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Holistic Preschool and Nursery School Curriculum

Our well-designed Global Montessori Plus Nursery Programme is based on the best Montessori practices. Our exceptional GMP curriculum supports children in a happy learning environment, emphasising Multiple Intelligence and Futuristic pedagogy, while combining the original theory with GIIS' ultra-modern teaching methodologies.

At GIIS, we ensure that our students are well-mentored so that they can build the necessary foundational abilities, be prepared to handle future academic obstacles, and create a passion for studying throughout their academic careers.

Nursery Schools in Bangalore

Nursery education plays an important role in every child's life since it gives an enriched atmosphere, academic simulation, and numerous possibilities for socialisation at a very tender age. Early education is crucial for emotional, cognitive, social, and physical well-being of children. Good preschool education encourages students as well as parents to opt for primary and high school education in the future. Pre-primary education provides a solid foundation for children, allowing them to assimilate knowledge easily as they progress through their academic careers.

Age Criteria for Admission

As one of the leading kindergartens in Bangalore, we welcome students seeking admission to Montessori preschool and kindergarten school. Students above the age of 2.5 years can enrol in pre-nursery, while students above the age of 3.5 years can enrol in KG1/Junior KG. Students above the age of 4.5 years can seek admission in KG2/Senior KG.

2.5 Years as of 31st March
3 years and 8 months as of 31st March
4 years and 8 months as of 31st March
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What is the Plus?

The Global Montessori Plus Programme’s unique value offering is its adaptation of Montessori's internationally famous teaching methodology with an added ‘plus’ to it. We've combined the principles of formal education with the most cutting-edge learning technologies. Our methodology provides students with unique and exceptional prospects for growth and development. This award-winning programme prepares students for higher education and future challenges.

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Why Prefer GMP?

Our interactive and engagement based skill-based programmes for preschoolers allow young learners to discover new areas of interest by delving deeper into new concepts and topics, and developing their imagination as they grow. The well-designed GMP Montessori curriculum lets teachers introduce new lessons, theories and concepts to students slowly and gradually within an impactful learning environment so that the students get the best out of it. This is what makes our Global Montessori Plus Programme curriculum most sought after among other kindergartens in Bangalore.

Seamless Transition

Students at GIIS are taught by teachers, who are well-trained and keep a close eye on them. Montessori children are gradually introduced to important subjects in order to familiarise them with concepts and theories that will help them achieve bigger educational goals in future. This fosters a positive and dynamic learning environment that encourages physical, mental, and emotional development, while allowing for a smooth transition from one grade to another.

Our Teachers

Our teachers are trained, experienced, and certified experts with a passion to help students grow into successful individuals. All our faculty members are well-equipped with cutting-edge teaching methods and provide students with a stimulating and enjoyable learning environment. They assist students in their daily tasks and instil wisdom and positivity as they progress through their academic journey.

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The award-winning 9 GEMS holistic educational approach, which combines the best of Eastern and Western pedagogical methods, extends learning beyond academics by emphasising sports, skills, and values. We have blended the best teaching and learning approaches from around the world into our pedagogy that focuses on the overall development of young learners in nine areas of excellence. The 9 GEMS approach uses project-based, collaborative learning to allow students to learn via reading, experiences, and discussion.

More on 9 GEMS

Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA)

The varied selection of ECAs available at GIIS helps students develop social skills, critical thinking skills, and teamwork abilities, positioning us as one of the best kindergarten schools in Bangalore. Many extra-curricular activities are held by dividing students into four Houses in order to foster healthy competition, a drive to win, and pride in achievements. This develops a sense of belonging, friendship, and a sense of brotherhood among students.


Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)

We firmly believe that co-curricular activities are an integral part of comprehensive education that contributes to students' overall development. CCAs assist in developing social skills, critical thinking, and teamwork while also allowing students to express their natural abilities. We provide an array of extracurricular activities, and it is required that every student participates in at least one of them.


Safety And Security

As the best kindergarten school in Bangalore, GIIS has taken necessary precautions to ensure that students and staff are protected from the minute they arrive on campus until they leave. Each level has a combination of old and modern security elements that have been carefully considered and implemented.


“Dear Parents, During this Covid-19 Pandemic, Our Students have exceptionally outperformed in 2021 CBSE Results with an average 95.40% as highest score alongside a 100% pass rate. On account of the same, we are extending our gratitude to new parents who’d like to be part of our growth journey “ - Principal


*In form of scholarships and admission fees to all deserving students across merit and based on family income.

Creating NextGen Leaders

While academic performance is valued at all levels, universal values, ethics, discipline, creativity, and personality development are as important as academic excellence, leadership, and entrepreneurial abilities. Young children are high-calibre learners, who are eager to explore, experiment, and learn more. We consider this as our responsibility to provide a plethora of opportunities to young students to help them become leaders in the future.

Going Green

Our students are taught to excel academically, while also learning to appreciate nature and the environment. Our environmental initiatives stress the need of recycling and upcycling, as well as how to use them effectively to reduce waste. We encourage our students to participate in fostering environmental awareness and effectively resolving environmental problems through different environment-friendly activities such as planting trees, sowing seeds, celebrating festivals and birthdays in an eco-friendly manner, and making the best out of waste in classrooms.

Community Partnerships

By allowing students to interact with communities and have social experiences that will help them bond with society, Global Indian International School has earned the reputation of being the top international preschool in Bangalore. Through charity drives, community event participation, green projects, and resource conservation, we encourage our students to develop their emotional and spiritual well-being.

Subjects Offered

As the best nursery school in Bangalore, we offer a variety of subjects that are both entertaining and beneficial for the overall development of the students. These courses provide the most up-to-date information and help children develop into happy, and self-assured adults, who are curious to learn and educate themselves.

EVA (Environmental Awareness)
Dance and Music
Free play and structured play


Parent Testimonials

GIIS Testimonial - Rajiv Singh Sawhney
We are happy to associate with an institution which thinks about the overall development of a child. My son had uninterrupted online classes during the pandemic. There were wonderful interactive daily sessions, thoughtful activities, creative Montessori activities etc, which gave enough opportunities to my child to showcase his talents.
Mother of Aadhviik Karthi Narayanan KG2A
We are glad to see how GIIS has made the learnings continue smoothly during these difficult times. My daughter is always excited to attend classes. She looks forward to her classes and talks about the new learnings after every class. We are content with her progress. Teachers’ efforts are commendable.
Richa Kaushik
Mother of Vedika Gautam, KG 1B
The school’s values-based approach to education has made them responsible and proactive students. Such initiatives help in building greater levels of confidence and creativity. Teachers are dedicated, and their feedback and guidance has helped my child progress.
Radhika Ashok Kumar
Mother of Aniruddha Menon Class 5G

Academic Calendar

Our well-designed Calendar guide book helps to know about the school timings, holiday lists, examination schedules or any information related to the school functioning.

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