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Why is Selecting the Right Nursery School Important?

Ranjitha Shastry
Jul 30, 2021
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Providing good quality education is often one of the top priorities for parents as they aim to equip their child to succeed in the world. Like in most aspects, laying a solid foundation is extremely crucial and good education starts with good preschool and nursery. 

For the educational Hub of India, Bangalore offers a plethora of International Schools that have adapted an impressive modern method of guiding students through their preschooling tenure, ensuring they receive the care necessary to successfully maneuver through higher schooling and establish themselves as prominent members of society . Pre school is not only a stepping stone but ensures  a strong foundation to a budding academic journey. 

Nursery School, for most children is the First Experience with the Outside World

More often than not, children are separated from the comfort zone of their homes for the first time when they enter nursery school. It is hence inevitable that it has to be a place that must feel like a second home to your child. offer facilities and faculty  that will both engage your child and make them feel comfortable and secure. 

Since nursery schools are where children build their self-esteem, finding the right one is crucial. Bangalore International schools allow for children to begin schooling right from the level of preschool (which is essentially play and group activities) in a comprehensive wholesome manner . 

What Makes a Good nursery school?

As more and more communities began to understand the importance of preschool education, the choices also began to multiply. So, when choosing a good nursery school, here are a few salient features parents must keep in mind. 

1. Tailored curriculum according to age

While the primary objective of preschool education might be to give children a head start in their academic journey, it is equally important that students are taught in a fun-filled method that is tailored to the age group.

2. A structure for learning outside basic academics

Setting children on a path of life-long learning is not easy and requires schools to find the right balance. The focus is often largely on developing language and mathematical skills. While they are extremely essential, a good nursery school also places emphasis on developing social skills and enhancing communication skills. 

Some International schools in Bangalore have a proven track record in finding the perfect balance and are known to be an ideal springboard for good education. Their Montessori programme is highly recommended in the city.

What Should be the Learning Goals in a Good Nursery School?

Children learn a lot in nursery schools. Here are some goals of a preschool education

1. Cognitive development of children

The emphasis is traditionally on aiding the cognitive development of the child. Learning from standard methods of practice and repetition is commonplace and should go alongside learning via interaction in groups.

2. Enhancing their social interaction skills

Apart from academic goals, one of the key goals in a nursery school should be social interaction. One of the most important features of nursery school education, kids are known to learn better when they interact with other children of their own age in a supervised and healthy environment.

Learning via social interaction can involve a wide range of activities. Starting with things like playing with mud or clay, using crayons to practice, colouring and writing on boards is advisable. It is imperative that kids indulge in these activities as it helps them in their motor development. Both cognitive and physical skills develop at this age and taking part in various activities performed in a classroom can be key contributors.

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3. Prepares your child for Primary schools

A very crucial goal of nursery education is to prepare your child for the curriculum of primary schools and formal education. Preparing kids for formal education involves not just teaching language and mathematical skills, but it also includes things like identifying their belongings such as their bag, lunch box, napkin and water bottle.

4. To teach children the art of speech

Apart from social interaction, another primary goal of nursery education is to help children with developing their oral skills. Activities like recitation of poems, storytelling, active role-playing, singing songs, hymns and prayers are all known to be excellent ways to stimulate oral education. Children also learn to speak in groups in these settings. Importantly, they develop confidence by speaking in front of small groups of their peers.

5. Basic sense of time management 

Children are taught their first lessons in time management. By taking part in routines, children understand the importance of time management as their day is now scheduled around assembly time, play time, lunchtime and so on.

What Facilities Should You Find in a Good Nursery School?

The first and foremost thing any good nursery school must have is a neat and hygienic environment. It goes without saying that well-trained and sensitive teachers are an absolute must in any preschool. Their contributions have an immense impact on children and only qualified teachers have the wherewithal to deal with children of this age group. Along with teachers, the nursery school also needs to have semi-skilled helpers as children are extremely dependent when they are in this age bracket. 

In terms of physical facilities, spacious, colourful classrooms are a good starting place. Also, it is always advisable to have a rest corner in each classroom. The school must have access to a wide choice of relevant toys, block-building and other age-appropriate games. 

Since children often express their creativity through drawing, having black or green boards can go a long way in encouraging them. Outside of the classroom, a good playground is an absolute must in a nursery school. Most good schools have sand pits that are a great way for kids to explore their athletic abilities.

How important is a Nursery School?

Now, many people may say this is a subjective question because of the regulations in certain countries . For example , in Malaysia the nursery level of education has now become optional. People have the choice to teach their kids at home for the first few years or they may hire professional help.

Even though these options are available to people around the world , you'd find the majority of them choosing to send their child to a preschool  institution instead . This is because the atmosphere a child will observe in nursery school cannot completely be recreated anywhere else. 

The guidance and influence they will receive from trained professional teachers and from their classmates is priceless and of great necessity. Nursery school is an exceptional way of giving your child a head start to his educational journey.

Ranjitha Shastry

“Being a kindergarten teacher is comforting, my students have little hands and big hearts. I’m proud to be a Kindergarten teacher!!

I have worked in the field of education for 10 years. I have been working with GIIS Bangalore for five years.

Working with young children means constant activity, interruptions, and lots of colour! I tailor lessons and activities to the needs of each unique student. I am always learning new research or better ways to do something. I am very blessed to be in a school that supports the importance of play at this age. 

The teaching approach that I follow are hands-on approach and the Play way teaching methods that encourage students to learn by doing and by example. 

From teaching Rhymes to preparing the students for Inter-school competitions, training them for cultural events, I always try my best to create an impact in their life.

The most important role for a teacher, I believe, is to introduce children at early ages to a wealth of wonderful learning opportunities, So they are inspired to think about who they can be and what they can do for the rest of their lives.

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