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10 Easy and Useful Homework Tips for Students

Deepa Chandrashekar
Jan 25, 2023
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At the end of each day, your child is still stalling and not doing the homework. Why? We are not surprised to know that you too are in the same boat as many other parents whose kids make homework an intimidating task. 

Most parents like to take on the role of a cop and make their kids sit at the edge of a gun to complete their homework. But sadly, this strategy fails big time in a matter of a few days. Hence, the idea is to compose yourself and help your child get their enthusiasm back and make their homework routine as seamless as possible. 

If you are clueless about how to metamorphose your child from a procrastinator to a winner, then this post is for you. Let us begin with 10 smart and easy homework tips for students that will help them to perform better.

Here are the Tips For Students That Can Help Them to Finish Their Homework

10 Smart and Quick Homework Tips for Students

1. Make Homework a Priority of the Day

First things first, guide your child to do their homework as early as possible. Once your child is back home after a hectic day at school, let them relax/nap a bit, freshen up, and have their lunch. Once done, set priorities straight for them about doing their homework right on time and then starting with other activities. 

You may consider setting a standard maximum time for your child, say 5 PM, as the latest time to start their homework. Explain to them that the sooner the homework is completed, the more time they have to spend on other activities throughout the day. 

2. Make a List

Start by making a list comprising everything that needs to be done in the homework duration. From solving mathematical equations to revising the science lessons to practicing the French vocabulary, everything must be done in the duration that you have set for your child. Remember, it is only your determination that will help in building effective homework strategies for students.

3. Gather All the Supplies

If your child is a whiner or a procrastinator, you will often find them sharpening their pencils multiple times. Or you will watch them forget their eraser to the desk or some other thing. Hence, before sitting down to do the homework, ensure to gather all the books and gear that your little one would need to do their homework.

4. Unplug All the Gadgets

One of the most effective tips for getting homework done is to switch off all the gadgets. Unplug all the devices like your phones, tablets, TV, or laptops before sitting down to help your child with the homework. In fact, an ideal way is to leave all the gears in a different room and help your child focus on studies without any tech hindrance.


5. Estimate Time for Each Homework Task

Another tip for doing homework is to set an estimated time to do each homework task. Be realistic and let the student know the importance of time management. This can be a bit harsh on the child initially, however gradually you will see them performing exceptionally well and completing all the tasks on time with utmost ease.

6. Create a Call List

Applying these homework strategies for students is only possible if your child brings home the entire homework in their diary. What if your child often forgets what homework was assigned to him or her? Or he or she forgets to take note of it? 

Well, in that case, as a parent, ensure to make a list of 3 to 4 classmates your child can call in case they forget an assignment. However, your child must also know that this strategy is only applicable sometimes and not always. As this could make your child dependable over other kids and careless about noting any homework assignment. 

7. Develop Confidence

More than said than not, children are like flowers. When things don’t get something right, they often feel they are either not smart enough or lack confidence. This can trigger negative thoughts in them and make them shut down for a while. Therefore, as a parent, you need to look for ways to make homework fun and help them build confidence. 

You may try complementing your child like, “Hey! You solved all the problems so quickly! Good job. Now let’s take on the next task and see you do that equally well.” This will boost their morale and help them work more efficiently and confidently.

8. Let the Positive Feedback Flow In

Another strategy for doing homework is to keep the positive feedback coming. Little students doing their best at work need compliments more often than we think. You may give them positive feedback and let them know that they are doing a good job and shall continue doing them. 

You may use phrases like, “Ah! What beautiful handwriting.”, “Hey! You managed to get those spellings correct this time. Good job!”, “I see some new vocabulary being used, amazing. Why don’t you keep learning new words and use them? You are so good at it.”

9. Breaks

Let’s not get too harsh on them for doing the homework quickly always. We aren’t that ruthless, are we? Give your child short breaks in between to help them recharge better and perform nicely. This is one homework tip that we forget but should keep in mind as the students have a lot to learn and retain in their minds. Little breaks in between do not hurt anyone. 

10. Let Them Express

Your child might not be hitting the chord at times. The best idea is to let them vent and hear them out. As a parent, it is a paramount duty to listen to your child. You may start like, “You sound upset. Is there any way I can help you?”, “You seem to have a lot of homework and something doesn’t feel right. 

Would you like to share?”, “You want me to help with your homework so that we can complete it on time?”. Such phrases may help your child feel understood and help them open up about their feelings. They might look out for your suggestions and may perform even better than thought.

It is essential to keep in mind that every child is different and they all have different needs. They may need your guidance to do a little of the tasks in life. Homework is one of them. Apparently, doing the homework is not just the responsibility of the parents and the students, but also the teachers. 

The teachers must motivate the students instead of scaring them about the consequences of not doing them. A little motivation goes a long way for the kids. 


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FAQs on Homework

How Can I Make Homework Less Stressful?

Start by making a list of all the tasks that need to be completed. Gather all the gears before sitting down. The earlier you complete your homework after reaching your home, the less stressed you will be for the rest of the day.

What Homework Should I Do First?

Each student likes to have a different approach. You may either start with your favorite subject to start the momentum right. Or you may start by doing the hardest subject first so that you can ease a bit by the end. It’s an individual choice. However, in both ways you get your homework done efficiently.

How Can I Do Homework Effectively?

Start your day with meditation, make a to-do list, drink plenty of water, and focus. Your focus and calm mind can help you do your homework effectively and easily.

How Do I Motivate Myself to Do Homework?

Set goals and start with your favorite subjects. Know what you like to do the best and this shall keep you motivated always.

Should I Do Homework Hardest to Easiest?

You may start with the hardest if you like so that you are motivated to complete the homework on time by the end.

Deepa Chandrashekar

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