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Parents should follow these steps to plan for their child's education at Bangalore High School

Dr. Sharmila Mallick Choudhuri
Jul 30, 2021
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Want your child to study in one of the best Bangalore high schools? Here are some tips to help you plan better in terms of admission and school fee structure.

As parents, it is natural that you will provide the best of everything to your child, especially when it's related to education, best schooling, facilities, etc. As you know, spending on a good school will provide your child with a good quality education that will shape their future and give them the best opportunities in life.

Even though education is the most important priority for parents, education cost is the major concern when they are planning to send their child to a Bangalore High School. But, planning ahead in advance will give you plenty of time to assess your expenses, make a budget and pay for your child's education.

So here is the step by step planning process for your child's education in a Bangalore high school.

Financial Planning

Financial planning is very important to achieve your biggest goal i.e your child's education. And moreover starting early is better so start planning from the day when your child is born especially if you want your child to attend good institutions.

Starting early will help you cope up with education costs. It is recommended that parents should start saving 30% of their total income for their child's education once they are born so that by the time they are ready for high school or college, they have a good amount of money to pay depending on their School Fee Structure.

Calculate the Education Expenses

Make a rough calculation of the total cost of education of your child from their nursery admission to Bangalore High School and their higher studies include all the cost which depends on various factors such as whether your child would be studying in India or abroad and make a rough idea depending on the School Fee Structure plus do not forget to add the rate of inflation.

Suppose a school which charges 2-5 lakh rupees today for high school, with the rate of inflation after 10 years it might cross 10-12 lakh. Therefore, you need to plan accordingly to build a corpus amount.

Once you know the approximate figure, you need to decide how much you need to invest to reach that goal. When you save step by step as per the school levels you won't be overwhelmed with the amount of money for the school fee structure. Save and invest as early as possible so that you don't have to take out a loan for your child later. Reducing your household and personal expenses and finding additional sources of income can help you to save more

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Investing in a good portfolio

Not just saving, investing those amounts in a good equity fund will provide you with a valuable return. By the time your child is ready for Bangalore High School or college or higher studies, 15-18 years is a good amount of time to play with equity funds as volatility in returns is flattened out. Equity funds can be the best investment strategy for your child's education as it is the only medium to beat the high rate of education inflation. If you think equity is not your cup of tea, then smart parents should start investing in Mutual Funds in a systematic manner.

Assess Your Existing Assets and Liabilities

Listing down all your assets and liabilities will help you to figure out where you stand today, how is your current cash flow and will also help you plan for the future.

Insuring yourself is necessary

Having a family insurance policy is a must, especially for the person who is the only earning member in the family and there are other members who depend on him. It's important to secure your and others' future by taking insurance so that in case something happens to you, your family shouldn't suffer and your savings for your child's education is not used for medical or other expenses.

In order to make sure that your dream of giving your child the best possible education is secured even if something happens to you, it is very important to have a good life and health insurance so that the cost is covered.


If you plan well in advance you do not have to shell out a large portion of your savings to provide the best education to your child. No doubt the best education comes with a price tag but if you research well, there are many International schools where their School Fee Structure is quite affordable. So always research well while selecting the school for your child. 

Save more than forecasted

Always prepare yourself for additional costs, because no matter even if you planned well there may be many additional costs that will come which will increase the cost. So it is recommended to save more than forecasted as these buffer amounts can be used for unforeseen expenses. 

Here are some bonus tips for parents to cut the education cost and save more

● As we mentioned above, not all international schools are expensive. You can research and find a good school that has an affordable School Fee Structure 

● Bangalore High School provides a scholarship program that can help you to cover your child education partially or fully which depends on the type of scholarship. So make sure to spend as much time as possible exploring all the scholarship opportunities available. 

● There are many schools that offer Sibling Discounts on tuition fee, so if you have one or more child, you can enquire about the same to take benefit of these opportunities

● There are also many schools that offer discounts if you come under a certain category such as OBC or if you come from an army family or others etc.


Providing a good education is every parent's responsibility and it is the only way to secure your child's future, so follow a sensible approach to fulfil your responsibilities. Don't follow the others as their financial health, circumstances, and goals are different from yours.

To ensure your child receives the best education from the Bangalore High School which has an affordable School Fee Structure. You need to start early in order to prepare yourself financially. It will also ensure that you do not compromise on your child's future, and fulfil all their dreams, aspirations, and ambitions in the right manner.

We are again and again focusing on the point to save and invest early so that you have a longer time horizon to meet your goals which can help to build a bigger corpus amount enabled by the power of compounding interest.

Dr. Sharmila Mallick Choudhuri

An academician and an educationist by profession , I have been working with educational institutions and schools as a leader for decades.

31 years of experience in the field of Education in India  with CBSE and ICSE curriculum, training and affiliation processes and setting up  Schools, affiliation / accreditation of UGC, AICTE / NAAC.

I have been the Master Trainer for CBSE Leadership Training Principals and Teachers on Classroom Management, Life Skills, Value Education, Career Guidance and Assessment of Secondary Classes on behalf of CBSE.

I have  been the center Observer for CBSE exams and Science Exhibition conducted by CBSE.

I have published a number of articles in newspapers, research papers in leading journals and presented papers at National Science Congress. I am the topper  in B.sc  from Calcutta University and has many prestigious awards in the field of education.

I am specialised in  Start-ups in Education, Educational Administration, Affiliation and accreditation, Academic audits and quality control, Curriculum development & Teacher training and  Counselling.

Have received several awards all over India as “THE BEST EDUCATOR “, “SIKSHA GAURAV “, “BEST PRINCIPAL”, “SOUTH INDIA WOMEN ACHIEVER “etc ,and many more from several prestigious organisations .

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