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Why is Global Indian International School Among the Best Preschools in Bangalore?

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With a population of 12,327,000, Bangalore is a super busy city which is always bustling with activity. In the last few decades, Bangalore has seen an unforeseen growth in its population, thanks to its IT and economical boom. Young professionals from all over the world are coming here to work and settle down, resulting in the massive rise in the city's population. With this kind of rise in population, there has been a huge growth in the educational sector as well. 

Since more and more educated families are settling in the city, the need for world class, quality education centres is on the rise like never before. Today, there is a preschool, and a private school in Bangalore in every nook and cranny. However it is needless to say that not all the preschools provide world class education.

Global Indian International School - GIIS Whitefield and GIIS Bannerghatta campuses lead the list as the best preschool in Bangalore, which has made a name for itself in the world of preschools of not only the city, but also in the entire nation. Parents are now understanding the importance of early childhood care and education or EECE like never before. 


EECE, if properly and professionally administered, could be really beneficial to a student who has still not stepped into the gates of a traditional school. GIIS chain of schools understands that perfectly. They know that the preschool time is extremely important in a student's life and that is the reason they try to inculcate in them value based education leading to wholesome, cognitive as well as emotional growth that will help them to face the future challenges, when they will step into the perimeter of formal training in primary schools. 

The GIIS Global pre schools

GIIS preschools, having a completely international approach to education, are creating waves in this sphere due to its novel pedagogical approach in teaching infants and toddlers through its globally recognised 9GEMS Holistic Framework model. The aim of this international preschool is to prepare these students so that they are able to adapt themselves with future challenges, which both the primary as well as the high school years are going to throw at them.

Having 21 campuses in more than 7 countries, has made GIIS undoubtedly one of the best school chains of the world where the aim is to transform each student's life and make him or her a competitive individual who would be ready for global challenges. This preschool is special because they offer their students with global educational practices through cross campus learning and productive exchanges of knowledge amongst the students of other campuses too. 

This opens up global windows in front of the child and they are able to see things with much more clarity and adaptability that will be helpful for them when they go to primary as well as high school. Flawlessly merging informal as well as formal opportunities, GIIS makes sure that every student gets holistic as well as wholesome, value based education.

This school, which is most probably the best preschool in bangalore, makes sure that the students are global citizens, unafraid of expressing themselves in international platforms and that is the reason they ensure that their students participate in various competitions and symposiums of national and international levels. Attending these conventions and competitions not only provide them global exposure but also boost up their self confidence as well as their ability to face challenges in the new environments.

GIIS preschools have the knowledge of how important technology can be and that is the reason, it  has created an experience of virtual learning that is extremely immersive in nature. It follows the ideals of the research done by American Academy of Paediatrics as well as NAEYC and has 3 components.

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GIIS's Small Group Live Sessions

These specially designed small group life sessions organised by the GIIS preschools aim to make the students participate in fun-filled activities for 5 days of the week in order to enhance their learning and other cognitive abilities. 

This virtual learning program consists of categories such as physical play and how to grow mindfulness as well as academic subjects like mathematics so that a child learns as well as enjoys these sessions. The main focus of these live sessions is to provide children knowledge in a playful environment without the stress of formal studying. 

Each child is given equal importance and their individual growth is properly analysed in these sessions. That is the reason why there are only 5 to 6 students in each session who are attended by 1 or 2 teachers who provide individual attention to them for a minimum of one hour to a maximum of one hour 30 minutes.

The Advantage of Premium Education of GIIS in a Reasonable Fee Structure

The aim of this preschool is to offer all its students with international standard amenities as well as facilities along with a global approach of studying which focuses on the wholesome growth in a child, but without any high price tag.

The school fee structure here is extremely reasonable and competent and all the details of the fees, tuition fee breakups are available on the website making every transaction an extremely transparent one, which doesn’t leave any room for doubt in a parent’s mind.

Here, the education that is provided to the child is necessarily value based and has a unique as well as modern approach to learning. GIIS ensures that the environment in the school campus is maintained in such a way that it remains forever enriching as well as positive, where the child feels at home and not intimidated. These campuses are technologically advanced as well and are equipped to provide everything a child will require to enhance their learning experience.

GIIS's Global Montessori Plus - A Specialised Kindergarten Programme

GIIS GMP program, targeting children of the age group of 2.5 years to 4 years, is a well known pedagogy which follows the world renowned Montessori method, but incorporates recent research as well as best practices in any school education methodology, to give a child unique experience.

The Teachers of GIIS Preschools

All the preschool teachers here are handpicked by GIIS, and are well experienced and trained in teaching the classes of not only the pre primary, but also the kindergarten and Montessori sections. This international preschool ensures that a child is well understood and that his or her interests are given proper importance.

For more information, you can visit their website, and also check out parent and student testimonials.

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