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Remember these things when you are looking for a Bangalore school admission?

Rupali Karekar
Jul 30, 2021
Admission Tips

Children are the most vulnerable parts of society. They learn through people that surround them and their environment. There is a saying that goes, “children are like wet cement, whatever falls on them, stays on them.” Keeping this attribute in mind, when the parents living in Bangalore search for ‘best nursery school near me’, they should also learn what values are being taught to their toddlers in class, because that is where they will spend most of their time during the day

The children, especially nursery kids, need to be taught about how they must treat others, with utmost respect and start to empathize with their fellow classmates and people they meet and see every day.

Nursery Schools make a world of difference to the child’s perception of the world, and it is during this time when their personalities are starting to mould.

Before parents look for Bangalore school admissions in best nursery schools near them, they must ensure these schools treat each child as a unique individual.

Why has teaching the right values become crucial for young children in this time and age?

Not just equality, there are many values that young children need to learn as they grow up, they have to learn how to treat others and themselves with respect.

Some of the values that facilitate learning equality and acceptance of diversity in and out of the classroom, need to be taught effectively. There are certain ways to do so, and they are as follows:-

1. The nursery must be accessible to all children and families in the local community and further afield through a comprehensive and inclusive admissions policy.

2. The school must be responsible for setting clear rules in regards to how people should be treated. Regardless of their age.

3. They must challenge negative attitudes at all times.

4. The nursery must treat all staff and students equally, so that the students learn to do better outside the classroom.

5. By creating an all-inclusive culture for students and their staff.

6. Are mindful that the policies do not discriminate against anyone.

7. The school must plan lessons that reflect the diversity of the classroom, so the students feel represented.

8. The schools must watch what the students do and emphasize on roles based on their actions, not how they or their families look.

What are the various kinds of learning methods best nursery schools near me  use in schools?

Promoting equality and diversity in the classroom need not be a challenge and is something that all children should be familiar with from an early age. Equality and Diversity that can help you promote a fairer, more tolerant and more diverse schooling environment.

The school must do their best to avoid stereotypes in their examples and resources.

Before opting for a Bangalore school admission, it is necessary to choose a school which actively promotes multiculturalism in lessons to intensify the teachings of equality.

1. The schools must mix up students of different potentials and identities to learn together and from each other.

2. Making sure that the school has learning materials that do not discriminate against anyone and are adapted where necessary.

3. The teachers should read non-traditional stories and story books, and inculcate varied learning from those stories.

4. It is essential to use resources as per multi-cultural themes, to eradicate discrimination.

5. The nursery school must use a variety of teaching methods to cater to all kinds of student learning behaviours.

6. The school must also have a variety of assessment methods, so that they create an environment of effective learning, and not just written and oral evaluations.

These practices ensure beneficial understanding of inclusivity in diversity by compelling the students to learn by being more open-minded and accepting of people of all faiths, ethnicities and cultures.

The guiding principle should be that every child matters, and to that end we need to recognise the social, economic, cultural diversity of our society and to ensure that no-one feels excluded when they attend nursery school on whatever grounds.

How can inequality be stifled at its root? What role do pre-schools and nurseries play to do the same?

The issues raised within the area of education in relation to aspects of equal relations are multidimensional and complex. The child may not consciously understand the difference in the very beginning of their educational journeys. 

However, in order to accomplish equality in preschools and schools, equality therefore needs to be looked at and studied in a multi-dimensional way and enough emphasis should be placed on this very important aspect.

The Preschools are multi-contextual in terms of communication, so that they are widely understood, and in every communicative event, the schools can ensure to bring in equality as an area that needs to be challenged or reproduced, accordingly. 

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Schools should aim at bringing about a change in attitudes and therefore highlighting the need for knowledge about how inclusivity is a part of education. 

The nurseries need to ensure they are not failing to challenge stereotypes, and that they are not routinely separating boys and girls. This means that consciously thinking about stereotyping is a part of their statutory duty. It’s crucial for children to develop their interests and they should all be made to feel like nothing is out of their reach. 

It is the school’s responsibility to make sure that personal and social circumstances – for example gender, socio-economic status or ethnic origin – should not be an obstacle to achieving educational potential amongst students.

Why is this important to know? How do the parents understand if differentiation is prevalent in their schools?

Parents, while checking for the ‘Best Nursery Schools near me’ must check if the schools affect differentiation via the first two primary sources, namely, teachers and fellow students. Teachers and classmates directly influence differentiation by providing certain students with different learning opportunities and feedback. Upon entering school, children encounter large numbers of peers, many of whom model traditional conservative behaviour, producing and reinforcing the content of unequal stereotypes. 

Teachers and classmates are also sources of learning about equality. Teachers present curricular materials that contain stereotypic behaviour, and the peers may exhibit stereotypic attitudes and behaviour. Children internalize these certain stereotypes and prejudices, which in turn guide their own preferences and behaviours in and out of the school environment; Thus, affecting the student’s judgements of people and environments.

This is a reminder to Parents, to raise inclusive and open-minded children who are seeking Bangalore school admissions; where education in nursery schools enthusiastically welcome change and provide a global platform for their students. Other than quality education, the schools must strive to raise quality individuals from the very beginning.

Rupali Kaerkar

Ms Karekar comes with over 20 years experience in content writing and content strategy in fields from journalism and content marketing. As head of international communications, she has been actively interacting with stakeholders like the student, teacher and parent community to ensure open channels of dialogue and passage of information between all parties. As a result, the school initiatives and stakeholder performances find the right platform and voice to share their achievements.

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