Make In India Innovation Initiative (MI4)

MI4 is an initiative by Global Schools Foundation, India to Empower Young Minds and Nurture a Culture of Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

Our Inspiration: Make in India

Make in India is a Government of India scheme launched in 2014 intended to boost the domestic manufacturing sector and augment investment in the country. As part of this endeavour, the young minds of India play a crucial role in driving innovation and growth. 

 Fostering an Innovative Mindset  

The primary objective of this initiative by GSF India is to foster an innovative mindset among GSF India School Students, encouraging them to develop creative solutions and entrepreneurial ideas that align with the Make in India initiative. 

The initiative aims to provide a platform for young minds to showcase their potential and contribute to the nation's economic growth, by encouraging them to think big and take on the challenge of shaping India's future through creativity and determination.

Project Guidelines

We aim to empower the Grade 8 - 12 students of GSF India Schools to become future innovators and entrepreneurs, contributing to the Make in India campaign. 

Let us look at the set of guidelines for participating in MI4: 

Students are encouraged to choose projects on themes that focus on Manufacturing, Technology, Renewable Energy, Agriculture, Healthcare, Education, and Space Technology.

Students can form teams of 4 - 8 members to collaborate on the project. We encourage diversity in team composition, including students from different grades/age groups and skill sets.

Teams can seek mentorship or guidance from teachers, professionals, or experts in relevant fields to provide assistance and advice during the project development.

Each team must submit a detailed project proposal outlining the problem statement, proposed solution, methodology, and expected outcomes.

Students are encouraged to think out of the box and come up with innovative solutions to everyday problems.

Teams should conduct thorough research and analysis related to their projects. They should explore existing solutions, market feasibility, and potential impact.

Each team must maintain detailed documentation of their project development process, including challenges faced and lessons learned.

Presentation and Awards

Each school would organize a Make In India Innovation Initiative week, this will allow all teams to demonstrate their projects to the Judges and a larger audience for evaluation


Teams to think creatively and explore innovative ideas that align with the Make in India initiative.

Teams to consider real-world implementation – the key would be practicality

Promote collaboration and diversity

Seek Mentorship

Evaluate Social Impact and Sustainability

Research and Documentation of the journey


Developing a prototype


Plagiarism would be strictly prohibited – do not copy existing solutions

Avoid projects that may involve physical prototypes

Avoid projects that may have a negative impact on society or environment

Dependence on Mentors

Delegation of all tasks to a specific team member 

Avoid incomplete research, over-budgeting

Avoid overambitious projects

Awards and Reognition

Here is the list of awards given to outstanding projects presented at the Make in India Innovation Initiative

Make in India Future Entrepreneur Award

Innovation Excellence Award

Sustainability Champion Award

Social Impact Award 

Best Prototype Award

These awards celebrate students who have exhibited exceptional entrepreneurial spirit and shown the potential to become future leaders in driving innovation and contributing to the Make in India initiative.

We believe that our efforts encourage young minds with exciting challenges and opportunities that would impact the industrial and entrepreneurial sectors in a positive way.