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Bangalore Montessori schools in Bannerghatta

Sonaman Bandoghati
Sep 24, 2021
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Do you stay in the vicinity of Bannerghatta and are actively looking for admissions for your little one? Then here is a blogpost that will give you an idea about Bangalore Montessori Schools in Bannerghatta and how their robust curricula can benefit your child.

Let's Begin by Understanding Why Schools in Bannerghatta Prefer the Montessori Approach

As a parent, I am sure you would have heard about the wonderful curriculum called the Montessori which many parents rave about and you might want to explore it further in order to make decisions for your child's future. 

True to its reputation, Montessori is indeed one of the most renowned curricula that has a unique framework designed to help your child understand key concepts of pre-school lessons in a highly engaging environment. 

The uniqueness is derived from the fact that children are active participants who use their self-initiation and imagination to solve puzzles and academic activities with the help of tools and materials that are specially made to help them understand the logic behind the theory. 

The Montessori curriculum also imbibes values like discipline, diversity and confidence in every child and lays the foundation to attain success in future endeavours.

Key Features of a Bangalore Montessori School

Top schools in Bangalore now adapt to a collaborative approach when it comes to educating children. The reason why this is being practised is because it enables a young child to understand that  he has an identity inside the classroom where he is respected and considered as an equal. 

This aspect enhances their confidence and awareness about themselves and nudges them to explore without the fear of being ridiculed and laughed at. This key feature lays the foundation for many learnings in their Montessori preschool years.

Top 5 Features of Schools in Bannerghatta, Bangalore

1. A Diverse Environment

As parents, we all wish for our children to have exceptional communication and interaction skills to make sure they have enough opportunities to socialise and make friends. We also wish for our children to have intelligent conversations that can pave the way for better outcomes in all areas of life. 

A diverse environment inside a Montessori school is the perfect way to start your child's language developmental process and communication skills. 

International schools in Bannerghatta have children from different backgrounds and cultures under the same classroom roof and this is a wonderful start to diversify their thought process and to help them understand the importance of a community.

2. A Highly Engaging Platform

Some might wonder why a typical Montessori classroom is not too messy and noisy? The reason behind this is that children in a Montessori classroom find their activities so engaging and stimulating that their complete concentration is focused on exploration and discovery. 

The stimulation that the Montessori tools provide engage the children in positive learning and creates an atmosphere of creativity and some serious fun. When a child enters such a classroom, she is eager to start off her day with more interesting activities that will give her more confidence and make her feel good at the same time.

3. A Multi-Age Classroom

A Montessori classroom has multi -aged children between years 3 to 6. Nursery, KG 1 and KG 2 are integrated into one classroom and this leads to a good mix of students with different skill sets. The elder children act as guides and helpers towards the younger ones and the younger children learn through observing their seniors. 

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4. Facilities to Cater To the 21st Century Learning Methods

Considering all the developments and innovations in the technological sector, it is only fair that schools introduce these methods of learning and teaching at a young age so that children are ready for a futuristic environment. 

Best Montessori schools in Bannerghatta road have smart classrooms, Montessori and virtual learning labs which can be a wonderful way to teach your child new and interesting methods of learning and provide them a global environment exposure.

5. Extracurricular Activities To Help Children Attain Key Skills

Some of the best Bangalore Montessori schools in Bannerghatta follow a unique curriculum that stresses on the importance of extracurricular activities in a child's formative years. 

These activities are a form of self-expression and can be a great way to overcome shyness and social awkwardness. It also imbibes key skills like critical thinking, team spirit and collaboration among peer groups.

What Are Some Crucial Things To Remember While Looking for Montessori Schools in Bannerghatta?

1. It is imperative to understand that a child's education should be a collaborative effort between the student, parent and the teacher. Therefore, a school that follows an open door policy where parents are given enough opportunities to get an insight of their child's development inside the school should be your first choice.

2. Flexibility in learning and teaching should be adapted by all preschool teachers to cater to the individual needs of each child. Every child has different needs and unique qualities that must be integrated in order to enhance the learning process effectively.

3. A safe and secure environment is a must in every school that a child attends. Therefore, a campus visit will give you all the information you need with regard to the measures adapted to provide a safe environment to all children.


These were some wonderful aspects of a Bangalore Montessori School in the Bannerghatta road school belt. You can shortlist at least three schools that offer the world renowned Montessori curriculum and visit their campuses before you make a decision. 

While you are going through this process, it is also important to prepare your child for a preschool environment. Trying to change their routine to that of the school's timing will be a great start to help them transition smoothly from a home environment to that of a school environment. 

And do remember to introduce them to their new school and its landmarks before they begin their educational journey.

Sonaman Bandoghati

I, Sonaman Bandoghati have 5 years of teaching experience. I have been working in GIIS, Whitefield for the past 2 years.  Working at GIIS has been a boon to my life where I got ample opportunities & treasured learning experience under the guidance of great mentors.

I am a dedicated, resourceful and goal-driven professional educator with a solid commitment to the social and academic growth and development of every child. I am also committed to creating a classroom atmosphere that is stimulating and encouraging to students. I aim to create a fun-filled environment ensuring the entire learning process becomes a joyful experience for the students. I believe in establishing cooperative, professional relationships with parents, staff and administration.

I have been awarded the GIIS Star Teacher Award 2021-22, have been elected the Employee of the month 2021-22 & twice been awarded the Kaizen Certificate of Recognition (for including technology-driven LP), I have been appreciated by all the co-ordinators of Whitefield Campus for Conceptualizing & developing the entire creative content for GSF 2021 & RWCC India, 2022 mega-events.

I have also been elected the Employee of the month 2020-21 for my sincerity, dedication and passion for my profession. I have received an appreciation letter from Principal Sir for the creative content of Annual Day 2020-21.

My Vision as a teacher-

I aim towards creating future global citizens by nurturing young minds. I believe in reskilling and upskilling oneself as technology demands. "Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher." My dream as a teacher is to bestow my students with that one day!

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