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All About Scholarships To Study From The Best CBSE Schools, Bangalore

Dr. Sharmila Mallick Choudhuri
Jul 30, 2021

Scholarships for schools serve as a morale booster, allowing you to launch yourself into the depths of creative freedom in the field of learning. Scholarships for schools have been adjusted in a variety of ways to ensure that each student can receive this critical boost during their educational adventures, depending on their unique goals. 

Scholarships specially in CBSE schools in Bangalore are a phenomenon that requires attention not just from students, but also from society's stakeholders who have the potential and obligation to contribute to societal progress.

Numerous scholarships for schools have been established with the purpose of ensuring that important features of the grantees' characteristics are taken into account. For example, one of the most prevalent types of scholarships awarded at schools is the merit or academic scholarship, which is given to students who excel in academic and educational fields. These are intended to recognize remarkable pupils for their academic and educational achievements.

At the same time, rather than simply recognizing their accomplishments, the scholarships work as positive reinforcements for the students, encouraging them to perform better next time and progressively improve themselves. This might be a tremendous help to the student when looking for a job in the subject of excellence.

Now students can apply for merit-based, means-based, talent-based, sports-based, and other types of scholarships for schools to continue their study. With these categories, the Indian government has also allowed for state-wise scholarships to enable students from almost all major states to avail this opportunity in the best CBSE schools in Bangalore.

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State-wise details of scholarship for schools

A state-by-state scholarship for school is a common type of scholarship that includes a list of scholarships offered by various state governments and private organizations for specific states. Depending on the candidate's class, caste, or gender, he or she may be eligible for state-specific scholarships for schools. Depending on the candidate's home state, he or she may be eligible for scholarships to help fund their studies.

1. Pre-Matric Scholarship for Minorities of Karnataka

● Minority community students are eligible for the program.

● The proportion of marks a student received in the preceding yearly examination should be greater than 50%. (This does not apply to students in the first grade.)

● Students from Karnataka who are studying in another state are eligible to apply.

● Students from other states who are studying in Karnataka are not eligible to apply.

● From all sources, the applicant's family income should not exceed INR 1 lakh.

2. Post-Matric Scholarship for Minorities in Karnataka

● Only students from underrepresented groups in the community are eligible to apply.

● Students in grades 11 to PhD are eligible to apply.

● The prior qualifying examination should have yielded a score of at least 50%.

● The family's annual income should be greater than INR 2 lakh.

● Students who are pursuing their education via correspondence or certificate/training level courses are not eligible to apply.

● Students from other states who are studying in Karnataka are not eligible to apply.

Merit-based Scholarship for schools

Merit-based scholarships for school are those that are awarded to students based on their academic achievements.

1. 11th All India Maths Science (AIMS) Talent Examination

Every year, students take the All-India Maths Science Talent Examination (AIMS TALENT EXAM) to help them strengthen their fundamental concepts and analytical abilities in preparation for future competitive examinations such as NTSE, PSA (Problem Solving Aptitude), Olympiads, IIT-JEE, AIEEE, PMT, and others. It is based on a method that assesses a child's abilities, hidden skills, and specific aptitudes in addition to memory.

● Students studying in classes 1-10 are eligible for this scholarship

● Students studying in CBSE/ICSE/IGCSE are eligible to apply.

2. National Scholarship Exam

Students are invited to apply for the National Scholarship Exam (NSE) which is organized by the National Institute of Career Education (NICE) Foundation and is based on multiple choice questions (MCQs). NSE is open to students in grades 5 through 12, as well as those with a diploma or a degree. NSE's mission is to identify and nurture gifted students by assisting them in identifying their strengths and weaknesses.

● Students in grades 5 through 12 (SSC/ICSE/CBSE)

● Diploma students are those who are engaged in a course that leads to a diploma (any stream and any year)

● Students that are enrolled in a degree program (any stream and any year)

Means-based Scholarship for schools

Need-based scholarships for schools are awarded to students based on their financial need. These scholarships in schools in Bangalore, India are designed exclusively for students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. The annual family income of the family is the most important criterion in determining whether a student is eligible for such scholarships.

1. HDFC Educational Crisis Scholarship

Students who are unable to pay for their education due to personal/family crisis or other financial concerns and are at risk of dropping out are given monetary support of up to INR 75,000 for their studies under the ECS scholarship.

● Only Indian citizens are eligible.

● Students must be enrolled in a private, government, or government-aided school in grades 6 to 12.

● The applicant must have received at least a 55 percent on the prior qualifying examination.

● A family's annual income must be less than or equivalent to INR 2.5 lakh per year (2,50,000).

2. Merit-cum-means based Scholarship for schools

A merit-cum-means scholarship is a word that refers to scholarships that consider the student's academic merit as well as his or her financial need when disbursing funds.

Mahatma Gandhi Universal Values Merit-cum-Means Scholarship 

The Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship at Global Indian International school Bangalore is applicable from Grade nursery to grade 12th at the Whitefield campus. GIIS is one of the best CBSE schools Bangalore offering this scholarship to help students get quality education across the financial spectrum.

● The applicant must be a citizen of India.

● Academic achievement of the previous two years was above average, with a minimum of 60% or comparable.

● Two years' worth of family income documents/tax assessments (ITR fully confirmed by IT department). - In the event of local guardians, the application would be processed based on the gross family income of the local guardians in India.

● Family Income Self-Declaration Form

Sports-based Scholarship for schools

Have you ever considered receiving a scholarship for school based on your contributions to sports, regardless of which sport you choose? If you want to create a lasting impact in the sphere of sports, you can apply for a variety of sports scholarships granted by prominent sports institutions and other private organizations in India.

GIIS Sports Scholarship 

The applicant must be a citizen of India.

● Must come from a family with a moderate income (with Annual family income less than INR 5 Lacs).

● A Sports Coach or a recognized Sports Body/Federation/Academy must be affiliated.

● Pass a skills test and participate in an interview.

● Have consistently played for the past two years, i.e., have represented their country/state at state, national, or international levels in the previous two years, and should be in the top 500 national/state rankings.

The best CBSE school in Bangalore will provide ample opportunity for your child to grow through their school year and beyond. Some schools have a wide range of scholarships for school students.


Dr. Sharmila Mallick Choudhuri

An academician and an educationist by profession , I have been working with educational institutions and schools as a leader for decades.

31 years of experience in the field of Education in India  with CBSE and ICSE curriculum, training and affiliation processes and setting up  Schools, affiliation / accreditation of UGC, AICTE / NAAC.

I have been the Master Trainer for CBSE Leadership Training Principals and Teachers on Classroom Management, Life Skills, Value Education, Career Guidance and Assessment of Secondary Classes on behalf of CBSE.

I have  been the center Observer for CBSE exams and Science Exhibition conducted by CBSE.

I have published a number of articles in newspapers, research papers in leading journals and presented papers at National Science Congress. I am the topper  in B.sc  from Calcutta University and has many prestigious awards in the field of education.

I am specialised in  Start-ups in Education, Educational Administration, Affiliation and accreditation, Academic audits and quality control, Curriculum development & Teacher training and  Counselling.

Have received several awards all over India as “THE BEST EDUCATOR “, “SIKSHA GAURAV “, “BEST PRINCIPAL”, “SOUTH INDIA WOMEN ACHIEVER “etc ,and many more from several prestigious organisations .

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