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GIIS-Shekhar Ravjiani School of Music

Orchestrating Musical Talent

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Not for the Hobbyist!

There is no dearth of talent in our young singers. In fact there is a lot of talent hidden in them. All that was required is helping them strike the right ‘Chord’. So we decided to meet the needs of Gen Z by tuning their energies to the right frequency. We teamed up with famed Bollywood Singer-Music Composer Shekhar Ravjiani to get our students on the right track.

Our collaboration is the perfect pitch of well-equipped music and radio studios and the guidance of a talented master that will supplement the need of artists with a knack for music by giving them the right platform - which is GIIS-Shekhar Ravjiani School of Music.

A virtual tour  of our studios and School of Music would showcase GIIS’s  gamut of offerings accessible to your child during their stay with us.

Holistic Approach

This initiative is deeply rooted in our core ethos - the 9GEMS Holistic Framework - which is a meticulously crafted 360° approach towards imparting knowledge, skills and the right values. The framework has gained our students success in all grades of education by ensuring high levels of output and developing a well-rounded personality.

Perks for your Child

This initiative gives weightage to a talented student to smoothen their edges and develop a nuanced understanding of music.

A student who shows promise in singing, playing an instrument, mixing audio, composing music, in any of the various genres of music like Hindustani, Carnatic, Western will get personal attention to excel.

Programme Outline


Hours of research on
programme design


Global students have access in 21 campuses


Students currently
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Through this robust joint venture with Shekhar Ravjiani, we have curated and designed a programme that provides a personal touch so our students can reap rewards like skill development, creative enhancement and appropriate industry knowledge.

Based on Individual Artists Needs

Personalised Programme

Month on Month Basis

Perennial Interactions

UI Designer
Virtual + Face to Face

Omni Programme Mentoring

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How to tune in?

Easy steps you can count on your fingers! Moreover, there are no additional fees to join the School of Music and it is absolutely FREE! Be a part of the GIIS FAMILY

Step 1


So we can be in
Step 2

Virtual Tour

So we can show how we play the Chords
Step 3


So we can start Composing
Step 4

Music Class

So we can start Practicing
Step 5


So we can start Tuning
Step 6

Programme starts

So we can be a Star


Talented children can take advantage of our scholarship programme, which includes the 9GEMS MUSIC SCHOLARSHIP which can be availed by those interested in enrolling with GIIS.

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