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All you Need to Know about Nursery Admission in the Best Schools of Bangalore

Seena S
Jul 30, 2021
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A good nursery school provides a solid foundation to very young children in order to get them ready to attend formal primary schooling. The environment in a nursery school fosters independence and helps children understand the importance of sharing and giving. 

It improves their communication and gives them a platform to express themselves individually without the guidance of their parents. These formative years teach children the basics of alphabets and numbers and concentrates on organised play and teaches children the importance of turn-taking while they take part in different activities.

With the help of their teachers and guides, children learn about the environment they live in and this also gives them the opportunity to realise that there are different kinds of people in our society who have different needs than their own kind.

Developmental skills 

Apart from this, young children also achieve early fine motor development milestones that help them do their daily activities like eating, drinking from a cup, stringing beads, holding crayons, colouring, drawing rough shapes and turning pages of a book etc..

For the first time in their lives, these toddlers spend a couple of hours everyday away from home and this gives them the opportunity to make their own decisions with regard to using the restroom, taking a bite from their snackbox when they are hungry or picking an activity that they are interested in working on. 

All these crucial milestones are necessary in order to proceed to KG1 and KG2 where they learn to write their first letters and numbers and other concepts of preschool education. These points can also help you determine the right age for nursery admission for your child.

Appropriate Age for Nursery Admission 

The typical age for nursery school is between 2.5 years and 3.5 years of age. This is the ideal age for a child to explore new boundaries and spaces and spend a little time away from home and familiar surroundings. 

Children of this age are often able to eat on their own and communicate with a few words or sentences. It is during this time that most children show an interest in mingling and playing with other children of their age. Considering all these parameters, a parent can decide when to opt for nursery schooling for their child.

Is Nursery Schooling mandatory?

Though nursery is not mandatory, it definitely helps the child develop important social skills that can be ideally provided by a school environment. Attending nursery school can help the child immensely during her KG1 and KG2 years as she is already familiar with a classroom setup and the relationship between the teacher and herself.  

Due to this familiarity, it will take a very short time for her to get acclimatized  at the beginning of the next new academic year. This also leads to better concentration in class which leads to better understanding of her lessons.

Can an emotionally dependent child start nursery school?

Some children might need constant reassurance for affection, approval and appreciation. Some might not seem like they are ready for nursery schooling and may be facing separation anxiety. 

Some children may express their anxiety by crying and clinging to their parents or they may withdraw into a shell and may seem very  shy to socialize. In Spite of these different emotions, most children eventually settle down and adjust to their surroundings within the first few weeks of schooling.

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What should an ideal nursery program offer? 

An ideal nursery school or preschool understands the anxieties of a child and the teacher plays the role of a supporting guide and uses tactful methods to welcome a child into her classroom with positivity and reinforcement. 

A nursery classroom should enable an environment that encourages independence  of the child. Children also learn best in a safe and friendly space therefore teachers should create a child centered environment where children are supported whenever needed. 

Children should also get a sense of belonging while inside her classroom and much of these attributes lie in the hands of the educator or the teacher. Schools should hire professional teachers who have a sound understanding of child development and emotional and physical milestones in order to understand the temperament of the child.

What should be inside a nursery classroom?

The classroom should be engaging and should provide activities that pique the interest of children. Classrooms should be well-ventilated with ample sunlight and the furniture should be child-friendly and the activities should be accessible to them easily where they can pick and choose without the help of their teachers.

The role of teachers in your child's life

Apart from the parents, the teacher plays a crucial part in the emotional development of a child. The teacher should teach all children equally irrespective of the child's cultural background, religion or his abilities. Positive reinforcement and an inclusive set up can foster healthy relationships among children and their peer groups.

Apart from this, the best schools in Bangalore also offer a state of the art campus to children even in the nursery group and there are specific spaces to cater to the needs of these children. Most international schools in Bangalore have virtual labs and smart classrooms to help children learn their concepts faster in an engaging environment.

Why should you choose one of the best schools in Bangalore?

The first year of  a child's schooling can be daunting and emotional and as a parent, you would want to provide a school that is safe and secure for your child. 

There are other crucial factors to consider like the facilities the school offers and the amount of extra curricular activities the school provides. This might not apply to a very young child but it will if you want to continue with the same school for a longer period of time. 

Schools that provide a holistic environment by imbibing unique frameworks and pedagogies go a long way in benefitting your child during her formative education years.

If you are doubtful about the nursery admission age, then you can visit the school and have a chat with the concerned department to get an idea if your child is ready yet.

Some of the best schools in Bangalore offer a Campus tour to help parents gauge the school in question and this can be a good ice-breaker both for you and your child with regard to finding the right school .

Seena S

My teaching approach is a perfect blend of theory and practical learning methodology. My teaching theories are mainly based on a teacher-centered approach versus a student-centered approach. In this style, teaching and assessment are viewed as two separate entities; student learning is measured through objectively scored tests and assessments. Weekly/alternatively assessments are undertaken in the class. In this style, teaching and assessment are viewed as two separate entities; student learning is measured through objectively scored tests and assessments. 

The teacher’s primary role is to coach and facilitate student learning and overall comprehension of material, and to measure student learning through both formal and informal forms of assessment, like group projects, student portfolios, and class participation. I divide my class into five to six groups. Peer correction, debate, preparation of question bank etc. enriches their knowledge about the subject. In the student-centered classroom, teaching and assessment are connected because student learning is continuously measured during teacher instruction.

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