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9 Reasons Why A Play School is Good for Your Child

Dr. Sharmila Mallick Choudhuri
Jan 18, 2023
Parenting Tips
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Play promotes the healthy development of your children. It also fosters a strong bond between parent and child. Play is in fact so important to children that it has been recognized as the right of every child. 

Given the competitive nature of the world today, more and more children are being raised in learning environments that stifle their love of play and instead, pressure them to grow up much too quickly. But education that's play-driven leads to a lot of positive outcomes. 

If you're thinking about the kind of school you want for your child, why not consider one that recognizes the importance of play in children's lives? 

When you set out to look for schools, it might be a good idea to consider enrolling your children into a play school in Bangalore. Here are some of the best reasons why a play school is a good choice for your children. 

1. Learning

Most parents think that children only learn to play in a play school. But good ones have a system that they follow. They introduce games and play that allow the children to learn. There is an educational aim to every activity. That means they're not just playing, they're learning something. The activities help build up skills that increase their understanding of the world, of the way things work, of who they are, and how they should treat other people. 

2. Ownership

Play schools teach children to recognize what they own. They recognize their bag and pencil, their lunchbox. They understand the concept that they need to take care of what belongs to them. And that they need to start looking after themselves. That at play school, they'll need to make decisions on their own as well, even if that decision is as simple as choosing a snack. That helps develop their ability to think for themselves. 

3. Routine

School helps teach them to respect routine. They have classes, then have breaks, then classes again, and then the sessions end. They start to understand that once the classes start, they can't go out or keep doing what they want to do in class which is sleep or talk to their classmates or even eat. They must comply with those routines. 

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4. Communication

The best school in Bangalore will help improve their ability to communicate. That goes beyond just learning or knowing what to say to other children or people. Better communication skills mean that they've learned the importance of listening to what the other person is saying. They know how to wait for a response, and they know how to communicate or express themselves. 

5. Language

When children learn to communicate, one aspect that contributes to that is language learning and building. To better express themselves, they need to know what to say. That means better vocabulary or skills in making a point or talking to others to make them understand what they feel and want. 

With better language skills, your children are able to interact with other children, the staff, and the teachers with greater ease. The older they get, the more their language skills will improve. You might want to put your children in a second language class to encourage them to learn another one since this also helps cognition and memory skills. Not all schools offer second language learning courses, though, so you'll want to check out these details before you pick a school. 

6. Connections

Through play, children connect better. Having fun during playtime helps them bond with the other children and that makes socialization easier. Easy socialization aids in building connections. Having connections keeps your child from being lonely. Those connections also help your children make friends. If your children are shy, then knowing how to communicate through play can change that. 

It might not seem important that your children are shy or that they don't have much or any friends at all but it does matter. Friends don't just make life more fun, they also open us up emotionally. They change us and often for the better. You want that same experience for your children. They'll grow emotionally with the help of their friends. 

7. Reduce Separation Anxiety

For many of the children, going to play school is the first time that they might experience time away from their immediate family members. This could prove traumatic for some of them, with many crying or feeling anxious. You can cut down on the separation anxiety, though, through play. Play distracts them and keeps their mind on the activity, so they don't end up bawling over the fact that their mom or dad is nowhere to be seen. 

8. Independence

Letting your child attend a play school in Bangalore helps them accept the idea of being away from you and that's one way to get them to start thinking independently. They start to entertain the thought that they can do things without you and make decisions without you. 

Pretty soon, your children will start to get used to the idea that they'll be away from home for a few hours every day. If your children are often introverted, this can help them open up to other people emotionally. They might start talking to others more or start interacting with other people. That's progress. 

9. Meet Other Parents

Another benefit to getting your children into play school is that you get to meet other parents, too. Some of those acquaintances can turn into lifelong friends. Also, they can offer you tips and advice regarding many activities in school, especially if your children are new to the class or school. 

With parents who are also undergoing the same experience you are, you are also looking for ways to improve the play school experience for their children, then you might all work together to come up with better solutions or suggestions to the school. Being a part of a group of parents also gives you a sense of belonging and can make for a wonderful opportunity to make friends. 

The blog will help you discover how the school has a positive impact on your children's social and emotional as well as academic development and learning.

Dr. Sharmila Mallick Choudhuri

An academician and an educationist by profession , I have been working with educational institutions and schools as a leader for decades.

31 years of experience in the field of Education in India  with CBSE and ICSE curriculum, training and affiliation processes and setting up  Schools, affiliation / accreditation of UGC, AICTE / NAAC.

I have been the Master Trainer for CBSE Leadership Training Principals and Teachers on Classroom Management, Life Skills, Value Education, Career Guidance and Assessment of Secondary Classes on behalf of CBSE.

I have  been the center Observer for CBSE exams and Science Exhibition conducted by CBSE.

I have published a number of articles in newspapers, research papers in leading journals and presented papers at National Science Congress. I am the topper  in B.sc  from Calcutta University and has many prestigious awards in the field of education.

I am specialised in  Start-ups in Education, Educational Administration, Affiliation and accreditation, Academic audits and quality control, Curriculum development & Teacher training and  Counselling.

Have received several awards all over India as “THE BEST EDUCATOR “, “SIKSHA GAURAV “, “BEST PRINCIPAL”, “SOUTH INDIA WOMEN ACHIEVER “etc ,and many more from several prestigious organisations .

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