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Practical Reasons To Send Your Child to International Schools in Varthur, Bangalore

Bhawna Arora
Sep 24, 2021
Parenting Tips
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With the changing business landscape, international schools in Bangalore are entering the market in a big way.. Some of these schools aim at providing a traditional education system, while others want to provide an education that is more suitable for today's world.

The bilingual curriculum offered by these schools can help students get ready for their future employers. They also offer extracurricular activities like sports and arts to give students exposure to different things and help them find one thing they are good at and want to pursue in life.

Rise of International Schools in Varthur in the Last Decade

Rapid rise in international schools is largely due to the city's growing globalized identity and its aim for a cosmopolitan population. Students in these top schools in Bangalore have the opportunity to study a global curriculum with an international perspective.

They get to meet people from all over the world, interact with them and learn about their cultures, all while being exposed to different perspectives themselves.

Varthur is a suburb of Bangalore. Varthur is also an industrial hub with the presence of many multinational companies. Varthur has seen exponential growth in the past decade and more than half of the population lives in apartments and complexes. 

The area is also home to a large number of IT professionals and engineers. This is why there is a huge demand among parents for good international schools in Varthur for their children.

Why Do Parents Choose International Schools in Varthur?

There can be a lot of reasons due to which parents choose international schools over other schools in Varthur. International schools offer a more practical way of teaching and more exposure, and opportunities for children to study anywhere in the world. 

Finding the right school for your child can be a very intensive task. You will need to consider the factors of extreme importance, like locality, fees structure, curriculum, extracurriculars, etc. 

Personal considerations are highly likely to affect your priorities like your child's personality, learning capabilities, needs, interests, etc.

Here Are Some of the Factors You May Want to Look Into Before Deciding on a School for Your Child:-

1. The Curriculum is Developed by Experts in the Field

The curriculum for each subject is designed by the field's experts, not by individual teachers. These experts are a diverse group of professors, researchers, and practitioners who are continually innovating and bringing new ideas to the classroom.

The importance of the curriculum cannot be overstated because it is what shapes what schools teach and how they teach it. It is important that it reflects the best practices in education so that students are given the best opportunity to succeed in their future careers.

Moreover, International school fees in Bangalore charged by authorities are also dependent on the curriculum they provide. 

Schools that offer International Baccalaureate and Cambridge curriculum charge substantial fees from parents while schools that offer Indian Board (CBSE) are affordable by most parents. 

However, parents should opt for a school that not only provides the best infrastructure and facilities but also the curriculum which suits the needs of their children.

2. More Creative, Innovative, and Open-Minded Approach To Learning at International Schools

The current levels of creativity and innovation, and the general openness to new ideas in learners are not found in the current education system. This is most evident in the learning environment at international schools.

International schools provide a more creative, innovative, and open-minded approach to learning. They create a space that is conducive for creativity as they are more focused on developing critical thinking skills rather than memorization skills. 

This is evident in their core curriculum which focuses on practical skills and multi-disciplinary courses rather than traditional disciplines such as arts and sciences or humanities. The integration of technology into the classrooms to enhance creativity is another distinguishing factor of international schools.

3. Emphasis on Cultural Diversity

Students Learn to Respect others from All Cultures and Ethnic Groups, which increases their chances of succeeding in a global economy placing an emphasis on diversity and teamwork.

It is important to teach children about the different cultures and ethnic groups that exist. This will help them understand different viewpoints and lead to a more understanding world.

Many schools have become more culturally diverse in recent years. This creates an opportunity for children to grow up with a better understanding of people from all cultures and ethnic groups; this leads to a more understanding and accepting world.


4. Students Receive a Road Map for Success

Schools often underestimate the importance of providing long-term academic and social support to their students. This type of support is necessary to ensure that the student has a high likelihood of success in their future endeavours. 

International Schools provide a roadmap for success for their students to ensure they are equipped with all the necessary skills and resources to succeed.

The roadmap for success should be personalized in order to make sure it meets each student's needs, abilities, and goals. This means that international schools have more work on their hands but it will ultimately benefit the students when they are faced with new challenges.

5. Students Learn New Languages and Gain Multilingual Proficiency

Secondary Languages are offered at international schools in order to help students learn a foreign language while also providing them with an educational experience that is both immersive and international.

Foreign language programs expose students to the culture, customs, and traditions of the country. This exposure provides context for the words, phrases, and expressions they are learning. It also allows them to develop their own sense of identity as bilingual or multilingual individuals.

Why Are International School Fees in Bangalore So High?

Attending international school is a privilege for some, and an achievement for others. It can be hard to get into the international school of your dreams, but what about the cost? It goes without saying but international school fees in Bangalore are expensive.

You must be wondering why these schools have such high tuition rates?

International schools typically have higher tuition rates because they offer a much better education than traditional public schools. They provide an enriched curriculum and educational resources that are not typically available in public schools.

Moreover, many International Schools in Varthur also provide Scholarships to talented students who cannot afford the international school fees in Bangalore. This enables these students to live their dreams of receiving an international education.  


The modern world is evolving at a rapid pace. As the world changes, so too must the education system. We need to teach our kids how to think critically and how to learn on their own in order for them to get an upper hand in this rapidly changing, digitalized world.

The educational system needs to prepare students for their futures by teaching them how to work independently, solve problems through critical thinking and not solely cover material that is important for classical tests. And this is exactly what International Schools in Varthur are providing to their students.

Bhawna Arora

I Bhawna Arora who wants to inspire and empower young minds to know, do, and be more. I have 20 years of teaching experience of working with Pre–primary children and I have been working in GIIS, Whitefield Bangalore for past 4 years. 

As a Pre-Primary teacher, my focus is to have effective classroom management, with lots of creativity and also constantly implementing new ideas and expand the old ones to keep the learning environment fresh and engaging for students.

I have been awarded twice the Best Functional Classroom Award consecutively in past and also been elected the Employee of the month 2021.

As an individual, I see lot of potential in every student I meet and hope to create lot of good and unforgettable memories in their mind of their childhood.

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