students by honing their inherent talents and skills. It is a programme that also moulds their personalities, allowing them to grow up as all-rounded individuals.

How does it work?

The 9GEMS framework uses an integrated, holistic approach to education. It brings value-based learning to another level. The goal of the programme is to raise children  who are ready for the world and the future, and whose strengths don’t merely lie in academic excellence but also in the skills and values that they have.

With a balanced and age-appropriate as well as adaptive learning approach, students evolve as they grow. They learn universal values and ethics along with discipline and creativity. The model also provides a learning experience that seeks to shape their personalities so that they grow up with leadership and entrepreneurial skills. 

The curriculum also gives children  the freedom to discover who they are and what they are capable of. The methodology also places value on the spirit of sportsmanship, so the children  learn camaraderie and teamwork, qualities that not only help them with their personal lives and their professional lives in the future.

How does it prepare them?

There are plenty of ways through which the scholarship prepares the students. Here are a few of them:

1. Academic Excellence

The methodology emphasizes the importance of academic excellence. With a programme that gives the children numerous opportunities to participate in collaborative and project-based learning, they gain knowledge early through a variety of educational projects and through experiential learning.

2. Sports Excellence

The programme doesn’t just want the students to focus on their academic strengths, though.They want their children to display their growing abilities and talents. By encouraging them to play sports, the programme doesn’t just promote physical growth; it also encourages them to learn all about being a part of a work, of learning how to work well with others, and develop discipline. 

These are qualities that will serve them well even after they graduate. The ability to work well with others is a quality that companies prize. Also, children  with excellent discipline grow up knowing how to manage their time and resources wisely. They have the will and drive to keep working even in less-than-stellar conditions.

3. Visual and Performing Arts

By providing access to arts and digital as well as visual art forms, the students discover any talents and skills that they might have in these fields. The exercises improve their creativity and allow them to come up with creative solutions or those that don’t follow the norm. 

With improved creativity, the students also learn ways to express themselves. Given the global pandemic, many children  find themselves worried and anxious about what’s going to happen. What will the future hold? The ability to focus through the arts takes their mind off these worries. Also, being able to express themselves means that they aren’t bottling up their emotions, which has a negative impact on their health and mental well-being.

4. Personality Development

There’s more to life than grades. The programme recognizes that and wants its students to know how important it is to have a fully developed personality. That means providing them with opportunities to cultivate aspects of their character. Through the programme, they improve their confidence and social skills. They learn how to communicate with others better. They grow up knowing how to listen and be empathetic. Other activities also improve their self-expression.

5. Innovation and Creativity

The creativity also makes it easier for them to come up with solutions and creative approaches. The programme allows them to explore a range of theoretical and empirical approaches.

6. Entrepreneurship and Leadership

The programme also exposes the children  to workshops and activities that help with their decision-making skills. Their critical thinking and communication skills also develop as a result. With excellent leadership training, they learn how to be comfortable in expressing their ideas, in communicating with others, and find it easier to build connections with each other.

7. Universal Values and Ethics

The goal of the programme isn’t just to produce academically gifted students. Rather, it’s to raise children  who know the value of kindness to all, of being empathetic, and of showing compassion. The programme does an excellent job to provide them with insights into the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi as well as those of other world leaders. These become the basis for their attitudes. They learn to look at themselves as role models.

8. Community and Care

The programme drives home the importance of service. The children  are encouraged to participate in programmes that benefit both the community and the school.

9. Skills Development

GIIS has smart campuses around the world. These campuses focus on giving students platforms for skill development which form an additional layer of expertise for their educational portfolio. 

The 9GEMS framework provides a balanced learning experience to the children. If this is the kind of education you want for your child, start checking out the submission requirements. Help your child gain the best education possible by going over the admission guidelines to check if your child is eligible. And if the answer is yes, then you can start putting together an application form.

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