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Factors for Choosing the Best Montessori School in Bangalore

Doreen Catherine Batra
May 31, 2021
Parenting Tips
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A bad school could lead to a horrible learning experience from the get-go. That's why it's essential that you pick up the right preschool for your kids. That will form the foundation of their educational core, for one. And it will also determine whether they'll love school or not. To make sure you make the right choice, here are some of the factors you'll want to keep in mind.

● Location

Ask yourself: Is there a Montessori school near me

If it's near your home, then it's near to your kids. While you wouldn't want to pick a school based solely on how far or near it is to your home, this is a good factor to consider. After all, it might not matter now given the way schools have transitioned to online classes. But that arrangement isn't going to last forever and when it's time for students to come in for in-person classes, you'll want to make sure the location isn't so inconvenient for you and your kids. Also, it should be near enough ideally that if there's an emergency, you won't have any trouble picking up your child. 

● Admission Age

What age does the preschool accept for its students? Some students might be too young, so be well aware of that when you enrol your kids into the program. There are also state laws. For instance, the state law in Karnataka says that kids must be around 2.10 or 3.10 and 4.10 years old by June if they want to be allowed to join the nursery. However, there are schools that make an exception to this. Find out if that's the kind of school that your kids want. 

● Learning Styles

There are different learning styles. There are the visual learners, the auditory learners, the kinesthetic learners who love hands-on experiments and more. There are also introverts and extroverts and those who learn better when they're discussing the topic at length with a group and or by themselves. Knowing what kind of learning styles are much more effective with your kids will help you come up with study tips, review sessions, and plans that can enrich their learning experience. 

● Teaching Belief

What does the school believe in? What is its educational vision? Does it believe in using a holistic approach in teaching the students? You'll want to think this over. A school that encourages holistic development, that doesn't just focus on academics but also on the kids learning soft skills can be the kind of education that you want for your kids. 

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● Stance on Discipline

Some teachers deal with kids who demonstrate disruptive behaviour with anger. They expect kids to follow the rules in the classroom. But sometimes, kids don't set out to be disobedient. Sometimes, they can't help it. That's just what happens to them when they're raring to do an activity for the rest of the class. How do the teachers deal with that behaviour then? If they only punish the kids, humiliate them, and suspend them, that's far from ideal. That doesn't address the issue. Make sure you steer clear of those options, then.

● Budget

How much is your budget? What is the school fee structure? What would be the overall cost? Aside from the tuition fees, you'll need to have enough in your budget to cover the school bus fees, the books, the uniforms, and more. Some of the costs need to be paid every semester, and some only once every year. Determine all the costs related to the school, and you'll have a more accurate take on how much you should set aside for your children's schooling and how much each semester will cost. 

● Scholarships

Tuition costs are high, but there are scholarship programmes that your kids can apply to. Scholarship programmes don't usually offer a full-ride, though, and tend to be competitive. However, there are plenty of grants that are given out and not all on the basis of academics but on the basis of merit. That means the financial situation of the applicant isn't a factor in the selection process. However, if you want to encourage your kids to go for a scholarship, make sure you help them prepare as early as they can. That way, they'll have more than enough time to build their application portfolio. 

● Teacher Child Ratio

Kids require a warm and nurturing learning environment - so it is necessary that you do not limit your online search to Montessori schools near me. As an international school, we focus on helping children thrive. For many of the kids in class, this is the first time that they will ever be away from their parents, and that means large, airy rooms that give them room to move around and play are much more ideal. 

Ensure there is a teaching assistant present to aid the main instructor. That way, the teacher will have someone to help her with the paperwork and in managing the kids in class. That means, too, that someone else is looking after the welfare and the kids, so if the main teacher misses out on something, the teaching assistant is there to take note of those things and bring them to the attention of the main instructor. Between the two of them, the kids are given the attention they need. 

● Reputation

What kind of reputation does the school have? What is it known for? Those are good questions to consider. Check out the feedback about the school - What do other students and parents say? Go over the website. Then check out the school's social media pages. These pages often have an informal tone, so it shows you a better gauge of what the school is like, how the students are, and whether it's a good match for your kids. 

● Teachers

What kind of credentials do the teachers have? More than that, are they invested in the kids? You want teachers who are dedicated and passionate about teaching and sharing knowledge with their students. You want teachers who love to be around kids, or who care for them, who are as invested in their growth and success.

We encourage you to reach out to our school admission counsellor to help you understand the school fee structure & facilities your child will get at GIIS Bangalore.

Doreen Catherine Batra

Qualified and resourceful teacher with a master’s degree in education and proven knowledge of educational technology, blended online learning and curriculum design. Trying to utilise my knowledge of advanced teaching methods in learning and e-learning for the benefit  of the students of grades 7, 9 and 10. An award-winning teacher, Doreen has conducted subject-based training for teachers in Staff Development Program.

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