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Effective time management for students of Top International Schools in Bangalore

Ashwani Kumar Saxena
Jul 30, 2021
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Here are some useful tips for students in top International schools in Whitefield, Bangalore on how to manage their time effectively.

Learning how to manage time effectively is an important skill every student must master, but many students struggle with this aspect during their crucial educational years.

Effective time management skills are important for all students, especially high school students as they have to deal with many subjects, projects, assignments, exams, and other extracurricular activities. Having good time management skills can help them to maintain a good balance, manage all the tasks effectively and be on track.

Why Time Management is Important for Students?

● Having time management skills help students in prioritizing tasks which results in the completion of all tasks on time such as school work and assignments etc. 

● Students are able to plan in advance, block their time for tasks, projects or other work and make better utilization of their time.

● It allows students to become more organized, learn effectively which results in more confidence.

● It also helps students from procrastination and thus saves them from last-minute stress, frustration, and poor grades.

So how can you learn to manage time more effectively?

Here is the list of time management strategies by Top International Schools in Bangalore for all students.

Create a Schedule

Creating a schedule will help you to block off your time and prioritize tasks accordingly. Having a schedule will keep you on track to complete your daily work. List down all the things you want to do in a day, prioritise, write down the finishing time so that you can block your time accordingly. Use a different colour to highlight important things. Creating a schedule for each day and sticking to it will help you to complete all your studies, projects and assignments on time. Stick a timetable of all upcoming assignments and their due dates so that you can follow and create a schedule based on it. 

You can block your time for each day where you create the skeleton of your day which states how you want to spend every minute of your day. Teachers of International Schools in Whitefield believe having a daily schedule puts you in control, helps you stay organized, prioritise things, and help you overcome procrastination.  

Eliminate Distractions

Switching between studies to attend calls, text and checking social media is a big distraction which wastes a lot of time for students. 

Make strict rules such as when it's time to study, turn off your cell phone or sign out from all social media accounts or turn off all the notification alerts so that you do not get the urge to check your phone every now and then.

If you need help staying focused, use various apps that don't allow you to check social media sites for the period set thus creating focused sessions and helping you to complete your task.


Setting Goals for each study session in advance

Setting goals or planning in advance for each session will save you time figuring out later what needs to be studied.

Students of Top International Schools in Bangalore believe having a specific goal each day for each session makes their job easy where they are able to study or complete their task faster.

Start Working Early

A student who has good time management skills does not wait until the last minute to complete their assignments. They plan in advance, start early, which helps them to complete their assignment or project before time and also are given a lot of time in hand to review.

Teachers of Top International Schools in Bangalore believe in the strategy of breaking down assignments or bigger tasks into smaller chunks as it encourages students to complete their assignment or project before the due date.

Do not Multitask

In order to improve your time management skill, one must work on one thing at a time as it helps to focus completely on a particular task which helps in completing the task faster and makes learning effective.

International Schools in Whitefield recommends avoiding switching between two or more things as it leads you nowhere, waste more time and it also isn't an effective way to learn or do any task.

Take a break

It is said we cannot focus effectively for long, working on one thing or studying for long makes our mind wander more and waste a lot of time. Short breaks recharge our brains and make us more focused. So always take a break for 15 minutes after 1 hour of study or task and start fresh. You will notice the difference for sure, you will be able to understand the concepts better and complete a task or study faster when compared to studying for longer without breaks.

Use your morning time

Try to utilise your morning time. After your daily morning ritual, try to work on the daily tasks as your mind is fresh, you will notice that you are able to work more effectively on any task.  By the time it's afternoon and night, your energy is almost drained so you cannot focus much. Some students prefer night time to complete their tasks, or study as they find themselves more productive at that time, so there is no compulsion to choose morning time, you can choose as per your preference. 

Make time for everything you love

Top International Schools in Bangalore believe following everything strictly as per the schedule can make your life a little hectic so in order to balance it make time for the things you love, whatever it can be, talking to friends, going out, painting etc that keeps you happy and motivated.  

You need to balance everything so that you can enjoy everything.

And how will you do it? By prioritizing things and completing it and then relaxing later.


In order to build better time management skills, you should know first how you are actually utilising or spending your time. Having an understanding of where your time goes will help you to find the actual problem and fix it with better time management strategies. 

There must be many things that would take the majority of your day, but how you schedule your own time can make all the difference. 

Students who want to improve their time management skills will have to make sure all the above-mentioned things are taken care of so that they optimize their time fully and stay ahead of others.

We are what we repeatedly do, so the best time management strategy according to Top International Schools in Bangalore is to develop good habits and repeatedly follow them for long term success.

Ashwani Kumar Saxena

Mr. Ashwani Kumar Saxena, Principal GIIS Whitefield is a passionate educator and an efficient school administrator with a rich experience of 28 years. His qualifications include MSc (Chemistry), MSc (IT), PGDCA, MBA (School Management) and a bachelor’s degree in education. He has visited some of the most reputed national & international educational institutes including Cambridge University, UK. He is accredited by University of Cambridge, UK to conduct Computer Science assessments. He holds a Residential CIE certification from Robinson College, Cambridge, UK. He is also an active Inspector of Schools to grant affiliation.

Having profound experience in the field of education, he has worked with various reputed schools pan across having national and international curricula including CBSE, ICSE, CIE and IB, holding important key profiles like School Administration, Curriculum Research & Development and has designed the School website, ICT based tools for teaching aids, academic audits, assessment techniques, resource management, data analysis & visualization, development of ERP as a multipurpose communication portal for Management, Staff, Student and Parents.

He believes that EDUCATION ILUMINATES WHAT LIES LATENT IN AN INDIVIDUAL, and educational institutions are the sanctuaries that guide the students to the sea of knowledge, skill, technique and information that prepares them to be global citizens of tomorrow.

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