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High School Scholarships offered by Bangalore International Schools

Ashwani Kumar Saxena
Jul 30, 2021

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam rightly quoted, "Excellence happens not by accident. It is a process,"- a process which begins by choosing the right school which gives you opportunities and waters your mind to grow incessantly.

Bangalore, in recent times, has started to be considered as one of the educational hubs in India and it especially provides a lot of opportunities for young minds. Despite being home to many International Schools in Bangalore, it has played a significant role in the contribution towards skill development. Apart from a wonderful climate and lush green sites, Bangalore is the leading city in India that offers excellent education facilities and institutions to students along with necessary high school scholarships to aid their education journey especially during high school. It is the powerhouse of top global organisations and educational institutions.

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Bangalore - The Education Hub for Best International Schools

From primary school level to high school, there are various good international schools in Bangalore. These schools not only develop the students academically but groom them into well rounded individuals who are able to tackle every obstacle in future and conquer them successfully. India is known for its exceptional and excellent quality education especially higher education.

Students learn in a well equipped environment where the learning process is facilitated with the use of technology and SMART classes. Even amidst the current pandemic circumstances, schools are able to carry out every class smoothly online with the students. They not only learn but are also exposed to various extracurricular opportunities that help the students to explore and identify their innate talents at an early age in life.

These international schools, despite being academically rigorous, motivate students to take part in activities and events organized by schools so that they build self confidence and hone their skills. A sense of teamwork and individuality is inculcated in students by conducting activities in and outside of classrooms.

Along with the opportunities, schools also offer various aids and scholarship programmes to help and support the students especially those who cannot afford their higher education and belong to economically weaker backgrounds.

Types of High School Scholarships Offered

Scholarships are to reward a student's academic achievement and educational programmes. Students who are deserving and meritorious are lauded with scholarships that help to boost their confidence and they strive to perform better each time. 

Scholarships also encourage other students to aspire to achieve one with their hard work and dedication. High school scholarships become immensely beneficial for students and parents who find it difficult to fulfill the financial requirements of an international school but want the best for their child.

Mostly there are two categories of scholarships that are offered in the international schools in Bangalore:

1. Sports based scholarships

2. Merit based scholarships 

1. Merit based Scholarships

This type of scholarship is based on the merit or academic performance of the students. His/her academic record is considered before providing the merit based scholarship for any student.

When it comes to financial aid, various international schools offer a beneficial means cum merit international scholarships which are dedicated to the students who have shown academic excellence and belong to the economically weaker section in order to reduce the practice of dropping out of school after class 8 and encourage these students to continue their high school education.

Such opportunities support students via financial assistance, and make education easily accessible and affordable for parents and students irrespective of their financial capabilities. The high school scholarship contributes to the educational needs of students from every strata,  especially for students who have entered higher education in any international school.

2. Sports based Scholarships

This type of scholarship is completely dedicated to students who are athletes and/or have achieved something and shown exceptional performance in sports- state, national or international.

Sports scholarship also helps the students to further their education as well as represent the school in the respective sport. This type of high school scholarship not only helps them to support their education in international schools but even while applying to colleges and universities students can decide to take up sports as their profession and prosper in it.

This high school scholarship helps students who are passionate about sports to hone their skills and build a career on it such that they end up representing the country on an international level.


Few Differences Between Sports and Merit Based High School Scholarships Offered by International Schools in Bangalore

Since most of the time students under sports scholarship category is less, the competition is low as compared  to merit based scholarships.

In an international school, the selection process and examination for sports based scholarships is different from the merit based scholarships. Like if scores matter in merit based scholarship then the athlete's athletic achievements are considered along with some subjective criteria like dedication, hard work, academic potential and determination.

The longevity of both these high school scholarships also differ to some extent. A scholar student receives the scholarship and its benefits till s/he is performing good in academics while the athletes' scholarship may or may not get renewed despite of his/her performance level.

Why is Winning a High School Scholarship Beneficial?

It is said that a little progress each day adds up to big achievements. Being rewarded especially with a high school scholarship, when children look for achievement and satisfaction, provides a sense of confidence to the students and motivates them to continue progressing step by step with every passing day.

Winning a high school scholarship is indeed a daunting task for students especially when there are various other students applying for the scholarship. In such a scenario, when your child becomes a recipient of a scholarship, it becomes very helpful when s/he applies to universities and colleges after school.

It certainly boosts your child's profile amongst the other candidates. To be specific, high school scholarships also give access to more good colleges and eventually gain the best education. Students' academic abilities and excellence honed during their school education is given due credit and appreciated in colleges as well.

Not only scholarly students, but students passionate about sports get a golden opportunity to build their skills from school and eventually make a career in sports. Sports scholarship during their high school days helps such athletes to aid their education as well as shape their bright future.

Scholarships also become a great opportunity for the students as well as their parents who belong to an economically weaker background to support their education easily and without stress. Students who have received scholarships in such international schools are also considered for college grants and university scholarships as well, based on their academic abilities.

Bangalore has ample international schools that offer a number of high school scholarships for students who are meritorious and deserve to be awarded one but as a parent it is your responsibility to motivate your child to aspire to earn a scholarship. 

Indeed, achieving a scholarship is not everybody's cup of tea but one would only know that if one tries to put in the effort to get a scholarship. Parents must guide their child about the benefits of getting High School Scholarship and how it will aid them during their college education too.

The seed of earning a high school scholarship has to be sown by the parents, only then will the child have the drive and will power to give their best shot and achieve it. The journey of earning a scholarship in itself is rewarding and educating, and no student will end the journey without learning something new.

Ashwani Kumar Saxena

Mr. Ashwani Kumar Saxena, Principal GIIS Whitefield is a passionate educator and an efficient school administrator with a rich experience of 28 years. His qualifications include MSc (Chemistry), MSc (IT), PGDCA, MBA (School Management) and a bachelor’s degree in education. He has visited some of the most reputed national & international educational institutes including Cambridge University, UK. He is accredited by University of Cambridge, UK to conduct Computer Science assessments. He holds a Residential CIE certification from Robinson College, Cambridge, UK. He is also an active Inspector of Schools to grant affiliation.

Having profound experience in the field of education, he has worked with various reputed schools pan across having national and international curricula including CBSE, ICSE, CIE and IB, holding important key profiles like School Administration, Curriculum Research & Development and has designed the School website, ICT based tools for teaching aids, academic audits, assessment techniques, resource management, data analysis & visualization, development of ERP as a multipurpose communication portal for Management, Staff, Student and Parents.

He believes that EDUCATION ILUMINATES WHAT LIES LATENT IN AN INDIVIDUAL, and educational institutions are the sanctuaries that guide the students to the sea of knowledge, skill, technique and information that prepares them to be global citizens of tomorrow.

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