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Learn More About the GIIS Global Sports Scholarship

Tusha T Nair
May 31, 2021
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Children spend most of their time in their schools. Therefore, the school has a significant impact on a child's mental, social, emotional, and physical growth. In school, children discover their inborn talents and abilities. Thus, it is only fair that the school helps the students nurture these talents. Talent in sports is recognised and lauded at the best international schools in Bangalore.

The Global Indian International School in Bangalore prioritizes its students' sports excellence. The school is equipped with playgrounds and the necessary equipment to allow students to participate in various sports activities such as tennis, chess, athletics, martial arts, hockey, and rugby, to mention a few. The school awards the Global Sports Scholarship to excellent sports students. The Global Sports Scholarship (GSS) has a three-year scholarship tenure eligible for a learner in grades 1-12, offered by the Global School Foundation (GSF) to support young sports talent. 

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The GIIS Sports Scholarship aims at:

1. Offering Motivation to Learners

We understand that not all students will have the talent to excel but there are others who excel. Some students, especially those from less financially stable backgrounds, may need motivation to continue with sports. Thus, students who show proficiency in sports activities are awarded the Global Sports Scholarship. This scholarship is a financial aid that seeks to motivate students to nurture their skills.

2. Nurturing GIIS Students Sports Talents

GIIS Bangalore recognizes that children are gifted differently. Some students excel in academics, while others excel in sports or art. The Global Sports Scholarship supports young sports talent by offering financial aid to study in the school, equipped with the necessary facilities that foster practice in different sports. The school also hires competent and experienced coaches who guide and train the learners into perfecting their skills, hence nurturing learner's sports talents  

What's more, the scholarship brings together students gifted in various sports activities, creating competitiveness. Through competitiveness, a learner is challenged to do better, and thus they become experts in the sports in which they excel.

3. Boosting Learners Confidence and Recognition

Winning the scholarship is not a walk in the park. A student has to stand out among other talented applicants. Therefore, when one finally wins the scholarship, there is a boost in confidence. They are encouraged to pursue anything they set their mind on. Winning the scholarship also helps to reduce self-doubt among the learners, thus helping them to enhance their self-esteem. 

The Global Sports Scholarship also helps students gain recognition among their peers and fellow students who accord a scholarship holder with respect and admiration. The scholarship is a source of inspiration and motivation to fellow learners.

4. Increasing Students' Career Opportunities

This scholarship enables a student to study in one of India's best schools, the Global Indian International School in Bangalore. The school is equipped with competent and experienced teachers and facilities that allow students to access quality education that opens more career doors for the learner. 

Additionally, the scholarship helps students talented in sports to perfect their sports skills, and the students can go ahead in the future and turn their talents into lifelong careers. For instance, one could aspire to become a professional athlete or players like Usain Bolt and PV Sindhu.

Sports scholarships help students in expanding their career choices beyond academics. The scholarships will also enhance a student's resume and increase their chances of getting selected at the world's top universities.

So, as a student, what can you do to win the Global Sports Scholarship?

The following tips can help you win it:

1. Research

You should conduct intensive research to ensure that you qualify for the scholarship. To be eligible for the scholarship, a student should-

● Be an Indian citizen

● Have an excellent academic performance in the past two years

● Be from a moderate-income family with an annual family income of less than INR 5 lacs

● Be associated with a coach or be part of a recognized sports body, federation, or academy

● Pass a skill test or interview

● Should either demonstrate strong evidence of outstanding sports future potential, or

● Have consistently played for the last two years, represented their country or state on the national, state, or international level in the previous 2-3 years, and be within 500 national ranks or 100 state ranks. Or,

● Be a member of the winner or runners-up teams at the state or national level or be top 3 in individual events at the state or national levels. Or,

● Have an outstanding achievement in sports at the international level, at least in the Southeast Asian Games or other significant games or equivalent competition. Or,

● Be a talented player identified in priority sports discipline either in the international, national, or state level competition. Or,

● Have represented or won sub-junior, junior, senior national championships or games for the last two years.

Sending an application form if you do not meet these requirements leads to the dismissal of your application. 

2. Attach the Relevant Document

You should also note the documents require you to attach and have them ready. The scholarship requires all applicants to attach the following documents:

● Two years of academic records

● Family income documents or tax assessment for the past two years

● A self-declaration form for gross family income.

Your application will not be processed without these documents.

3. Submit a Polished Application

Ensure that the application is formal and free of grammatical errors. The application is your only chance to make an impression. Therefore, make it count. Ensure that the application reflects your abilities and convinces why you deserve the scholarship.

Schools play an essential role in helping students discover and nurture their talents. GIIS Bangalore is at the forefront of promoting students' sports talent by offering the GIIS Sports Scholarship. Therefore, eligible students should apply for the scholarship to experience the fantastic values of the scholarship.

Tusha T Nair

Tusha T Nair, MCA, BEd is a  compassionate, enthusiastic, student-minded Senior School  computer teacher  with 8+ years of experience in developing and promoting creativity and high-order thinking skills in  students  to increase their performances in XII CBSE Board while also managing and co-ordinating annual functions, trips, and other events at GIIS Whitefield.

She always assists and co-ordinates with the teachers regarding CBSE-related responsibilities and had also served as a CBSE Co-ordinator in the past.

Exhibiting exceptional ability to make meaningful contact with students and parents, Ms. Tusha specializes in making the students understand the practical aspect of Technology. She has also been recognized as School Innovation Ambassador By Ministry of Education Innovation Cell (MoE).

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