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The Search for the Best CBSE School for your Child in Bangalore

Bhawna Arora
Jul 30, 2021
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The significant changes that transpired through the years in shaping up the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to its current status, are marked by a trail of advancements. The first Board, the U P Board of High School and Intermediate Education, was established in 1921. Rajputana, Central India, and Gwalior were under its control. 

In response to the Government of the United Provinces' request, the then-Government of India proposed establishing a combined board for all districts in 1929, known as the 'Board of High School and Intermediate Education, Rajputana.' Ajmer, Mewar, Central India, and Gwalior were among the places. The Board has seen rapid growth and expansion at the secondary level, resulting in higher educational quality and standards in institutions.

However, with the establishment of State Universities and State Boards in other regions of the country, the Board's jurisdiction was later limited to Ajmer, Bhopal, and Vindhya Pradesh. As a result, the Board's constitution was changed in 1952, and its jurisdiction was expanded and the Board's current title of 'Central Board of Secondary Education' was assigned to it. The Board of Directors was finally recreated in 1962. The major goals were to better serve educational institutions.

Understand the Objectives of the Best CBSE School in Bangalore

1. Define suitable approaches to academic activities so that all children receive a stress-free, child-centered, and comprehensive education without sacrificing quality.

2. To collect input from various stakeholders in order to examine and monitor the quality of academic activities.

3. Control and coordinate the implementation of the Board's various academic and training programs; organize academic activities and supervise other agencies involved in the process; develop norms for the implementation of various academic activities, including addressing quality issues.

4. Adapt and develop new ways for achieving academic success while adhering to psychological, pedagogical, and societal norms.

5. Encourage to keep track of students' progress in a way that is both teacher and student pleasant.

6. Propose strategies for achieving quality standards in school education that are consistent with national objectives.

7. To offer a variety of capacity-building and empowerment programs for teachers in order to keep their professional skills up to date.

8. To establish examination circumstances and hold public exams at the end of Class X and XII. To issue qualifying certificates to successful students from associated schools.

9. To meet the educational needs of students whose parents worked in transferrable occupations.

10. Prescribe and amend the examination course of instruction.

Importance of the Best CBSE School Education

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is India's main educational board for school-aged children. Every year, this board of education holds the All-India Senior School Certificate Examination for students who have completed twelfth grade, and this examination acts as a foundation for them to seek higher education once they have graduated from high school. Here is why CBSE schools are preferred over the others.

1. Popularity

The All-India Secondary School Examination, or AISSE (Class X), and the All-India Senior School Certificate Examination, or AISSCE, are held by the board (Class XII). Since many private sector professionals are also migrating from place to place, a number of private schools in Bangalore in  have begun to provide CBSE. The CBSE curriculum is well-structured, predictable, and well-controlled. This syllabus is followed in all national entrance tests.

2. Maintaining Uniformity

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) has recognized CBSE with the goal of operating a network of central schools (Kendriya Vidyalaya) to serve government personnel in transferrable occupations. A vast number of schools across India are connected with CBSE. Regular candidates from CBSE schools, as well as private applicants from non-affiliated institutions, are allowed to sit for the exams.

3. Compact Syllabus

When compared to other boards, the CBSE syllabus is simpler, owing to fewer topics and a more compact structure. Environmental Education is not a mandatory secondary subject in the CBSE curriculum. Physics, Chemistry, and Biology are examples of science disciplines, while History, Geography, and Civics are examples of social science disciplines. It also incorporates additional topical information into the national curriculum.

How to Find the Best CBSE School in Bangalore?

Bangalore is renowned as India's Silicon Capital, with a plethora of IT/ITES, BPOs, and Software Parks strewn over the city. Silicon City is also known for having some of the top educational institutions in the world, which give students with high-quality education. There are numerous schools, colleges, and universities that offer tutoring services to students. However, a child's early years of solid schooling are critical for him or her to thrive and grow in his or her future ambitions.

Now that we've established the importance of CBSE, it is crucial to pick the best CBSE school. Here are some parameters to choose the best CBSE school Bangalore.



Parameters for the Best CBSE School

1. Well planned Curriculum 

The top CBSE schools in Bangalore choreograph all elements of providing education beyond academics. The program is well-designed for kids in kindergarten through high school. An integrated curriculum pattern that improves learning skills and accumulates vital knowledge is followed at every stage of the academic transition.

2. Well-equipped classrooms and institutional Infrastructure

The best CBSE schools in Bangalore are dedicated to offering cutting-edge facilities and educational resources in order to give high-quality education. Modernized resources, fully-equipped scientific laboratories, math labs, and computer labs are all present in the classrooms. A well-stocked library aids in the acquisition of knowledge by students.


A school quality assessment and assurance (SQAA) is a mechanism that incorporates a systematic review and helps CBSE schools in Bangalore provide quality learning. It attempts to improve continuously through self-evaluation, self-analysis, and self-monitoring, all of which are necessary for a high-quality learning process. It brings together educators, teachers, educational panels, leaders, and students to effect meaningful change in education that represents qualitative excellence.

4. The School's Mission and Vision

Top CBSE Schools in Bangalore strive to provide students with well-designed chosen options by combining information, talents, and values together. In addition, encouraging creativity and creative learning methods in which students recognize their responsibilities and contribute to society.

5. Pedagogy

Teachers are the backbone of the best CBSE schools, and their teaching methods demonstrate a fresh learning concept for pupils. To provide a proper journey and a futuristic academic path for the kids, all teachers must achieve the highest academic requirements and have a high degree of competence.

6. Fees of International School 

It is no surprise that quality education comes with a certain cost i.e. International School Bangalore's Fee. When looking for CBSE syllabus, international schools in Bangalore, it's also crucial to grasp the fee structure before applying. The cost structure for fresh admission to the finest schools in Bangalore is separated according to the school's CBSE academic programs. The final fee amount includes the Registration fees, Admission costs, tuition fees, and other expenses.

One such school in Bangalore is the Global Indian International School. GIIS is a multi-award-winning institution that emphasizes 21st-century skills in its curriculum. In Bangalore, the GIIS group of international schools' places equal emphasis on personality and skill development as well as academic performance.

The fundamental objective of GIIS' Bangalore schools is to mold students into global citizens and system role models. This Bangalore international school's fee is transparent and retains as the most affordable school fee structure and thus the most sought after International schools in Bangalore. The Global Indian International school fees is conveniently classified into registration fees, admission fees, and tuition fees.

Bhawna Arora

I Bhawna Arora who wants to inspire and empower young minds to know, do, and be more. I have 20 years of teaching experience of working with Pre–primary children and I have been working in GIIS, Whitefield Bangalore for past 4 years. 

As a Pre-Primary teacher, my focus is to have effective classroom management, with lots of creativity and also constantly implementing new ideas and expand the old ones to keep the learning environment fresh and engaging for students.

I have been awarded twice the Best Functional Classroom Award consecutively in past and also been elected the Employee of the month 2021.

As an individual, I see lot of potential in every student I meet and hope to create lot of good and unforgettable memories in their mind of their childhood.

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