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Best Secondary Schools in Bangalore

GIIS, a renowned secondary school in Bangalore that nurtures students in an excellent environment where learning and development go hand in hand with high-quality education and facilities.

CBSE Secondary School Curricula at GIIS Bangalore

The well-designed curriculum that builds the skills, knowledge, creativity, and personality of the students makes GIIS the best secondary school in Bangalore. Students derive outstanding benefits from enhancing their communication skills, digital skills, participate in co-curricular activities to groom their talent, and be the leaders of the future.

Grade 6-10

Students from grades 6 to 10 can apply for the secondary school that fosters an experiential learning environment that provides remarkable academic growth, emotional and physical growth through the CBSE curricula.

Block Seat

Secondary Schooling in Bangalore

Secondary school in India is for students in the age group of 11 to 16 years. The final two years of secondary school are classified as Higher Secondary. Secondary education is examination-oriented and is taken up by students primarily to appear for central-level examinations. GIIS is the leading secondary school helping students for holistic growth.

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CBSE Higher Secondary School

Bangalore is one of the top education hubs of India providing an excellent learning platform to national and international students. GIIS is one of the pioneer CBSE secondary schools that help students to chisel a successful future with its exemplary curriculum.

Students with secondary school admissions are well-trained and nurtured by experts who teach them the importance of respect, character development, other values and enhance their academic growth as well. GIIS, a pioneer international secondary school with its dynamic curricula prepares the student to face the tech-driven world and its challenges by imbibing 21st-century skills.

The best secondary school provides a rich academic experience and great infrastructure. Our proficient facilitators well versed in their subjects mould students in learning the importance of values, respect for each other, character building, and academic growth. The international secondary school lays a strong foundation for students to choose the right career path or higher education by imbibing dynamic 21st-century skills.

We believe that for our learners to be future leaders they need to be proficient in academics and extracurricular activities and our best secondary school intricately balances the education for the students. The excellent skill development and other value-based programmes focus on the all-round development of students.

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Outstanding Academic Results

Being recognized as the prominent global international secondary school, our students have excelled and been on the top of the scoreboard amongst CBSE schools in Bangalore. With the guidance of expert teachers, students have gained top ranks and highest subject marks every year.




School Highest Score


Pass results


Students Scoring Above 90%


Class Average Score




School Highest Score


Pass results


Student Scoring Above 90%


Class Average Score

“Dear Parents, During this Covid-19 Pandemic, Our Students have exceptionally outperformed in 2021 CBSE Results with an average 95.40% as highest score alongside a 100% pass rate. On account of the same, we are extending our gratitude to new parents who’d like to be part of our growth journey “ - Principal


*In form of scholarships and admission fees to all deserving students across merit and based on family income.

Why GIIS is the chosen primary school by parents

A Holistic Educational Framework called 9GEMS

For a student to be successful there needs to be a balance in academics, creativity, skill enhancement, and personality growth. At GIIS secondary school, students are provided complete development with the 9 GEMS framework. This is an award-winning holistic pedagogy that offers excellence in the important 9 categories of student development like Academics, Sports, Innovation, Leadership, Arts, Entrepreneurship, Community Connect, and Universal values.

This splendid and unique Framework combines the traditional and modern teaching methodologies to create a positive impact on the creativity, critical thinking abilities, physical and emotional health of the learners. 

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Bridge Programme

Admissions in the secondary school at GIIS are flexible as they are open throughout the year. This facility is for local students and expats who get complete support in academics through the dynamic Bridge Programme.

This programme is facilitated by well-qualified teachers to provide a seamless learning experience to students. The teachers guide them to their best for students to adjust to the new environment and provide complete support through project notes, an extra effort through teaching, and offline assistance when needed. This helps the students to cope with their studies and build new bonds with peers.

Bridge Programme

The Bridge Programme is for students who join in between the academic year. They are well-nurtured to catch up lessons and make fellow students as new friends. In this well-designed programme our faculty and student mentors offer personal support to the newly joined students and familiarize them with the syllabus.

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Add-Ons - Value Added Programmes

Exceptional programmes like the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and Hey Math! adds additional purpose to the primary education and provides a firm foundation for students. Our students are given practical exposure with hands-on experience in exploring subject concepts and hone their inherent skills that ultimately develops extraordinary creative, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills and widens the learning potential.

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21st Century Learning

GIIS is a SMART campus with all the classrooms well-equipped with new-age tools to nurture a digital learning environment for students. Students are trained with 21st-century skills that enable them to develop digital skills and modern learning tools. The tech-driven campus has extraordinary facilities like smart boards, wifi connections, modern devices for school use, access to age-appropriate learning platforms, and dedicated spaces for collaborative work.

Our vision is to encourage students to think out of the box, seamlessly collaborate and be future-ready to face the new challenges of the world through the modern techniques of teaching and learning. Our faculty is also regularly upgraded through workshops and other programmes.


Parent Testimonials

GIIS Testimonial - Rajiv Singh Sawhney
Methodologies like collaborative learning with peers from around the world will equip my daughter with the right knowledge and skills to excel in future.
Mr Rajiv Singh Sawhney
Father of Sarah Sawhney
"The schools emphasis on fair competition and recognising talent has instilled confidence in my son to excel."
Hisato Yuto
Father of Taiju Yuto
"My daughter enjoys every activity besides studies because of the innovative methods and fun learning. She adores her school and is excited and exhilarated as every day she learns something new.
Ms. Nupur Gupta
Mother of Aanya Vijay
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Academic Calendar

Our well-designed Calendar guide book helps to know about the school timings, holiday lists, examination schedules or any information related to the school functioning.

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Extra-curricular and Co-curricular Activities for Our Secondary Students

A student is naturally born with talent and can do their best if trained and moulded the right way. ECA and CCA activities play a very important role in identifying the passion of the students and how they can achieve success in it. We believe that for the excellent physical and emotional development of students, they should be encouraged to mandatorily participate in these activities.

The plethora of indoor and outdoor sports activities at the GIIS campus are provided to students under the aegis of qualified trainers and students can learn many skills through skill-based labs and studios present in the premises.

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