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Tips To Help Your Children Settle Back in School in 2021

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While 2020 was the year of the lockdown, in 2021, we are hoping things will bring change. Schools are now reopening and it is  nearly time for classes to start again. If your kids are getting ready to go back to their international school, are they excited? Or are they worried about meeting new classmates and teachers? Do they think about the new lessons that they'll need to tackle? Make the start of a new school year exciting. 

Here are a few tips to help your kids, so they can go back to their classes excited for the year ahead:-


1. Teach Them to Use a Calendar

There's nothing like a ton of deadlines to stress out your kids. If you have a worrier on your hands, then teach them how to use a calendar. That's one way to help them manage their day. Having a visual representation of when school will start will help them mentally prepare for the day they go to class and say hi to their new classmates and teachers. It's also fun to have them colour each day until the first day of the new school year arrives.


2. Check the Calendar

To help your kids prepare, go online and check the social calendar. What are the events scheduled this year? Which ones are pushing through online? What and when are the major tests and exams? It will help you figure out what dates should be included in your children's calendar for the whole year.


3. Start Bedtime Early

One of the most challenging things about going back to school is convincing your kids to go to bed early again. You can introduce the sleep routine two weeks before they go back. That way, when school starts, they should have more than enough time to get used to the schedule. If you spring this on them, you and your kids will end up with a few sleepless nights. Coupled with the school year's opening, that doesn't make for the right combination, so get them ready for that change in their bedtime routine. 

4. Shop for Supplies

Getting ready for school also means you'll need to shop for their supplies. If you're a bit of a planner, though, you might want to get started on your shopping a month or so earlier. That way, you have plenty of time to get the necessary supplies. You won't need to worry about having to rush out because you forgot something. Shopping for whatever your kids need early on means that you can return or exchange some of those items if you pick the wrong one. You also have time to replace them.


5. Let Them Choose

You want your kids thrilled and excited to go back to school. One way to increase their excitement is to let them pick their things. If you're shopping online, let them browse around with you until they choose the bag, backpack, or even lunchbox they like. You'll want to take them shopping for clothes, too.


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6. Prepare Snacks

When they're back in a physical class, you'll want them to be ready for break times with a nutritious snack. Ditch the junk food and give them fruits, nuts, and vegetables. The beauty of having your kids at home for their classes means you can give them healthy food in between meals. You won't have to worry that they might be missing their meals.


7. Prepare Lunch Boxes

Even if you eat the lunchbox at home, your kids will appreciate having them prepared in advance. That way, your kids will be covered, and you can focus on the work you need to do. If you're working from home, then preparing your children's meals ahead will free up time for you later.


8. Find a Friend

Encourage your kids to make friends. Tell them how awesome it is to have someone they can play with even during the online classes, someone that they can talk to about their assignments, and more. Show them films or books about friends. That way, they'll be excited to reach out to all the other kids and talk to them. If your children don't have too many friends or have trouble building connections with others, encouraging them to make friends can change that. There's still time to teach your kids the value of knowing how to connect with others.


9. Deal with Expectations

What do your kids expect this year? You'll want to be clear about what their teachers and what you expect from them this year, too. Talking about expectations helps them think about goals and how they'll behave for the coming year. Asking them lets them express their feelings about their classes as well. Given the global pandemic, many things have been thrown out the window, and it remains to be seen which belief systems and practices will survive and which ones won't. Celebrate those moments with your kids.


10. Give Them Surprises

One way to build excitement or boost their engagement is to put a little bit of surprise into their backpack or lunchbox. It could be a short note wishing them good luck. It could be a surprise treat. What about a cute toy or something they can use for school? OR maybe a surprise new pair of shoes? There are plenty of ways for you to make the first day of school special for them.


11. Consider Extracurriculars

Some schools offer after school activities. Since schools transitioned to distance learning, though, you might be asking yourself how will that work for the current setup? Well, you'll have your kids pre-occupied by online classes after their main classes are done. However, you'll need to choose those extracurriculars. Don't do it blindly, though. Think about your children's interests. 

Enroll them into an activity that they already like or have shown an interest in. That's because many schools require that the kids attend those classes till the end of the semester and if they hate what you pick for them, that could mean you'll end up having to cajole and scare them into going to those sessions every day. It's a huge help, then, to make sure you ask them what they like instead and go with that option.


Help your kids get ready for their classes when their international school opens and they have to move out of the home to start attending classes.

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