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What Benefits Sports Students Can Avail from GIIS Sports Scholarship?

Ashwani Kumar Saxena
May 31, 2021
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For many years, athletic scholarships have been used to serve as rewards for skilful students in various institutions. Sports scholarships often aim to financially assist students with their tuition since they show potential in various activities and have met certain prerequisites to join the institutions. 

Sports scholarships help them further their studies and represent the school in their respective sports. 

Like all other schools in Bangalore and beyond, the Global Indian International School prides itself on sports excellence and has a vast collection of accolades to prove its success.

The school participates in various sporting events at the state, national, regional, and international levels. Therefore, they offer the GIIS Global Sports Scholarships to give the students access to quality education and build strong teams for each sport. 

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Extracurricular Activities Available at GIIS Bangalore

1. CBGCA cricket

2. Athletics

3. Martial Arts- Wushu

4. Table tennis

5. Soccer

6. Lawn tennis

7. Roller skating

8. Basketball

9. Chess

The beneficiaries of this scholarship exude athletic prowess in sports. They hold a high ranking at the state and national levels in any of these extracurricular activities. When your child receives the GIIS Sports Scholarship, which has three years of tenure, they gain access to a wide range of benefits.

Benefits of the GIIS Global Sports Scholarship

1. Affordable education

This sports scholarship is by far the most sought after scholarship at the institution. Should your child qualify for the scholarship, the school can cover up to 100% of your tuition fees and sports expenses for three years. 

The beneficiaries can access international level education at GIIS Bangalore under the CBSE curriculum. The curriculum structure ensures that they excel in academia, co-curricular activities, and extracurricular activities. Sports scholarships can save your family from debt.

2. GIIS facilities

GIIS Bangalore is equipped with state of the art facilities that will allow the beneficiaries to improve their skills and develop new ones. Each sports team uses top-notch training equipment and amenities. The beneficiaries will also train under professional coaches who have years of experience. The coaches offer rigorous training and mentorship programs to prepare the students for championships at different levels.

3. Gold Squad Program

The Gold Squad Program is an after-school initiative. It aims to enhance the skills of students who portray impressive performance in various sports. The coaches handpick outstanding sports performers and enrol them in this intense program. 

Athletic students, basketball, soccer, chess, and cricket players undergo intense training under professional coaches to improve their skills. They get to join the team and represent the school at various inter-school championships. Therefore, your child gets the chance to develop their skills without interfering with their academia.

4. Extracurricular and co-curricular activities

Apart from working on a student's talent, you can also choose one or more extracurricular and co-curricular activities from the vast list of curricular activities at GIIS Bangalore. You can join clubs, such as the debate club, journalism club, and environmental club. 

The institution introduces a wide range of activities to encourage teamwork, individuality, and critical thinking. Extracurricular and co-curricular activities are taken seriously at our school.

5.  Careers

Many national and international athletes state that they began nurturing their skills at an early age. You can do the same at GIIS Bangalore. The GIIS Sports Scholarship allows students to consider pursuing their sports talent as a professional career in the future. The coaches train you like professional athletes to prepare you for competitions in the country and internationally. 

You can take advantage of the scholarship to perfect your skills and enrol in universities that pay attention to sports talent. The training the students receive at GIIS is enough to help them transition into a professional player. GIIS has produced many athletes who continue to excel in India and beyond.

6.  Holistic learning

The best part of the GIIS fraternity is the 9GEMS framework. The students receive education and mentorship that moulds them to emulate all the 9GEMS in the framework. The students learn about entrepreneurship, leadership, community welfare, innovation, and creativity. 

The framework prepares them for the future through all-round learning. Another aspect of the holistic learning process is the school environment. The environment is conducive, peaceful, and designed to motivate the learning process. All the studios, labs, classrooms, cafeteria, and playgrounds have intentional designs to encourage all the students to embrace the learning process.

Sports scholarships can ensure your child gets a free high-quality education. GIIS Bangalore aims to be part of the sports excellence in the country. Admission to the international school scholarship is only open to Indian students in Bangalore and countrywide. 

Your child can pursue their passion and access to quality education at the same time by applying for the GIIS Global Sports Scholarship. The institution announces new opportunities on the school website four times a year.

Ashwani Kumar Saxena

Mr. Ashwani Kumar Saxena, Principal GIIS Whitefield is a passionate educator and an efficient school administrator with a rich experience of 28 years. His qualifications include MSc (Chemistry), MSc (IT), PGDCA, MBA (School Management) and a bachelor’s degree in education. He has visited some of the most reputed national & international educational institutes including Cambridge University, UK. He is accredited by University of Cambridge, UK to conduct Computer Science assessments. He holds a Residential CIE certification from Robinson College, Cambridge, UK. He is also an active Inspector of Schools to grant affiliation.

Having profound experience in the field of education, he has worked with various reputed schools pan across having national and international curricula including CBSE, ICSE, CIE and IB, holding important key profiles like School Administration, Curriculum Research & Development and has designed the School website, ICT based tools for teaching aids, academic audits, assessment techniques, resource management, data analysis & visualization, development of ERP as a multipurpose communication portal for Management, Staff, Student and Parents.

He believes that EDUCATION ILUMINATES WHAT LIES LATENT IN AN INDIVIDUAL, and educational institutions are the sanctuaries that guide the students to the sea of knowledge, skill, technique and information that prepares them to be global citizens of tomorrow.

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