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All You Need To Know About The Best Kindergarten Schools In Bangalore

Bhawna Arora
Jul 30, 2021
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Kindergarten is a German word that translates to "children's garden." It began in the late 18th century in Germany and France. It was first considered as an early education strategy, with the goal of preparing children for the transition from home to school. Playing, singing, painting, and social interaction were among the activities. 

Today, the phrase refers to a multitude of organizations that teach children aged 3 to 6 years old using a variety of methods. Depending on the country, the terms preschool and kindergarten are frequently interchanged. A preschool, on the other hand, might refer to any institution for children who are too young to attend school. In India, these usually only apply to children aged 2 to 4. 

A kindergarten is a specialized educational institution for children aged 3 to 6. It is seen as a prerequisite for formal education. Many schools include a kindergarten class where children can begin their education.

Kindergarten in India- Bangalore

1. Structure

The transition from nursery to lower kindergarten (LKG) or junior kindergarten (JKG) is natural. LKG, on the other hand, does not require any prior education. At the time of admittance, most children are between the ages of 3 and 4. They are taught the alphabet as well as the fundamentals of mathematics. They are encouraged to participate in games. They improve their social, emotional, and physical capabilities.

Upper kindergarten (UKG) or Senior Kindergarten (KG) is a more regimented program. Creative ways are used to teach children to read and write. Their vocabulary grows, and kids learn the fundamentals of math. Depending on the child, teachers may take a more personalized approach. The lessons are designed to help children prepare for first grade.

2. Developmental Goals

Kindergartens are more concerned with developmental goals than with teaching. By the time students reach the age of six (the end of UKG), this assists them in achieving the following milestones.

● Physical Skills - Catch a ball, Hold a pencil etc.

● Cognitive Skills - Recognizing basic shapes and colors, saying their name.

● Social and Emotional Skills - Following rules, learning to share and express joy

● Language Skills - Recite stories, poems, and make conversation with classmates and adults.

3. Curriculum

Preschools with attached kindergartens are free to use whatever pedagogy they like. Play Way, Montessori, Waldorf, and Reggio-Emilia are some of the most popular. Some of the best kindergarten schools in Bangalore follow the Montessori curriculum. Montessori pupils are compared to kids in standard schools in a limited but growing body of well-designed studies. These findings imply that Montessori kids perform at par with or better than their non-Montessori peers in academic topics.

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Here's How to Assess the Best Kindergarten in Bangalore

1. Passionate Faculty

When it comes to early childhood development, enthusiasm is essential, just as it is in other professions. Teaching children can be difficult, especially when they are stubborn and defiant. During such times, someone who is motivated to do even more and feels like they are making a difference in the lives of children is required. A dedicated teacher will have a sense of success that motivates him/her to keep going and improving the learning experience.

2. Set Ground Rules

A facility with clearly defined rules and regulations is not only well-run, but also has good customer service practices. When it comes to evaluating the regulations of such an institution, it's critical to choose a nursery school with rules that are properly applied and the flexibility that's necessary in dealing with emergency situations. 

Whether you have an emergency, ask if you can vary from the official drop-off and pick-up times. The presence of set benchmarks in a good kindergarten school is the clearest sign that it is managed well.

3. A combination of Academics and Co Curricular Activities

Kindergarten students are substantially more concentrated than those in preschool or playschool. They are more guided by the teacher than they are left to their own devices. Although the systems differ, students should often learn a combination of the following: Math, Language, Sciences, Social Sciences. These subjects can be taught by integrating activities like science experiments, counting on the abacus and many more.

Bangalore being an education hub has a number of kindergarten schools. Keeping in mind the above factors, you can easily find the Best School in Bangalore for your child. 

There are schools that have adopted the unique value offering of a kindergarten with its adaptation of Maria Montessori's internationally famous teaching methodology. They should infuse the fundamentals of formal learning with the most revolutionary learning methods by merging the original theory with contemporary research and ideas.

For the students, the methodology provides them with unique and exceptional prospects for growth and development. With a dedicated faculty and purpose to make students global citizens the best Schools in Bangalore prepares the kid for everything right from this tender age.

Bhawna Arora

I Bhawna Arora who wants to inspire and empower young minds to know, do, and be more. I have 20 years of teaching experience of working with Pre–primary children and I have been working in GIIS, Whitefield Bangalore for past 4 years. 

As a Pre-Primary teacher, my focus is to have effective classroom management, with lots of creativity and also constantly implementing new ideas and expand the old ones to keep the learning environment fresh and engaging for students.

I have been awarded twice the Best Functional Classroom Award consecutively in past and also been elected the Employee of the month 2021.

As an individual, I see lot of potential in every student I meet and hope to create lot of good and unforgettable memories in their mind of their childhood.

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