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New Educational Frameworks In International Primary Schools In Bangalore

Sonaman Bandoghati
Jul 30, 2021
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Globalization is a significant marvel that has influenced the whole world in the current era. With regard to International schools in Bangalore, global educational frameworks and methods have taken education in the city to new heights. There is more emphasis on grooming young citizens who will grow into budding members of the society, who are prepared to confront real world problems. 

There is an enormous surge in the interest for learning the English language, developing the prominence of global schools in the country. While the essential points of our evolved educational structure are to foster in students the culture of responsibility towards the society they live in and  to characterize and seek after a significant reason when doing so, international schooling has ensured to give rise to budding citizens of the future. 

International schools in Bangalore see an influx of a number of International students as well as local students

With a number of International schools in Bangalore to choose from, it is hard to sometimes decide on the best curriculum of education  given the number of frameworks these schools offer. To be competitive enough to match  International curriculums such as the IB and IGCSE, top  schools in Bangalore have improvised their  CBSE curriculums with an International approach. 

How has the International primary curriculum broadened students' minds?

In regards to the primary school level in our country, we have poured an extensive amount of resources into the infrastructure of exceptional facilities, which help in guiding students through a wholesome method of imparting knowledge and a structure which ensures discipline and ability to learn engagingly and continuously. The International schooling system in this city has ensured national and International students alike are catered to with a global education framework.

International Schooling facilities  ensure  students have access to

● State of the art facilities

● Cultural diversity and inclusion 

● A broader perspective on the concept of education

● A pedagogy that is trained in more than just academics

● Wholesome growth of a student.

All these facilities and opportunities are offered to students to ensure a prominent growth pattern in the future, where students are open to  a broader perspective of the world .

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The Effects of a primary school are everlasting

According to a study by the University of London , children at the tender age of 1-5 are greatly influenced by the teachings of primary school. Even the values being inculcated at home do not take precedence over the morals taught at school. This is owing to the fact that not one child but a group of children follow the same set of values. 

Children usually follow by example and are highly influenced by what is going on around them . The environment created at a primary school, specially in modern times assures that they imbibe the correct knowledge and are able to learn from their mistakes.  The framework of a primary education is without a doubt pre-imperative for the progressive evolution of society.

Objective of primary education

The principal objective of primary education is to bring mindfulness among the students. It should provide children the opportunity to grow exponentially in a holistic sense alongside a value system that encourages self-improvement..To contend with the world, children at this level of schooling are guided to confidently maneuver through these foundational years of education. 

From the age of five, children move on from a house oriented environment  to a disciplined classroom setup, which allows them to connect with the outside world in a controlled and organized way and prepares them for their secondary and high school years. 

The role of primary education is to guarantee the advancement of a student and give him a strong foundation. This advancement fosters a positive social, psychological and social demeanor  among students and gives them the skills that are needed in this era. In order to receive an  education of quality , it is vital for a child to attend  a pre-school and primary school in a sound, disciplined educational environment.

The Essential aims and objectives of primary education 

To develop a sense of individual identity

This level of schooling is formulated to help a student realize his value and presence as an individual.

To develop a student into a responsible citizen of the society

This educational framework is meant to teach children to be  a functional thriving member of a society. 

Wholesome development of children

Primary school means to help children evolve into human beings with a good moral character, effective personal traits and strong values. This also involves promoting spiritual awareness, and societal accountability and cultural diversity among children.

The opportunity to learn additional skills

In addition to Literacy, Maths and Science , students are allowed to explore personal skills through different  avenues like  sports and talents like singing , dancing and music.

What is at the center of an International Primary school?  

International schools in Bangalore with global curriculums put continuous effort behind guiding children to follow a systematic and logical way of thinking with the freedom of questioning and having their own opinion. 

Children are taught to accomplish daily activities in order to advance their abilities effectively. This is to ensure that students later possess the ability as citizens of the world  to accomplish demanding tasks and complex problems. Children are taught  to confront the difficulties presented by the  mechanical turn of events in the world and to avoid negative outcomes.

Primary schooling facilities should ensure secure and positive conditions  are provided to students , where viable learning is able to  occur. A primary school empowers its students  to make companions and in unison  advance their rationalizing and critical thinking abilities. 

Primary schools should encourage group activities to enable effective ways of promoting quick learning. In short, a primary education will support your children's self-assurance and offer your child the abilities they need for  long term  success in this challenging yet fruitful  world.

Sonaman Bandoghati

I, Sonaman Bandoghati have 5 years of teaching experience. I have been working in GIIS, Whitefield for the past 2 years.  Working at GIIS has been a boon to my life where I got ample opportunities & treasured learning experience under the guidance of great mentors.

I am a dedicated, resourceful and goal-driven professional educator with a solid commitment to the social and academic growth and development of every child. I am also committed to creating a classroom atmosphere that is stimulating and encouraging to students. I aim to create a fun-filled environment ensuring the entire learning process becomes a joyful experience for the students. I believe in establishing cooperative, professional relationships with parents, staff and administration.

I have been awarded the GIIS Star Teacher Award 2021-22, have been elected the Employee of the month 2021-22 & twice been awarded the Kaizen Certificate of Recognition (for including technology-driven LP), I have been appreciated by all the co-ordinators of Whitefield Campus for Conceptualizing & developing the entire creative content for GSF 2021 & RWCC India, 2022 mega-events.

I have also been elected the Employee of the month 2020-21 for my sincerity, dedication and passion for my profession. I have received an appreciation letter from Principal Sir for the creative content of Annual Day 2020-21.

My Vision as a teacher-

I aim towards creating future global citizens by nurturing young minds. I believe in reskilling and upskilling oneself as technology demands. "Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher." My dream as a teacher is to bestow my students with that one day!

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