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Why should parents consider CBSE Curriculum while selecting the best Bangalore International School?

Ashwani Kumar Saxena
Jul 30, 2021
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Right from the time when children start their formal education, it becomes a concern for parents to choose the best education board in the initial years as it defines their overall development. 

Choosing a board or curriculum for your child can be a tedious task and it has to be done after careful consideration. So here we have jotted down some of the reasons why parents should consider CBSE while selecting the education board in a Bangalore International School

About CBSE

The Central Board of Secondary Education is popularly known as CBSE and is considered to be the one of the most prestigious educational boards in India.


1. It is a standardised school curriculum offered in 24 countries across the world. 

2. Out of 100, 90 schools in India follow CBSE board.

3. IIT accepts 60% students from CBSE, 10% from ICSE, 28% from State Boards and 2% from other schools.

International Recognition

CBSE offers a well-researched syllabus which matches the international standard. It is universally accepted and a certificate or degree is valid worldwide. Many countries like Singapore, Russia, Africa and the Middle East have CBSE Schools

Cumulative Approach

CBSE follows a cumulative approach for its syllabus, which means there is a continuity and link to previous topics studied so it helps the student in remembering the concepts easily and they are able to construct new ideas on strong foundations.

Core Subjects

CBSE curricula mainly focuses on core subjects like mathematics and science, which makes it easier for the students to concentrate on subjects that may help them prepare for competitive exams.

Competitive Entrance Examinations

India's competitive entrance examinations like IIT-JEE, PMT,NDA, CDS and other Defense and Civil Services follow CBSE patterns so if a child decides to study abroad at any time, CBSE curriculum won't be any hindrance to pursuing further education. 

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Choosing CBSE curriculum and its benefits

In comparison to other curriculums, CBSE has a lot of benefits which we have listed  below. 

● It helps in developing holistic individuals and uses an integrated approach to instil values in students.

● The evaluation method is based on co-scholastic activities such as  life skills, attitudes and values, co-curricular activities, health and physical education.

● CBSE is considered to be student friendly and the best CBSE school Bangalore has a student-centred program that makes the learning innovative and engaging for the student.

● In case you want to switch to different CBSE schools in another state or country; since the board is common, the curriculum does not change.

● CBSE also has a curriculum that is related to the job which helps students in mastering the skill and technical knowledge required for the same.

● CBSE is recognised by the Indian government. 

● It is recognized by the National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT). 

● CBSE Bangalore International School follows a scientific approach in assessment where students have to appear for only 1 exam per subject which relieves them from exam stress and lets them enjoy the subject and  concepts.

● Since many schools in India are affiliated to CBSE, it becomes very easy for parents to change cities, in case of job transfer, where they can easily get their children admitted to a bangalore international school compared to other boards.

● The CBSE board allows students to prepare for exams privately (not enrolled in school) while other boards allow students who are enrolled in schools affiliated to them.

● CBSE focuses equally on English and Hindi languages compared to other boards where they focus on only English.

● The CBSE board follows an international approach to examination pattern and evaluation system which helps students to gain advantage during their higher studies in future.

● Children can't fail a class until 8th grade.

● CBSE Board exams are optional in 10th grade and mandatory in 12th grade.

● It is a popular choice for students who want to study traditional engineering or medicine.

CBSE Exams and Assessment

Like other boards, CBSE does not have three exams throughout the year. Their evaluation system is different.

CBSE introduced the CCE pattern 2009-10. Where continuous indicates that the assessment needs to be done every day so that difficulties faced by students can be diagnosed regularly. Comprehensive indicates that the evaluation should cover all aspects cognitive, emotional and functional.

The assessment is conducted throughout the year in the form of Formative Assessments (FA) and one exam called the Summative Assessment (SA) which is conducted at the end.

In GIIS, best cbse school bangalore FA is a part of the guidance process undertaken by the teachers, with an objective of enhancing the student's understanding and competency. It provides valuable feedback to both teachers and students. It includes student's performance, classwork, homework, submission of projects, and the active participation in various activities etc.

SA is a part of the grading process usually done at the end of the term. It is a 3 hour written test in order to check the knowledge of the students as to what they have learnt. 

Benefits of CBSE Bangalore International School Evaluation system

● Making the learning process student-friendly.

● Reducing the difficulty level of learning.

● Diagnosing Learning Difficulties.

● Promoting Remedial Learning.

● Emphasizing Student self-evaluation.

● Reducing Stress and anxiety of a student.

● Reducing the dropout rate as there will be less fear of exams

● It prepares the student for life by making students physically fit, mentally alert and emotionally balanced.

CBSE curriculum is for a student's well-being, structured to reduce pressure and increase interest and interactive learning. It focuses on helping students learn vital life skills and most importantly, enjoy their education.

Your child would definitely benefit from studying the CBSE curriculum in Bangalore international school that offers a high quality value based education under the guidance of leading educators and  is known for achieving consistent better results year on year. 

If you also have a young mind at home for whom you are searching for the best cbse school bangalore, you must consider a good school to prepare your child for the fast-paced world of today.

Ashwani Kumar Saxena

Mr. Ashwani Kumar Saxena, Principal GIIS Whitefield is a passionate educator and an efficient school administrator with a rich experience of 28 years. His qualifications include MSc (Chemistry), MSc (IT), PGDCA, MBA (School Management) and a bachelor’s degree in education. He has visited some of the most reputed national & international educational institutes including Cambridge University, UK. He is accredited by University of Cambridge, UK to conduct Computer Science assessments. He holds a Residential CIE certification from Robinson College, Cambridge, UK. He is also an active Inspector of Schools to grant affiliation.

Having profound experience in the field of education, he has worked with various reputed schools pan across having national and international curricula including CBSE, ICSE, CIE and IB, holding important key profiles like School Administration, Curriculum Research & Development and has designed the School website, ICT based tools for teaching aids, academic audits, assessment techniques, resource management, data analysis & visualization, development of ERP as a multipurpose communication portal for Management, Staff, Student and Parents.

He believes that EDUCATION ILUMINATES WHAT LIES LATENT IN AN INDIVIDUAL, and educational institutions are the sanctuaries that guide the students to the sea of knowledge, skill, technique and information that prepares them to be global citizens of tomorrow.

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