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How to Pick the Best CBSE International School in Bangalore?

Shanthy Ranjith
Jul 30, 2021
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In India, the education system is multi-disciplinary, and each state has its own education boards for the students. The style of teaching and the stress on different subjects also differ according to the respective councils. 

Each of these has its benefits and disadvantages; however, the system prevailing in schools following the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) education guidelines has been judged to be the most comprehensive and popular among the students and parents. 

The recent statistics also support this fact, as in 2020, the total number of students appearing cumulatively for their final board exam has crossed the 30, 00,000 mark. So, studying in a good Bangalore international school that follows the CBSE background is always a good option. By extension, it is crucial to choose a school that can instill the advantages of this system properly. 

Advantages of CBSE Board Education

The increasing popularity of studying in some of the best CBSE schools in Bangalore is evident from the data available. People residing overseas can also avail of it from the 240 schools situated in 26 countries. Let us know how studying in CBSE schools can be beneficial for you:-

1. The books and syllabus are student-friendly, interactive, and   enjoyable. The syllabus is designed to not exert too much pressure on you and the interactive exercises included in the chapter make the process of knowledge transfer collaborative, resourceful, and easy. 

2.  The exams are less stressful and practical as you will be judged on what you have learned, not how much you can remember. This creates a positive approach for the students, and the number failing the exams is very few. 

3.  The centralized curriculum of CBSE will be constructive for further education in institutions like IIT or AIMS if you have completed your 12th from the best CBSE schools in Bangalore. As CBSE takes the prelims or the admission tests of these institutes, you would be at an advantage over students of other boards.

4.   The board offers quite a fair amount of flexibility to its students. You are given a choice to pursue your field of interest at each education level, and can choose any study field you like. Apart from being more fruitful for you academically, it gives you a sense of confidence and trust in yourself. 

5.  The syllabus puts equal pressure on physical activity and academic studies so that you can achieve optimum physical and mental growth alongside good results. Emphasizing sports with academic education provides the students with a balanced teaching mode that emphasizes the cognitive development of the children. 

6.  The study guidelines of CBSE in Bangalore international schools allow the students to choose subjects as per their liking and not comply with a preset combination. Moreover, allowing the student to select different topics increases the students' academic vision and horizon.

How To Choose the Best CBSE School, Bangalore?

CBSE curriculum is designed to make the learning fun for you and help you fare well in the later examinations. However, just like a car cannot drive itself, the advantages of this curriculum will be available only when the respective schools implement it. 

Considering the time and effort you put behind your children, choosing a good Bangalore international school becomes very important. Here are some of the characteristics you should look for;

1. Earlier exposure to creative writing

It is imperative to understand that good writing skills in any language is an essential skill for all. Whether or not you will pursue literature in your higher studies is immaterial. Learning to write correctly in any language will be required at all stages. 

Some of the best CBSE schools in Bangalore will act upon this fact. They make sure to expose the students to stories, prose, poems, books, or words and arrange for enough practice in writing creatively. Giving due emphasis on creative writing will help students sit in competitive exams like SAT or admission tests for foreign universities. 

2. Training and learning in different disciplines

CBSE curriculum is very student-friendly till class 8 in the respect that the learning is horizontal, and the children don't need to engage in memory learning yet. They can pursue other activities or engage in co-curricular activities, which may help make alternative careers. 

Moreover, CBSE provides broad guidelines for the schools to implement and prepare a holistic approach for you that can shape your children's personalities. However, the responsibility lies with the school itself. So, you have to look at the extracurricular activities and how much the school drives them to follow their passions before choosing one for your kid.

3. Available learning options

It is essential when you have a kid with any learning disorders (LD), namely, dyscalculia, dysphagia, or dyslexia. CBSE syllabus offers a wide range of substitutions for a subject, like someone having problems with math, can choose art or work education in its place. You have to ensure that the school has different teaching methods available to their students with LD. 

They also have the option of dropping the second language. Recently, the board has allowed the use of word processors for students with dysphagia. This development refutes the need for a younger scribe, making it easy for the schools to support their students. You have to ensure that the Bangalore International school of your choice is aware of these developments. 

4. Holistic learning

The CBSE syllabus allows for overall growth, which means that apart from learning their required syllabus, the students must also know essential soft and life skills, communication techniques, and structuring an answer properly. Gradual introduction from the lower class will help immensely when the pressure mounts at the 9th and 10th levels. 

The students will need to be taught about discipline, routines, time management, and coping with the workload of the higher classes. The school must also instill moral values in the students like caring for the less fortunate ones, or giving back to the society.

Summing up

Looking for the best CBSE school in Bangalore can be a good option for your child. Their course modules, syllabus, and the overall approach towards education is indeed unique and different.

Shanthy Ranjith

I am a seasoned professional with outstanding teaching experience, I hold the skills and knowledge in contributing to the overall development and learning of students.

As a creator first and foremost, I am adept at identifying innovative approaches and creative practices in teaching challenges to remain ahead of new and relevant technology.

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