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What is the Right Age to Start a Preschool for Kids - All You Need to Know

Melissa Maria
Dec 24, 2021
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Determining the correct age for your child to start preschool is quite important, and it necessitates a great deal of thought and consideration on the part of the parents. 

While most preschools in Bangalore enroll children between the ages of three and four, there is no predetermined optimal age because there are other aspects besides children's age that affect the appropriate age to start preschool for your child.

If your child is approaching or has passed the age of three, you may be wondering if they are ready to begin preschool. Choosing whether or not your child is ready for preschool is a major decision, but there are some essential factors to consider, which are listed here.

At What Age Is a Child Ready To Go to a Preschool in Bangalore?

Every parent struggles with determining the appropriate preschool age for their children. It's understandable because as a parent, you constantly want to offer your child the best. 

The majority of preschools in Bangalore admit children who are at least two and a half years old, but this does not mean that every kid can start as soon as they reach this age. 

We all desire a speedy solution to this universal problem that every parent will confront at some point in their lives. 

However, it's important to remember that age isn't the only aspect that determines when a child is ready for preschool. Not only physically, but also socially and emotionally, each child develops at an unique rate. Hence, all factors should be considered carefully.

Is Your Child Prepared To Go to a Preschool in Bangalore?

Your child going to preschool means spending a couple of hours away from you. In other words, since you won't be present to assist your child with his or her usual routine, such as washing hands after playing, drinking water, and sleeping alone, your child will need to practice some basic self-care.

You'll need to make sure your child is prepared for preschool on all levels. He or she may be physically and emotionally prepared, but social skills may be lacking. 

Commuting to preschool would entail engaging with other children. Here are a few factors to consider while deciding whether or not your child is ready for preschool.

Factors To Consider Before Sending Your Child to Bangalore International School for Preschool Education

1. Basic Self-Reliant Skills

When your child starts preschool, you can expect a little self-reliance from them. For example, you should assess whether your child is capable of performing basic tasks alone, such as eating, drinking, using the restroom, sleeping alone, and so on.

2. Comfortable around Others

Children often do not feel safe when their parents are not present, partly because you have always been present with them. If you have a babysitter, for example, it will most likely not be a problem for your child to attend preschool for a couple of hours while you are gone.

3. Group Activities

Preschool offers a variety of group activities in which all children are required to participate. Interaction with other children will, of course, aid in the acquisition of new skills. 

However, such group activities may be tough for children under the age of three, who are usually full of energy and eager to try new things. If they aren't used to it yet, you can start introducing them to group activities.

4. Physical Stamina for Preschool

A preschool is an active environment, with activities such as art and painting, field trips, and a playground to enjoy, among others, which requires a lot of physical movement. If he or she is still not at that level, or if he or she does not want to move from one activity to the next, or if he or she still takes frequent naps, it may not be time for preschool.

5. Maintaining a Routine

Children are more comfortable with routines, which is why preschools normally follow a regulated timetable - circle time, play time, snack time, playground, and ultimately lunch. If your child does not follow a consistent pattern, this is something you need to work on before they begin preschool.

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6. Solo Player

In addition to group activities, preschool provides a variety of solitary arts and crafts activities that require a high level of focus and concentration. If your child enjoys working on puzzles or sketching on his own at home, it's a good sign that he or she will have no trouble at preschool.

7. Health Condition

 Another aspect to consider is your child's health status. Take time to consider whether he or she is susceptible to infection or prone to becoming sick easily before deciding to send them to preschool. If your child is prone to disease such as ear infections or bronchitis, it is best to delay enrolling them in preschool.

8. Transitions

The majority of Bangalore International schools follow a set timetable for their preschool program. Children are required to be able to transition seamlessly from one activity to the next, for example, from carpet time to playground, craft time, and snack time. 

Transitioning is something you'll want to work on before your child attends preschool if they're not great at it, especially when they are immersed in an activity they enjoy. Moving from one activity to the next as a class is a crucial skill for preschoolers to learn.

9. Following Instructions

Preschool doesn't have a lot of rules, but it is anticipated that your child can follow simple instructions. Preschoolers are typically expected to clean up after themselves, follow food guidelines, walk in a line with the rest of the class, and perform a variety of other tasks.

If you suspect that these needs will be difficult to meet, begin assigning your preschooler little duties that they can complete on their own, such as setting the dinner table or assisting with the mail delivery. The routine is more vital than the job itself. Choose easy tasks that can be accomplished on a daily basis.


Most of the time, you won't need to do anything special to prepare your child for preschool because the abilities required are ones that most children naturally develop around the preschool age.

However, a few months before enrolling them in a preschool programme in a Bangalore International School, it might be beneficial to revisit essential preschool skills (such as hand washing, toileting, associating with peers, separating from adults, and following directions), especially if you find that some of these skills are lacking.

Melissa Maria

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