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What is the Importance of Secondary Education?

Doreen Catherine Batra
Dec 24, 2021
Secondary School
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Secondary school education is one of the most important phases of every student's life. It has been one of the best ways to help empower girls, provide a foundation to many youngsters, reduce infant mortality rates in India and elevate a person's economic status. 

Therefore, every child should attain secondary education irrespective of their social status, their gender or their economical backgrounds. 

Some of the top CBSE schools in Bangalore have been revamping their vision for this generation's youth and have increased the number of scholarships to help children who come from a lower economic background to gain an international secondary education.

How Secondary School Education Can Benefit an Individual and the Society at Large?

1. Reduces the Number of Child Marriages

When girls attend secondary school, they are exposed to better opportunities that help with their life choices and to make sensible decisions. This drastically reduces the probability of succumbing to child marriage. This in turn would also lead to lowering the number of early pregnancies by at least 50%. 

2. Reduce Infant Mortality Rate

There are millions of children around the world who do not get a chance or who do not have the means to attend secondary school. And infants whose mothers do not have a secondary level education are more likely to die as compared to the infants of mothers who have had high school education. Educated girls are also likely to take better care of their families than those who are uneducated.

3. Helps Improve a Person's Economic Status

A person's economic status is increased by an average of 10% for every extra year of schooling they attend. A secondary school and a post secondary education following that will help increase employment opportunities which inturn would spur a stronger economic growth for the individual and the country he resides in.

4. Personal Skill Development

Secondary school years are a great platform to socialize, learn new sporting skills, involve in extracurricular activities and co-curricular activities which help in attaining key skills that will help children survive in this competitive world. This gives them the confidence to socialize among common peer groups and build their network.

5. Career Advancement

With a good secondary school education, students get a chance to explore different avenues and possible career choices. Higher education gives children the skills to excel in a particular area of interest , thus making them more of a possible prospect for employers to pursue.

6. Promotes Equality and Diversity of the Society

Secondary school is when children learn to understand the society and its many nuances, therefore this gives them a sense of empowerment and a feeling of unity in their endeavors. 

A diverse environment like a secondary school can expose children to different cultures and enable them to make better decisions keeping in mind their roles and responsibilities as individuals of a society.

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7. Reduces Crime Rate

Secondary education teaches teenagers the difference between what is right and wrong and how their decisions may drastically affect their lives forever. Education of young citizens decreases overall arrests by 11% for every extra year a student educates himself.

8. Reduces Violence Based on Genders

Gender equality is one of the best aspects that is imparted with the help of secondary and higher secondary education. Domestic violence and gender based abuses reduce to a large extent in societies that encourage and value education for its youngsters.

9. Better Health Outcomes

There are many studies across the world that state how children who attend secondary school benefit in health outcomes. Each additional year of education decreases the average fatal rate by 8.4%, especially in lower and middle income countries across the world. 

According to one of the studies undertaken to understand the impact of education on health, it was noted that every extra year of secondary education was associated with a 24.5% and 43.1% reduction in young citizens being infected by the deadly HIV.

Top CBSE Schools in Bangalore and Their Unique Frameworks

To provide multi-disciplinary skills to students, some of the top CBSE schools in Bangalore have created 21st century frameworks that are globally aligned and have the right set of activities to help children gain skills like critical thinking, creativity and innovation. 

Children are taught to take responsibility for their societies and are encouraged to come up with innovative ideas and project based learning outcomes that give them a clear understanding of the roles they can play as educated citizens. 

There is also the emphasis on holistic development of children, not just in  secondary schools but also at the beginning of a child's educational journey like the kindergarten. The idea is to develop them in all areas of life, thus making them emotionally, socially and academically sound. 


Considering the amount of benefits a child can gain through secondary school education, parents should therefore ensure that children are given the opportunity to attend a school that emphasizes a wholesome learning approach rather than the traditional bookish method. 

Even the government run schools are now understanding how holistic education can benefit and improve the educational journey of every child. There are schemes like the Samagra Shiksha Scheme which helps teachers and students work together to create positive outcomes for all. 

Secondary education is a crucial part of a student's learning years, and no child should be denied this opportunity for self -development which inturn can develop the society and the economy at large.

Doreen Catherine Batra

Qualified and resourceful teacher with a master’s degree in education and proven knowledge of educational technology, blended online learning and curriculum design. Trying to utilise my knowledge of advanced teaching methods in learning and e-learning for the benefit  of the students of grades 7, 9 and 10. An award-winning teacher, Doreen has conducted subject-based training for teachers in Staff Development Program.

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