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10 Essential Life Skills to Impart to Your Child from a Young Age

Apr 29, 2024
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Teaching your children important life skills from a young age is crucial for their growth. It helps them become independent, responsible, and better at solving problems. These skills will help them manage time, make the right decisions, and form strong relationships as they get older. 

It's not just about doing well in school- your child needs these skills for everyday life too. As the top international preschool in Bangalore, we prioritize the integration of these skills into our comprehensive curriculum. However, we will also share with you the 10 essential life skills you can teach your child at home.

Communication Skills

One important life skill for kids to learn is effective communication. It helps them connect with others, share their thoughts, and express their needs. Having regular conversations with other kids allows them to practice and make great friends. 

One fun way to do this is by reading together and pretending to be different characters. This not only makes reading enjoyable but also strengthens their ability to communicate effectively. 

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is vital for children. When you teach your children empathy, they learn how to understand themselves and build good relationships. This helps them know how to handle their own feelings and deal with different situations. 

Children with high emotional intelligence tend to excel in school, have more friends, and demonstrate compassion towards others. You can foster emotional intelligence in your children by setting a good example of empathy, discussing feelings openly, and assisting them in managing their emotions.

Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving

Critical thinking helps your child make smart decisions, solve problems, and find reliable information for learning on their own. According to the study, when educators teach critical thinking, kids take charge of their learning. They ask more interesting questions and get more involved in their education. 

As a parent, you can foster critical thinking by asking open-ended questions, discussing different solutions to problems, and showing them how to think critically. 

Adaptability and Resilience 

Another essential life skill for kids to have is adaptability and resilience. They must learn how to deal with life's challenges, setbacks, and changes. 

Children face many problems, like adjusting to new classrooms or dealing with bullying. Building resilience helps them cope with these difficulties and manage stress and anxiety. Keep an eye out for signs of fear or sadness that your child might not express in words. 

Independence and Self-Reliance

Kids need independence and self-reliance skills to grow and thrive. When they learn to rely on themselves, they gain confidence and face life's challenges head-on. They can make smart choices, stay positive, and understand the impact of what they do. 

As a parent, you can help by teaching them to be enterprising and giving them age-appropriate tasks. This allows them to learn from mistakes and teaches them right from wrong. It's also important to give them space to make their own choices. 

Financial Literacy

Financial literacy is crucial for kids to develop good money management skills. It helps them understand the value of money, budgeting, saving, and making informed financial decisions. 

You can teach this life skill by involving kids in discussions about money, setting savings goals, and providing opportunities to earn money through chores. 

Time Management skills 

Time management can help your child prioritize tasks, stay organized, and avoid feeling overwhelmed. 

To teach this skill, you can start by making them aware of their time and defining priorities. Then, help them create a schedule, break down goals, track progress, and celebrate small wins. 

Social Skills and Relationship Building 

Social skills and relationship building are essential for your child's development. They enhance their communication, empathy, and cooperation abilities. As a parent, you can teach these skills by fostering positive interactions and encouraging active listening. 

Digital Literacy and Internet Safety

Digital literacy and internet safety are important for kids, especially in today’s digital world. They need to learn how to use digital tools wisely, protect their personal information, and be responsible online. 

As a parent, you have a big role to play in teaching these skills. Start by talking openly about the risks online, setting clear rules, and keeping an eye on what they do online. 

At Global Indian International School in Bangalore, we include digital literacy in our curriculum to give your child a well-rounded education.


Kids need to be able to entertain themselves. It teaches them to be independent, creative, and confident problem solvers. You can encourage this by giving them unstructured playtime, offering toys that allow for open-ended play, and suggesting solo activities. Setting healthy boundaries while allowing them to do things on their own will help them grow and develop. 


In conclusion, teaching your child essential life skills from a young age is vital for their overall development. Skills like communication, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, adaptability, independence, and financial literacy will set them up for success in school and in life. 

The Global Indian International School, one of the best international schools in Bangalore prioritizes the integration of essential life skills into a comprehensive curriculum. Give your child the best possible education by choosing GIIS. 


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