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GIIS Bangalore: After-School Program Cultivating Future Leaders

Apr 30, 2024
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When that final bell rings, it's not the end of the day- it's the start of something special. After-school programs are not just a way to keep students occupied, they are an essential source of support and education. They provide a safe and nurturing environment where students can explore their interests, gain important life skills, and reach their full potential.

Research has shown that high-quality after-school programs can improve attendance, social behavior, and academic success. These are all crucial factors in keeping students engaged and achieving their goals. In this blog, we will delve deeper into why these programs are so important for students. 

What is the GIIS Bangalore After-School Program?

The Global Indian International School (GIIS) is one of the top international schools in Bangalore. The school believes in a holistic education that goes beyond textbooks and exams, focusing on the overall development of each child. 

An essential aspect of this holistic education is the Extra-Curricular and Co-Curricular activities that help shape the students. GIIS offers a wide range of ECA and CCA activities for students to participate in. These activities are organized into four Houses. This encourages healthy competition, a desire to win, and pride in achievements, creating a sense of camaraderie and belonging among students.

Extra-Curricular Activities: 

At GIIS Bangalore, fitness is an essential part of our curriculum. Sports and games are in place to help students stay active and agile. Our extracurricular activities offer numerous options, including Soccer, Cricket, Martial Arts, Basketball, Lawn Tennis, and Athletics.

We also offer the Gold Squad Program to identify and nurture students with promising sporting skills, providing them with intensive training in sports such as Basketball, Football, Cricket, Athletics, and Chess under expert coaches. This specialized training prepares students to represent the school as a team in inter-school championships within the city.  

Co-Curricular Activities: 

Co-curricular activities at GIIS Bangalore help students develop moral values, and social and intellectual skills, and enhance their personality. The school offers various clubs to explore talents and improve social skills. These clubs include the C V Raman Club for science, GIIS Chef for cooking, and the Tansen Voice of Global Club for music. Other clubs focus on archery, public speaking, robotics, dance, art, and literature. 

Benefits of the Program for Students

Develop Essential Skills Beyond Academics

After-school programs at top international schools in Bangalore offer students a unique learning experience that goes beyond academics. They provide academic support while making learning enjoyable. These programs often encourage group or teamwork, which helps develop important skills like communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving. 

Build Confidence and Self-Esteem

It can boost the confidence of students. These programs offer a supportive environment where kids feel encouraged to try new things and take positive risks without the pressure of traditional school settings. This can help students, especially those facing learning challenges, to feel more confident and build self-esteem.

Foster a Love for Learning and Exploration

These programs inspire a passion for learning and exploration. After-school programs at the best IGCSE schools in Bangalore allow students to explore hidden talents, learn new skills, make new friends, and open doors to new experiences. These programs create opportunities for discovery. They enable students to explore aspects of themselves and the world around them that may have remained unknown otherwise.

Provide Opportunities to Make New Friends and Connections

After-school programs offer opportunities to make new friends and improve social skills. Children can connect with peers and develop a sense of belonging in a supervised environment. The supportive atmosphere promotes cooperation, support, and respect, helping kids feel more comfortable about joining activities or interacting with others. 


In summary, schools go beyond teaching math and science; they provide opportunities for students to learn various subjects. At GIIS Bangalore, our focus is on providing a well-rounded learning experience through a diverse range of activities like sports, arts, music, and more. 

For a holistic education, you can consider GIIS, one of the leading CBSE and IGCSE schools in Bangalore! 


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