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A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Apply for a Scholarship in GIIS Bangalore

Maninder Kaur
Dec 7, 2020
Scholarship Tips

What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear of a scholarship? Wouldn’t it be amazing to get an opportunity to complete your studies in a reputable school, like  GIIS private school in Bangalore, with a massive tuition waiver?

Let us begin with the step-by-step guide on how to apply for a Global Indian International School scholarship.

Step 1

Fill in the application form. The form is available on the GIIS website.

Step 2

Upload all the relevant documents. The documents include;

Class X pre-board or half-yearly mark sheet

Class IX final mark sheet

Passport or a receipt of applied passport

Certificates of extracurricular achievements

If you do not have the mark sheets, you should get the marks printed on your school's letterhead and get it signed by the school principal. Then, you can upload that.

Step 3

Submit your application. Make sure to attach all the required documents and fill out all the needed fields before submitting your application.

The following tips could be of great assistance in filling and submitting your application.

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Be honest

You should provide accurate details in your application.

Make sure that you can vouch for every detail that you provide. It might be tempting to sugar coat the information you provide in the attempt to increase your chances of getting the scholarship, but what happens when you are asked to provide evidence? It would be best if you provide information that you can vouch for.

Avoid shortcuts

Most of the time, when one wants something, they would do anything to have it. Avoid the easy way out. Do not assume that you could pay your way into getting the GIIS scholarship and end up being a victim of conmen.

Be honest

You should provide accurate details in your application.

Make sure that you can vouch for every detail that you provide. It might be tempting to sugar coat the information in the attempt to increase your chances of getting the scholarship, but what if you are asked to provide evidence?


In case you are asked to include some references, make sure you list reliable references that you are sure would appreciate you.

Once you include a referee, make sure to give them a heads-up so that they are ready in case they are called to provide some information about you. In case you include a reference who is not familiar with you, they might end up contradicting the information you may have already provided.

A scholarship is meant to help finance your education; thus, you are not supposed to pay money to obtain it. You should follow the provided protocols. Do not let your desire of getting the scholarship crowd your reasoning and judgment.

Be aggressive

It would be best to show how much you need the scholarship. You should include all your achievements, no matter how many. Support your accomplishment claims by attaching documents to increase your chances of being considered. It would be best if you let your passion and ambition shine through. Be convincing!

Observe the deadlines

Submit your application before the deadline. Avoid the last-minute rush. Show the urgency of the  scholarship by submitting your application early. Nobody will take you seriously if you submit your application within a few minutes of the deadline. Do not also be one of those who go to the extent of begging for the deadline extension.

Do not hesitate to ask for help

You need to be as precise in your application as possible. In case something is not clear, or you are not sure what you are expected to fill in, ask for help. It can sometimes be overwhelming to do everything yourself. You could even call the school, which has existing employees, to clarify any doubts or queries you may have. Once you fill your application form, you could ask someone to read it out for you. The person may identify mistakes that you were oblivious of.

Review your writing

Your application should be formal. Avoid being casual or submitting one that has grammatical errors. Also, your resume should be appealing and unique from the rest of the applications. Make it neat and well thought. Avoid submitting a shabby application. Once your application has been reviewed, if you are a successful applicant, then you will get shortlisted. Shortlisted students;

Appear for an online examination

The Global Indian International School invites shortlisted students for an online written examination. The exam has 100 multiple-choice questions covering mathematics, English, and logical and analytical reasoning.


After the students successfully give the online exam, they are invited for a face-to-face interview in the stated venues provided on the website.

It would help if you made an impression during the interview and stand out from the rest of the applicants. Some ways of doing this include:

● Be formally dressed

● Be confident

● Be respectful

● Be punctual for the interview

● Be calm and composed while answering questions

● Be brief in answering questions, and avoid unnecessary talk

● Be convincing on why you deserve the scholarship

Now that we have the steps to apply for a GIIS scholarship and tips for the preparation, let us also take you through some core strengths of GIIS that make it stand out from other schools in Bangalore.

1. Quality education

The Global Indian International School prides itself in the quality education it imparts. It also guarantees the best CBSE exam results. As it is an international school, it offers education  in any part of the world. The education methods and standards broadens the intellectual capacity of the learners. With individualized learning, each learner has an equal opportunity to grow intellectually .

2. NextGen Amenities

GIIS Bangalore is well-equipped with adequate facilities ensuring their learners' smooth learning, from a library  offering the oldest to the latest books to modern  laboratories for practical experiments, a centre for universal values, an audio-visual room, and good play areas . GIIS also offers scholarships to  school students for higher education. It helps students in completing their grades XI and grade XII.

3. World-class teachers

To provide a proper global education, the Global Indian International School  trusts its learners with the most professional and competent teachers worldwide.

The teachers come with a  comprehensive range of knowledge and information that they pass on  to the learners. With various teaching methods that best suit learners, the teachers offer guidance that improves even those who aren't academically gifted.  They are also well-versed to handle learners of different nationalities, cultures, races, colors, religions, and beliefs.

4. Holistic development

GIIS Bangalore seeks to produce all-around students. It enables the emotional, mental, physical, and psychological development of all the students by incorporating extra-curricular  activities.

5. University placements

GIIS prides itself in churning out almost 100 12th standard graduates a year from their CBSE or IBDP batches with reputable university placement acceptances. Some leading colleges worldwide offering placements to students from GIIS include National University of Singapore, Imperial College, London School of Economics and more.  

A scholarship to complete your grade XI and grade XII can be a life-changing opportunity. It is therefore essential that you follow the step-by-step guide above on how to apply for the scholarship and once you are shortlisted, ensure that you ace the exam and the interview.  

We wish you all the success in your application!

Maninder Kaur

I am Ms. Maninder kaur, working as a primary teacher in GIIS Whitefield from past five years.

I did my schooling and college from Chennai. I have completed my degree from Madras University and then did my B.Ed. I am in this teaching profession from the past 15 years. I have worked in IGSE and CBSE schools in my carrier as a teacher. I have been a part of Army School, Air force School and International Schools. I have always been teaching with passion and kindness so that my students are able to learn faster and better. There was always a sweet connection with my students, those who have passed out of school and doing well in their lives. It gives me immense pleasure when I get to meet them in the alumni or through phone calls.

I got inspiration from my mother as she was also a teacher and being from the defense background I learnt discipline from my young age. I have catered to the requirements of an institution on many occasions. We learn from children on daily basis in this profession and enhance our knowledge.

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