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How Can You Get Admission in a Bangalore School - A Complete Guide

Shanthy Ranjith
Oct 28, 2021
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Here is a  guide on how to find the best primary schools in Bangalore for 2021 and 2022 and its admission process.

● Which among the Bangalore schools should I get my child admitted to?

● How do I find best international Primary schools in Bangalore for my child?

● Which Bangalore school is safe for my child in the middle of the Covid19 Pandemic?

Looking for a good school for your child can be very daunting and if you are pondering over the above questions, then you should consider reading this blogpost to help you find the best school that also offers a smooth school admission procedure in Bangalore.

How to Find the Best Primary School in Bangalore?

Firstly, let us begin by listing down the top 5 things to look for in a school:-

1. A Global Platform that has a safe and secure environment

2. A programme that will enhance your child's intelligence to achieve excellence

3. Teachers, whom your child can trust; who not only teach, but also mentor your child to grow into strong and focused individuals

4. A school that your child loves to attend!

5. A school that provides high-quality education and is worth the money you have invested.

Now let's look at the most recognized and outstanding school in Bangalore that meets all the above criteria.

Global Indian International School (GIIS)

Ranked as #1 for its innovative approach towards education, GIIS was first established in 2002 in Mount Sophia, Singapore, and was the first school that catered to Indian expats. 

Over the years, it has spread its wings internationally across other countries like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Malaysia, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, and India and is now a global brand with a strong mission and vision to create responsible global citizens.

GIIS's Bangalore school was set up in 2018 and the school's unique pedagogy has successfully won many awards and recognitions to its credit. 

Our CBSE School has an impressive global Montessori plus programme for pre-nursery, nursery, and KG classes and the robust international CBSE curriculum for primary, secondary and high school.


GIIS believes in building strong values by imparting high-class education that not only helps your child excel in academics but also creates a progressive environment that is powered by your child's creativity.

The schools' mission is to help your child grow into a leader and achieve success across all aspects of life and not just in academic pursuits. Its core values also imbibe adaptability, honesty, and teamwork.

GIIS's Curricula

The Global Montessori plus programme for kindergarten classes is based on the original Maria Montessori method of Kindergarten combined with GIIS's modern approach using innovative learning tools.

GIIS follows the CBSE Curriculum for classes 1 to 12 and adapts to the award-winning 9GEMS Holistic Framework that is built to expose your child to academic, sporting, and extracurricular excellence. GIIS also offers Cambridge curriculum from Grade 6 to 9. The IGCSE syllabus helps students to be problem solvers and inquirers and develop creative thinking.

There is also the much-needed flexibility to switch from one GIIS school to another when a student's family is transferred from one Asian country to another.


GIIS's Campus

GIIS"s ultra-modern world-class campus acts as a platform where students get to discover their innate strengths and hone themselves as responsible citizens for a future that can be challenging. Its state-of-the-art campus is designed and digitized to ensure a safe and secure environment for your child.

GIIS School Admission Procedure

The Bangalore school admission procedure for GIIS is a fairly simple procedure that comprises 4 steps and is quite transparent in its process. Let's look at the steps you have to follow while seeking Bangalore school admission for your child:

1. The first step is to fill up the enquiry form which is available on the school's website.

2. Once this is done, the admissions officer will get in touch with you for the next step of action which will either be a physical or virtual campus tour. There will also be a counselling session where you can discuss the curriculum and other aspects like fees, scholarships, extracurricular activities and other facilities. The student is also subjected to a written test to gauge his age appropriate facilities.

3. Once your child is short-listed, you can fill the admission form and upload the necessary documents.

4. You can then confirm your child's seat by paying the first term fees applicable to your child's grade.

Note: if your child has excelled in academic and extracurricular pursuits in the last few years, as a parent, you should be aware that they may be eligible for a scholarship that is offered by the Global Indian International School. You can check with the admission counsellors if your child meets all the criterias of eligibility for the scholarship and apply accordingly. (Mark this in Quote)

GIIS at One Glance

● Location: Whitefield and Bannerghatta Road

● Address and contact details:

Whitefield Campus: No-5,6,8, Heggondahalli Village, Whitefield, Sarjapur Main Road, Gunjur Post, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India- 560087 Phone: 1800 5722 810

Bannerghatta Campus: Bannerghatta Main Road, Gollahalli, Bannerghatta, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India -560083, Phone : 18005722810

● Please click here for the admission form.

● Facilities present in the school: World-class infrastructure with smart classrooms and dedicated spaces for indoor and outdoor activities.

● Curriculum followed by the school: Global Montessori (GMP) and CBSE school.

● Safety and Security features: Secured entry and exits, facial recognition, ID cards, security cameras.


GIIS is a global leader in education and the fact that it ticks all the essential boxes makes for a good primary school in Bangalore. Bangalore school admissions begin at least a term before the commencement of a new academic year, therefore it is advisable to start the school admission process early.

Shanthy Ranjith

I am a seasoned professional with outstanding teaching experience, I hold the skills and knowledge in contributing to the overall development and learning of students.

As a creator first and foremost, I am adept at identifying innovative approaches and creative practices in teaching challenges to remain ahead of new and relevant technology.

In my previous role as Class teacher at DPS and as an NGO volunteer teaching blue collared workers in UAE, I have enhanced collaboration abilities and cultivated a reputation as a significant contributor through teamwork and innovation. I am a respected team player always searching for opportunities to share valuable learnings. With these qualities combined, I facilitate positive change and impact outcomes.

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