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Know the Learning Styles of an International School in Bangalore

Deepa Chandrashekar
Feb 25, 2022
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Each individual has a way of thinking and learning. The learning style of students is the way they perceive, learn, absorb, comprehend, process, and retain information. In the article “The Myth of Learning Styles”, the authors argue that “learners are different from each other, these differences affect their performance, and teachers should take these differences into account.”  

Teachers need to understand the learning style preferences of students and implement learning styles and strategies that suit the requirements of each student.

Students should not be forced to study in a particular manner as this would negatively impact their performances; rather, they should be encouraged to be more creative and learn in a practical way for a better understanding.

Introduction to Learning styles

In a regular scenario, classroom learning happens with textbooks and blackboards. The teaching styles of teachers are monotonous with them explaining what is available in the textbooks. In this way, students do not practically understand a topic and get only the basic idea. This type of teaching gives only performance-based results and not on the knowledge enhancement of students.

But if the different learning styles of students are understood by the teachers, they can be better implemented into the study plan, curriculum, and assessments. The learning style of students is the understanding of how each student learns differently. 

Suppose a student is asked to do and explain an experiment, some may understand the verbal instructions given, some may understand through written instructions and some may need to do it practically to understand and explain. These are the different learning styles of students that depict their way of thinking and learning things.

Learning styles of students depend on the cognitive, emotional, environmental factors and the experiences of students. Hence, students should be exposed to various learning styles and strategies which can prove advantageous for them in the future.

Learning Styles at GIIS International School in Bangalore

Top international schools in Bangalore have adopted an education system that supports the learning preferences of students. Global Indian International School (GIIS) is one of the best schools in Bangalore that provides curriculum and teaching methodologies that focus on the holistic growth and skill development of students.

The 9 GEMS holistic pedagogy is a blend of traditional and modern educational practices that identifies and nurtures the talent of students, and they are in the process of discovering themselves and enhancing their learning horizons.

Students at GIIS are fostered in an enthusiastic learning environment where the teaching styles of teachers are designed based on the analysis of the learning styles of the students that helps them cope with the challenges and be adept with the current learning methodologies.

At GIIS, education is a step ahead of where students get immense opportunities to explore their skills and knowledge that can be a gateway for their future success. The unique learning styles for students at GIIS are:

Classrooms are equipped with digital tools like whiteboards that make the sessions interactive.

● The creative and innovative abilities are increased through interdisciplinary teaching students learn to solve a problem with more than one subject.

● Online learning styles like virtual classes, video, and audio sessions are conducted to make the learning and understanding better.

● GIIS believes that each student is unique and curious, and has their learning style preferences. To nurture the creativity in students the school offers a platform to explore and experiment with their interests be it technology, research, etc.

● Through specialized curriculum and teaching methodologies, GIIS teaches students the importance of teamwork, values, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills.


The Learning Methods 

There are different learning styles of students that need to be understood and identified by teachers as it would help them to guide and teach the students accordingly. 

Adapting the learning styles is a key success parameter as students can gain more knowledge and in-depth understanding of a subject. Introducing learning styles and strategies as per the interest of students will make them quick learners and foster a love for lifelong learning.

How can you identify the learning styles of students? Here are the 8 learning styles that help teachers and students analyze as to which style the students belongs to:

Visual Learners

If you as a student are interested in drawing, cartooning, doodling, etc then you fall into the visual learner space. In this category, the student understands better graphs, tables, photographs, charts, visual information, and more.

Aural Learners

Aural or auditory and musical learners can learn better by reading aloud or by hearing materials. Here the students can improve their learning by reading aloud, music formats, audiobooks, etc.

Physical Learners

Sometimes doing is better than saying. Here the learners need to have the hands-on or practical experience to learn better. They are also called Kinesthetic learners who learn through drawing, role-play, experimenting, acting, narrating, or with objects like puzzles, blocks, flashcards, etc.

Verbal Learners

Verbal or Linguistic learners make use of language in learning. Here the students convey their thoughts or ideas through speech or writing. A few of the techniques that help in verbal learning are wordplay, rhymes, tongue twisters, group discussions, class presentations, vocabulary building, etc.

Analytical Learners

Analytical learners need to know the logic behind any concept taught. They understand patterns and enjoy mathematical reasoning. These learners can be trained through materials that require interpretation and problem-solving capabilities, conclusions based on facts, and reasoning.

Social Learners

Social learners like to work in a team. They like to interact and socialize with others. This kind of learning can be fostered through group activities, stories, role-play, Q&A sessions, and other cca activities.

Solo Learners

Solo learners like to learn in solitary without the distractions of others. They perform and learn better when studied alone. This kind of learning can be encouraged by activities like maintaining a personal journal, exercises that require individual learning and problem solving, and accolading them for their success.

Natural Learners

Natural learners are those who are connected to nature. They can learn best amidst greenery and solace.  This kind of learning can be done through hands-on experiments, outdoor sessions, and examples of nature in teaching.

Conclusion: - 

Start your analysis now to see which kind of learning style preference best fits your student. With international schools giving more weightage to learning styles of students that would help them to be successful in the future, choose the best school in Bangalore that makes a difference in the life of a student. 

Shortlist a few best schools and do thorough research by visiting the school personally or checking it online. When you search for the top Bangalore school near me, based on the reviews GIIS would be one of the well-known international schools. Let us know which learning style of the student is the most common one in the comments.

Deepa Chandrashekar

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