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Tips on How To Learn Physics Quickly and Effectively

Manju Nair
Jan 31, 2023
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Physics is a fascinating branch of natural science that has helped people better comprehend their surroundings. The technological development of the world has also been aided by physics. For some students, this stimulating and fascinating subject might be uninteresting.

You'll experience some wonderful moments if you excel in this subject because you'll be setting higher academic success goals every day! Young minds find it fascinating and inspiring.

What Does physics Mean?

the area of science that studies the characteristics of matter and energy and how they interact. It has historically included mechanics, optics, electricity and magnetism, acoustics, and heat. It is founded on mathematics. Atomic, nuclear, particle, and solid-state investigations are all part of contemporary physics, which is founded on the quantum theory. It may also include applicable disciplines like meteorology and geophysics.

Physics is the study of matter, motion, force, and energy on the physical level. The Greek prefix Phys, which stands for "nature" and "natural order," is the source of physics. Physics itself is the study of the physical world and how matter and energy interact in any particular setting.

Top 7 Tips To Learn Physics Quickly and Effectively

Build a Strong Base

When physics is taken into consideration, a solid understanding of the fundamentals is crucial. The fundamentals are the foundation from which all other aspects grow. This fundamental knowledge of physics would lead to the development of all the mathematical issues that need to be resolved in physics.

Therefore, it is wise to think through difficulties rather than memorise them, to comprehend fundamental theories and concepts and their guiding principles.

Read Multiple Textbooks and Refer to Them

Your comprehension will improve, and you might learn about certain information that is omitted from one book. You'll be able to quickly learn which book is best to use if you do this.

Ask Questions

You get better the more questions you ask. It broadens your thinking and facilitates understanding. Not only should you query a subject about which you are unclear, but you should also query and cross-question the material being presented to you. the justification and reasoning for those. Please pose pertinent queries.

Practice Diagrams

Diagrams are crucial in physics. They support your claim, and you may also defend your questioning of them. Create headings for good, accurate diagrams.

Improving Your Maths Skills

If you are studying physics, which has many mathematical components, you must first master maths before moving on to grasp physics.

Listen Podcasts

Another approach to learn quickly is to listen to fantastic physics podcasts. There are dozens of free audios available, and using them online might aid students in comprehending more.

Utilize Drawings


The greatest means to represent the aforementioned issues are also seen to be through drawing and graphics.

Drawings must be made in order to comprehend physics' fundamental ideas and specifics. Any notion should always be presented with the aid of a drawing in order to increase your score and demonstrate your understanding.

Video Lectures Online

Online lectures are one of the finest ways to swiftly study and comprehend physics. These online resources are free and come from renowned professors who teach at prestigious universities.

These lectures cover significant and challenging material, making it simple for students to comprehend.

Solve Practice Paper

Physics problem-solving is a skill, just like algebra, programming, and other subjects. Students should frequently practise physics problems in order to achieve the same.

Students become proficient problem solvers after completing a number of practise and example tasks. In addition to helping you prepare for tests, completing puzzles can also improve your understanding of a concept.

Making use of Apps

The educational sector has benefited greatly from the quick development of technology in many different ways.

Consequently, physics has a number of apps that are useful for students due to the creation of a number of apps. These apps are exceptional since they instruct the topic using theory, equations, and principles.

They offer solutions to many problems as well as assistance in problem-solving. These apps are useful for those who are preparing for competitive exams.

Use Diagrammatic Representations

Whenever you are trying to solve a problem, try to make some diagrams for your better understanding. For example, if you are trying to solve the sums of friction, try to draw the reference point, etc. This will automatically help you solve half of the problem. 

Examine Problems

It is wise to simplify the issues in physics as much as feasible. For many students, it may seem difficult to solve physics questions, but after careful analysis, they will discover that it is simpler than they anticipated.

It would be best to keep your cool and work to a solution that you are comfortable with.

Why is physics Important?

Physics is a branch of science that cannot be disregarded, but that is not the only reason why studying it is crucial. Other sciences like astronomy, seismology, and oceanography are built on the principles of physics. So, learning physics becomes crucial from this perspective as well.

For students who want to major in engineering and become engineers, studying physics is essential. All of engineering is based on physics. You cannot function without it, and if you do not understand physics, you cannot be an engineer. Physics and engineering are inseparable from one another.

Wires, heat, energy, pressure, force, and a host of other things are all part of physics. These various elements, such as heat and energy, are pervasively present in our environment and play a part in our day-to-day activities.

We use them somewhere, somewhere. Therefore, physics is applicable to and significant in our daily life. Therefore, we all need to be knowledgeable with physics in order to understand all of these principles and how they operate.


The aforementioned suggestions and techniques can be used to study physics quickly and effectively. Since physics is a significant subject, focusing on it from the beginning might be a great method to learn it and get good grades.

Understanding physics can help you get a job in research and have the most impact on the outside world. Be a leader in physics by starting with the fundamentals and adhering to the proper plan of action.


1. How can I learn physics by myself?

Ans – Refer to the text books of physics, some good reference books, clear your basics and practice physics for at least 3 hours every day. You can also watch video lectures. 

2. Is physics hard to learn?

Ans - Physics is a difficult subject since it combines science and maths, which may be challenging for the best among us. Nevertheless, despite how difficult it is, you can achieve it if you follow a few simple guidelines and put yourself through some practice.

3. Why is physics so hard?

Ans - Physics requires the ability to solve problems, which can only be acquired via practise. In addition to these difficult ideas, there are theoretical concepts, mathematical calculations, and laboratory experiments.

4. How to pass a physics exam?

Ans - Take thorough notes throughout each lecture or class, then go over them right away. As you read the textbook tasks, make notes. Combine your class and textbook notes frequently so that you have one complete set to refer to while preparing for a test.

5. How to understand physics equations?

Ans – Understand the concept and practice every day.

Manju Nair

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