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10 Tips for Parents to Make School Admission Interview a Success

Tusha T Nair
Jan 19, 2023
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Looking for admission in schools and wondering how to  succeed during the interview process? Read on to find the best tips to ace the interview.

Getting into a school isn't as simple as just deciding to go. You and your child must apply, which entails completing an application, taking a test, and preparing for an admission interview.

Interviews help the school to understand your child on a personal level in order to determine how well he/she will fit into their community. They have a profile of the student's abilities based on their transcripts, recommendations, and test results. 

They also want to see the person behind the numbers and accomplishments. Many people find the admissions process intimidating. 

The face-to-face interview, which is a crucial aspect of the application process, is one of the most critical parts. 

There are a few other things to think about in addition to remaining calm and poised and dressing nicely.

Here are 10 tips that will help your child with the interview during school admissions:

1. Prepare Ahead of Time

Because the interview is so important, make sure you arrange one well ahead of schedule. This also provides you time to prepare for the interview and go over some possible interview questions, as well as come up with some prospective interview questions to ask your interviewer.

2. Relax and Take a Deep Breath

A School admission interview can be nerve-wrecking, but it's nothing to be concerned about. Don't be afraid, and don't be concerned about how you sound or what questions they will ask; there are things to help you with all of this. 

Remember that nearly everyone is nervous during an interview. The admissions staff understands this and will do all the necessary things to make you feel at ease and relaxed.

It's important not to allow your nerves to get the best of you. Use your nerves to provide you with the natural edge and attentiveness you require to show yourself in the best light imaginable.

3. Be Yourself

Socially, be on your best behavior, but be yourself. While we all want to present ourselves in the best manner possible during interviews, it's crucial to remember that schools want to get to know you, not some perfectly poised robotic version of yourself that you believe the interviewer wants to see. 

Consider the positive. In general, the school will try to sell itself to you in the same way that you will try to sell yourself to it.

4. Make an Excellent First Impression

Remember that you want to make a strong first impression from the time you walk into the campus. Openly greet strangers by looking them in the eyes, shaking their hands, and saying hello. Don't slouch, don't whisper, and don't stare at the ground. 

A solid first impression is made by having good posture. This also applies to the interview itself. Sit up straight in your chair, without jittering or fidgeting. Never chew gum, bite your nails, or tug at your hair. 

Always be courteous and respectful. 'Thank you' and 'please' are always appreciated, and they go a long way toward demonstrating respect for authority, elders, and even classmates, if you meet other students.

5. Dress for Success

"What should I dress for my school interview?" is a typical question among students. Keep in mind that you're applying to the best schools in Bangalore, which typically have tight dress regulations and high expectations for its students.

You can't show up for the interview looking as if you simply rolled out of bed and don't actually care about the situation. Wear clothing that is comfortable, well-fitted and appropriate for the occasion. Look up the school's dress code and try to follow it as closely as possible. You should make sure you're dressed accordingly.


6. Pay attention

Pay attention to what is being said and the questions that are being asked. Is the information you're receiving what you want to hear, or is the school simply not right for you? Early on in the interview, you'll get a sense of it. The last thing you want to do during an interview is zone out and miss what the interviewer is saying.

7. Be Truthful

Honesty is an admirable personal attribute that schools look for in a candidate. Give honest responses. If you are not a top student, confess it and explain to the interviewer how you want to improve. 

They'll see your transcript, so keep that in mind. Interviewers appreciate honest assessments of one's skills and flaws. 

You will impress the interviewer with your positive attitude and approach to life if you can point to a struggle you faced in school, such as not comprehending quadratic mathematics, and how you overcame it. 

This relates to being truthful. You will learn more and learn more easily if you are honest and truthful.

8. Make Enquiries

Assert your knowledge of the school, its curriculum (GMP, CBSE, IGCSE), and its amenities. Find out how it can assist you in achieving your objectives. Determine how well the school's ideology aligns with your own. 

Don't feel obligated to ask questions merely to ask questions; instead, be sure to address the issues that you and your parents are interested in learning more about. 

You might, for example, be a linguist who wants to learn Mandarin. Enquire about the Chinese Studies programme, its faculty, and other details.

9. Be Thoughtful

Consider your response before responding. Avoid using words like 'like' and 'you know.' A lack of discipline and general sloppiness might be shown by poor speech habits. It is always permissible to use standard business English. 

That does not imply that you must suppress your individuality. If you're a free spirit, don't be afraid to show it. Communicate in a clear and persuasive manner. Make your points without being rude or overbearing.

10. Reflect

After the interview, make a list of your observations and compare them to those of your parents. You'll both want to talk to your consultant about these insights afterwards. 

Those recollections are crucial because they can help you figure out which school near you is the best fit for you.

To Conclude

Aside from that, do practice tests to familiarize your child with the interview/test setting. If you're having trouble, reach out to performance coaches; they'll assist you and your child in preparation for admission. 

School admissions can be stressful. You are trying to impress the school and put your best foot forward. This interaction, however, does not have to be one that keeps you awake at night.

Tusha T Nair

Tusha T Nair, MCA, BEd is a  compassionate, enthusiastic, student-minded Senior School  computer teacher  with 8+ years of experience in developing and promoting creativity and high-order thinking skills in  students  to increase their performances in XII CBSE Board while also managing and co-ordinating annual functions, trips, and other events at GIIS Whitefield.

She always assists and co-ordinates with the teachers regarding CBSE-related responsibilities and had also served as a CBSE Co-ordinator in the past.

Exhibiting exceptional ability to make meaningful contact with students and parents, Ms. Tusha specializes in making the students understand the practical aspect of Technology. She has also been recognized as School Innovation Ambassador By Ministry of Education Innovation Cell (MoE).

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