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How are International Schools offering Holistic Development Through the CBSE Curriculum?

Maninder Kaur
Jul 30, 2021
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Education in India has made significant progress in the last few decades in order to create better societies, eradicate blind faiths and beliefs and bring in a modern approach in education for the benefit of all our children. 

Schools have revamped and readdressed crucial issues to take away limitations and restrictions inside their classrooms. Instead, new platforms have been made possible to help children communicate openly and voice their opinions confidently without being shy and reticent.

Are modern approaches in education effective enough?

Most CBSE Board high schools are conforming to modern methods of teaching and learning and have shunned outdated methods that don't contribute substantially to a child's growth and development. 

Now the emphasis is not on geographical limitations but in imbibing skills that can be applied anywhere in the world. This is very relevant in times like these when technology and futuristic thinking are the ways to handle complex problems of the world.

Why are modern methods of education important?

A good education gives empowerment and self-awareness to young students and encourages them to think critically and solve problems with diplomacy and effective strategy. 

These skills can be acquired in an environment where cultural diversities and global perceptions meet on common ground. International schools are often the best platforms to enable this kind of progressive environment as there are students from all walks of life and different cultural backgrounds.

What do CBSE board high schools offer?

The CBSE board states that most CBSE schools follow three main core subjects in their curriculum which are Science, Mathematics and Humanities. And all the academic activities revolve around these subjects. The CBSE follows the NCERT curriculum which is more or less applicable to all states in India. 

The curriculum is imparted to students by the traditional teacher to student method and there isn't much flexibility in the way lessons are approached by the students and teachers

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What does an International CBSE board high school offer?

The difference here is that there is more room for flexibility and the curriculum revolves around enquiry and skill-based learning. This is made possible by introducing new frameworks that enable students to gain a multitude of skills across different verticals. 

As the best international school in Bangalore offers more space and facilities to their students, this kind of learning is often possible. Since these schools understand the credibility of owning state of the art campuses with the latest technology and innovation inside their classrooms, students are provided with the right mindset and mood to explore these terrains enthusiastically.

How are these unique frameworks and customized curriculums effective?

Classroom engagement is one of the key factors in helping students learn their lessons effectively. Therefore, the need for new alternative methods in teaching and learning is crucial to achieve the objective. Also , collaborative learning is the need of the hour. 

A student should feel free to voice his or her opinions without apprehensions and there should be a healthy give and take policy inside the classroom where students help each other when in doubt and also collaborate with the teacher to understand the intricacies and differences of their opinions. 

Very often, these curriculums also need smaller student teacher ratios in order to be able to impart education more effectively. This can be of a great advantage to the student for better engagement with his teacher.

What facilities are offered in these international CBSE schools?

To begin with, the campuses are sprawling across green acres and there are many facilities that cater to the extracurricular and co curricular activities of the students. 

Their classrooms and labs are powered with the latest technology  and there are specified spaces for each and every activity. These schools also have different clubs that cater to different skill sets of students and after school programs to help students gain extra skills in their subject of interest. 

The teachers, trainers and guides are qualified with professional degrees and have good experience in their field of teaching.

Are these international schools expensive?

One question that every parent might ponder over is if these international CBSE board high schools are affordable. Though the fee structure of a school is quite subjective to the facilities and curricula they offer, there are international schools that are quite affordable and  have easy admission procedures in order to give a fair chance to all the students of our country. The trick is to find the right one by doing a certain amount of research and by visiting these campuses to ensure they are delivering what they have promised to their existing students.

How to find out the best international school for your child?

Most of these international schools have their own vision and mission to achieve. A talk with the principal or the head of the institution will give you a fair idea about these aspects and help you understand how these schools engage prospective parents and students. 

You can also make efforts to talk to existing parents whose children have been studying at the school for at least a few years. Safety aspect of the school is another thing you wouldn't want to miss.

Go on a campus tour and find out these sensitive details that are crucial to your child's well being. Also remember that a school that encourages open communication between all parties involved is your best option.

Though these differences may seem subtle at the beginning, once your child adapts to a global environment like this, she is bound to gain many skills that will help her in her future endeavours, especially when pursuing a lucrative career on a global scale.

Children of this generation are far more collaborative and enthusiastic, and they should be provided with good facilities to help acquire skills in order to make their dreams come true.

Maninder Kaur

I am Ms. Maninder kaur, working as a primary teacher in GIIS Whitefield from past five years.

I did my schooling and college from Chennai. I have completed my degree from Madras University and then did my B.Ed. I am in this teaching profession from the past 15 years. I have worked in IGSE and CBSE schools in my carrier as a teacher. I have been a part of Army School, Air force School and International Schools. I have always been teaching with passion and kindness so that my students are able to learn faster and better. There was always a sweet connection with my students, those who have passed out of school and doing well in their lives. It gives me immense pleasure when I get to meet them in the alumni or through phone calls.

I got inspiration from my mother as she was also a teacher and being from the defense background I learnt discipline from my young age. I have catered to the requirements of an institution on many occasions. We learn from children on daily basis in this profession and enhance our knowledge.

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