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21 Amazing Facts About Science That Will Amaze You

Shanthy Ranjith
Aug 16, 2022
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Is it fair that only a few people have access to the ground-breaking facts? We as a generation are doomed to witness some mind-blowing and fun science facts through the internet. Our ancestors had the courage to procure information that was either hidden or unfound. Probably, that explains the origin of all the scientific and factual information. 

Why is Science So Important?

What if Isaac Newton found a different route and never sat under the apple tree? Do you think we would've discovered gravity nevertheless? 

If it weren't for Marie Curie, who would have saved us from radium? 

Scientists today are working to the verge to save human life. Science has and is building everything into its existence. From the biggest nuclear weapons to the tiny nucleus, science is what makes each one of them important. 

To better understand the subject, have a look at the interesting science facts for bengaluru school students. 

21 Amazing Science Facts for Students


Half of the world’s oxygen is produced by the sea. We always thought it to be the rainforests. However, 50% of the world’s oxygen is produced by plankton, seaweed and ocean-based photosynthesis. 


The human stomach can dissolve razor blades. The human stomach has acids that rank on a scale of 0-14. Surprisingly, our stomach is rated at 1.0 – 2.0 which is impeccably strong when it comes to dissolving a razor. 


Mals use the magnetic field to know where they are at the moment. Some evidence suggests that some animals like sea turtles are able to sense Earth’s magnetic field which works as a sense of navigation for them.


There are more trees on the planet than stars in the solar system. As per NASA, there are around 400 billion stars in the milky way galaxy. However, the number of trees is calculated to be more than 3 trillion on Earth. Isn’t that relieving?


There is only one letter that doesn't exist in the periodic table. You might not have noticed it, but if you have ever come across the periodic table, it doesn’t contain the letter “J”.  


Did you know that water can be boiled and frozen at the same time? The term “triple point” exists in science that occurs when the pressure and temperature of the water are right for the three phases- gas, liquid and solid. 


The spacecraft are rushing towards the edge of our solar system. The New Horizons have already flown past Pluto and are traveling at the speed of 36,000 mph. The SR-71 Blackbird is known as the fastest aircraft on Earth traveling at the speed of 2,700 mph. 


When you spin a ball as you drop it, it will eventually fly. This happens because of the Magnus effect. It occurs when the air on the front side of the ball is moving in the same direction as the spin. 



Babies have more bones than adults. You must be stunned to know that babies have 300 bones at the time of birth. Many bones fuse with the passing age. 


The Eiffel Tower grows in summer. The substances get heated up and the particles start to move more to form a larger volume. 


Some chemicals cannot live with oxygen. Chemicals like potassium, lithium, and sodium are reactive and cannot live with oxygen. These chemicals oxidise after coming in contact with the air. 


Hawaii moves closer to Alaska every year. The Pacific plate is drifting north towards the North American Plate. This happens because the hot and less-dense rock expands before sinking and cooling. 


In 2.3 billion years, life would not sustain on the Earth due to temperature. The temperature is rising every year and 2.3 billion from now, the temperature will be so high that it will evaporate the oceans, leaving Earth to be a vast desert. 


Light takes eight minutes to travel from the Sun to Earth. Light speed is 3,00,000 km per second. The 150 million km between the Sun and us is covered in 8 minutes and 19 seconds. 


Polar bears are immune to infrared cameras. Polar bears hold expertise in conserving heat. 


The Earth is a magnet. We all know that the inner core of Earth is a sphere of solid iron. 


Venus spins clockwise. Most planets spin in an anti-clockwise direction when viewed from above. However, Uranus and Venus spin differently. 


A flea accelerates quicker than a space shuttle. The fleas experience 100g and the Space Shuttle rises to 5g. 


9 out of 10 heaviest people ever were American. The heaviest people ever recorded were Americans. 


Tornadoes also have the USA at number one. The USA experiences the most tornadoes in the world. It is so high that a section in the centre of the USA is known as Tornado Valley. 


A teaspoonful of neutron stars would weigh 6 billion tons. Neutron stars are measured in solar masses. A teaspoonful of neutron stars has a mass twice that of the Sun.  

Additional Science Facts

Biology Facts

 Some of the intriguing biology science facts are-

● The human body has 12 systems

● We have 9 senses

● The appendix is not useless, it has its use

● The human body is made up of unimaginable atoms

● We were once furry beings

Physics Facts

Have a look at the interesting physics science facts for CBSE school kids- 

● The sun doesn’t change colour during the sunset

● Water slows down light 

● Time runs faster at the top of the building than at the bottom

● The gyroscopic effect keeps a bike balanced

● Inertia prevents you from falling out of a rollercoaster 

 Chemistry Facts

 Read through the amazing chemistry facts- 

● Lightning strikes produce Ozone, which explains the characteristic smell after lightning storms

● Water expands when freezes, unlike the other substances

● Glass is a liquid; it just flows extremely slow

● Every hydrogen atom in our bodies is likely to be 13.5 billion years old as they were created at the origination of the universe

● When you pour a handful of salt into the glass of water, the water level goes down


From our birth to death, everything is science. In our daily lives, we are so engrossed in carrying out regular activities, that we forget to keep up with what happens and why. This keeps us far from the amazing facts about science. Earlier, people used to invest their time and money to procure revolutionary information. 

Times have changed and the least we could do is catch up with the interesting science facts that nobody knows. Here are some FAQ questions that will surely fill you in with the science facts.  

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is the Father of Science?

Galileo Galilei is the father of science. He was born on February 15, 1564, and lived in Florence, Italy.

2. What is the Full Form of Science?

SCIENCE stands for “Systematic and Comprehensive Investigation and Exploration of Nature’s Causes and Effects.” 

3. What is the Matter in Science? 

Matter is a substance that is made up of various types of particles and forms the basis of objective phenomena when combined with energy. 

4. Does Science Believe in God? 

To put it in simple terms, science doesn’t approve or disprove the existence of God. It depends on their individual beliefs. Science attempts and studies to work on the natural world while God is supernatural in most religions.

Bengaluru schools have started taking science facts as an important class discussion. Of course, the facts build the interest of the students and help them understand the subject better.

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