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How do Famous Schools Design their CBSE Curriculum in Bangalore?

Bhawna Arora
Jan 26, 2023
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Top institutes like Indian Institute of Management, Indian Institute of Science, National law school of India, numerous engineering colleges and famous international schools in Bangalore have been the pride of Bangalore for a long time. With the much popular title "Silicon Valley of India" , the city has been a testament to the latest innovations in technology and has contributed immensely to a global audience across different industries.

With such high standards, famous schools in Bangalore have created platforms that provide education to suit global standards and have paved the way to award winning curriculums and unique frameworks. CBSE, IGCSE and IB curriculums have been favourably designed to suit the needs of the 21st century student.

CBSE Curriculum

In this post, let us discuss the CBSE curriculum specifically and learn how famous international schools have moulded the curriculum to provide a conducive platform for the overall development of a child. 

The CBSE ( Central Board Of Secondary Education) is an autonomous organisation under the ministry of education by the government of India and is the most widely used curriculum across the country. CBSE has also found its way into indian international schools abroad.

The All India Senior School Certificate Examination, otherwise known as the board exams, is conducted for high school students who follow the CBSE Curriculum at  the end of Grade 10.

A typical CBSE curriculum

A CBSE Curriculum is structured by a national curriculum and it follows the NCERT  ( National Council of Educational research and training) thought process. The NCERT is an autonomous body that undertakes research in areas of education for the Government of India and most schools follow the NCERT text books for their CBSE exams.

In a typical CBSE curriculum, the emphasis is on core subjects like Science, Maths, Social Studies and languages and these subjects are taught mostly in the traditional method of textbook education. There is a strong theoretical approach and the whole idea behind this is to help children gain sound knowledge in these different concepts on core subjects in order to help them attempt professional courses and entrance exams in the stream of Science and Maths. 

Where does this approach lack?

Though the knowledge obtained is used in higher education and productive careers, there is a dearth for other skills that are just as important when these students pursue their careers. Some of the most important skills needed to take up leadership positions is not expertise in the subject alone, but crucial elements like critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills. And these skills cannot be absorbed in a day. Instead, these attributes are obtained from a young age and also need the right environment to thrive, be it school or home!

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CBSE Curriculum offered by famous schools in Bangalore

As mentioned earlier, there are many schools in Bangalore that offer the CBSE curriculum however there are only a few famous schools that have acknowledged the need for a more robust curriculum to help children gain a holistic development in education and not limit themselves to text-book education alone.

These schools have taken an active role in introducing new frameworks and new methods to teaching in order to provide an all round development.  These schools believe that every aspect of a student's personality should be worked upon and they should be empowered with 21st century skills to handle global challenges with confidence and assertion.

A pedagogical approach to teaching and learning

In order to achieve this, schools have introduced their own pedagogical curriculums that aid in improving a student's communication skills, social skills, cognitive skills and other skills that give them the ability to think on a global level.

There have been new age approaches in technology and innovative methods in teaching and learning that have enabled this objective to take place. Now, education is not just limited to a structured national curriculum instead there are new platforms and skill-based programmes where children get a chance to think critically and find solutions on their own using research and self -initiation in their academic pursuits. 

And when these pursuits are driven in a school's international environment it leads to further positive developments due to the different set of cultures and ethnic backgrounds and  fosters a strong  sensitivity to cultural diversity and respect for one another. In this era of globalization, it is important to work across different cultures in order to find new opportunities.

How are these customized curriculums beneficial to a student?

The methodologies used by these famous schools in Bangalore are influenced by unique frameworks that are designed to provide equal focus and opportunities for sports, skills and values among students. 

By creating a platform that helps students explore their innate skills, these schools are a centre for creativity and individualism.  There are innumerable clubs to hone real world skills like public speaking, problem solving, decision making and self-awareness and there is strong emphasis on academics along with these aspects.

New learning methods in these famous schools are based on collaboration by the joint efforts of the teachers and students in order to achieve the end objective. It is proven that collaborative learning boosts higher level thinking skills and bolsters the confidence of students. It also improves interpersonal, social and communicating skills among children.

Another important aspect in these schools is the digital transformation they have adapted to, in order to impart innovative methods of learning to the evolving skill-sets of the students. Through state of the art campuses that provide virtual laboratories and smart classrooms, schools have enabled the use of technology to encourage futuristic thinking.

One might wonder about the asking price for all these valuable attributes and might even come to conclusions about the affordability of these famous schools in Bangalore, but it might surprise you that some of these schools have a very reasonable fee structure and they also offer scholarship programs to deserving students who are in need of financial support. 

Therefore , before one shrugs off the term "famous schools in Bangalore" , it is also sensible to understand why these schools are famous and what the justifications are, that prove them right.

Bhawna Arora

I Bhawna Arora who wants to inspire and empower young minds to know, do, and be more. I have 20 years of teaching experience of working with Pre–primary children and I have been working in GIIS, Whitefield Bangalore for past 4 years. 

As a Pre-Primary teacher, my focus is to have effective classroom management, with lots of creativity and also constantly implementing new ideas and expand the old ones to keep the learning environment fresh and engaging for students.

I have been awarded twice the Best Functional Classroom Award consecutively in past and also been elected the Employee of the month 2021.

As an individual, I see lot of potential in every student I meet and hope to create lot of good and unforgettable memories in their mind of their childhood.

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