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A Guide to Scholarship for High School Students

Shanthy Ranjith
Jul 30, 2021

A list of Do's and Don'ts for students when you are applying for some of the best High School Scholarships in Bangalore 

Scholarships for high school students

There is a misconception that scholarships for high school students are provided solely to those who do not have the financial means to pay their school tuition fees, however it is important to know that there are scholarships that are offered based on different skill sets and excellence in different fields like academics, sports, science, technology etc irrespective of your financial background.

In general, scholarships are a great way to add extra credibility to your resume when you are pursuing higher studies or looking for a job. It speaks on behalf of your goals and values and gives you that much needed boost to be among the top contenders for college seats and lucrative career opportunities.

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Best montessori schools in Bangalore offering Scholarships

Some of the best Montessori schools in Bangalore offer scholarships to preschoolers in Nursery, KG 1 and KG2, who fall under the academic excellence  criteria and whose families fall under  the low gross family income category. This can give a wonderful headstart to these gifted children who otherwise might never be able to study in a school with top notch facilities and world-class curriculum.

Curriculums like Montessori are usually offered by private schools in Bangalore unlike public schools that have a teacher centric pedagogy. By attaining a scholarship for a world-class curriculum, the child is assured to get a great foundation in academics in her formative years.

Parents of children who are of preschool age are advised to get in touch with these best Montessori schools in Bangalore a few months before the admission date to explore the possibilities of a Scholarship.

Other paperwork like Family income documents / tax assessment for the past two years for both parents should be kept ready during this process.

Ways to prepare for a scholarship for high school students

The first and foremost tip is to apply early for these scholarships. Some schools review applications on a first come first serve basis therefore you wouldn't want to miss out on a golden opportunity out of sheer laziness. A student who has done his research of probable scholarships and has all the relative records and paperwork in place, is bound to find more time while preparing for the scholarship interview.

Once you have recognised the scholarships for high school students, then the next step is to fill in the application thoroughly and make sure to write an impressive essay if the scholarship application insists on it. 

Scholarship Interview : The interview is one of the most important aspects while applying for scholarships. It is advisable to learn a little about the institution that is providing the scholarship and remember key points to talk about. Also, it is important to learn the art of introducing oneself. A well-handled introduction consists of general information about the candidate followed by his/her passions and interests in life. You can also talk about your goals for the future and about your hobbies in general.

Scholarship essay writing: A good essay usually consists of a strong opening title and paragraph. You can follow the general  format  of an essay that consists of an Introduction, body of the essay and conclusion. You can divide the body of the essay into shorter paragraphs for better readability. All along, it is imperative to understand that you should write an essay that reflects your personality and beliefs. It should also communicate to the reader your long term goals and at least one strong social cause you would like to contribute to in your later years. Also remember to end the essay properly with a good conclusion.

Dress and etiquette: Your outward appearance is just as important as your inner beliefs. It is always nice to turn up to any interview with cleanly pressed clothes and a well-groomed personality. Your tidy appearance reflects your personality and your etiquette shows the true essence of your characteristics. It will also be obvious to the interview committee that you are serious about your future and that the chances of gaining this scholarship means a lot to you.

Long term benefits of scholarships for high school students

Career Prospects: Earning a scholarship is definitely not easy. A student deserves to earn a scholarship only when he has put in the necessary effort into his academics or his areas of strength. This dedication proves that the student is serious about his future and will strive hard in order to achieve his goals. This characteristic trait in an employee is a big plus point for any employer. Therefore, it gives you the trump card when you are looking for good career prospects.

A seat in some of the best universities: College applications are reviewed with many criterias and a scholarship student is definitely given more importance  than his counterparts while providing admission. This in turn will open up more opportunities when you are looking for jobs after graduation.

Support from Mentors: This is often overlooked and can be of great advantage to a student who has a mentor during his crucial education years. A strong support system will give the student the confidence to strive harder and achieve high goals by being guided in the right direction.

Self-worthiness: A student who knows he is capable of hard work will always march forward to achieve his life's goals with confidence and conviction! Self-worthiness is a great characteristic trait that is crucial in this era where competition and conflict is a part of everybody's life.

Opportunities to network: Scholarship students are often exposed to voluntary programs for community service and support and this leads to meeting new people and building new networks which can be an added bonus. It also gives you an understanding of the shortcomings and strengths of a society.

Having stated the wonderful possibilities that a scholarship can provide, it is important for you to understand that you should try and apply for a scholarship program and should never assume that you may not be successful in getting one.

These scholarships for high school students are a blessing and should be considered by all the students who have shown exceptional academic performance in the last few years and who are willing to spend that extra time to follow up and prepare for these programs.

Also get in touch with the Best Montessori schools in Bangalore to give your child a special chance to attain the knowledge and education she/he deserves.

Shanthy Ranjith

I am a seasoned professional with outstanding teaching experience, I hold the skills and knowledge in contributing to the overall development and learning of students.

As a creator first and foremost, I am adept at identifying innovative approaches and creative practices in teaching challenges to remain ahead of new and relevant technology.

In my previous role as Class teacher at DPS and as an NGO volunteer teaching blue collared workers in UAE, I have enhanced collaboration abilities and cultivated a reputation as a significant contributor through teamwork and innovation. I am a respected team player always searching for opportunities to share valuable learnings. With these qualities combined, I facilitate positive change and impact outcomes.

For a more in-depth look at my background and qualifications, please review my attached portfolio.

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