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What are the Advantages of Studying at a CBSE School in Bangalore?

Maninder Kaur
Jan 24, 2023
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Choosing whether to enrol your child in an ICSE, state or a CBSE school in Bangalore may be a difficult decision to make, and one that you will have to make after much thought. 

Many parents believe that putting their child into a prestigious school will provide them with opportunities for exposure and character development. 

However, you must also bear in mind the syllabus and study materials. Each board has its own set of study materials, with CBSE being widely regarded as the finest. When it comes to discussing the CBSE board, the student population has a diverse range of viewpoints. 

It is critical for students and parents to grasp the CBSE board's curriculum and how it will benefit pupils in the future. 

According to education experts, the Central Board of Secondary Education produces the highest percentage of pupils who pass India's premier exams. 

Although each school board has merits and weaknesses, the Central Board of Secondary Education, as India's national board, is preferred in today's competitive world. JEE, NEET, and AIPMT are among the key national competitive tests administered by the board. 

Here are some fundamental advantages, disadvantages, and distinctions of each board to assist you answer all of your questions and select the best board for your child.

The Difference Between CBSE and State Board

● Each state in the country has its own education state board, which is overseen by the education department of the relevant state. Everything varies from state to state, from the content to the structure and paper design. The CBSE, or Central Body of Secondary Education, is India's national education board, as its name indicates. Across the country, the curricula, teaching method, and content are all the same, unlike the state board. This makes it considerably easier for students in various states to transfer and change schools because the course is the same regardless of the state.

● The CBSE curriculum is meant to assist pupils develop analytical and thinking abilities. New methods are being implemented, such as more questions with internal options and a greater focus on objective questions. There are regulations that are being changed on a regular basis to discourage rote learning. CBSE does not place additional pressure on pupils and instead focuses on providing high-quality education.

● In India, CBSE is regarded as more flexible than other boards since it encourages customisation when it comes to choosing a few more topics from Grades VIII to XII, whether in language or any other subject. For example, if a kid wishes to study Arts or Humanities as well as Math as an alternative topic, he or she can do so because CBSE provides for such flexibility. Customization restrictions may differ from one institution to the next.

CBSE vs ICSE, Which is More Difficult?

In the debate between ICSE and CBSE, which board is best for their child's overall development? Examining the benefits and drawbacks of educational boards might help bring this debate to a successful end. It will also assist you in aligning your pick of the top schools in Bangalore, India with your child's learning objectives.

● The CBSE curriculum emphasises theoretical principles, whereas the ICSE curriculum emphasises practical knowledge. 

● The CBSE curriculum emphasises science and mathematics, whereas the ICSE curriculum emphasises art, language, science, mathematics, and even humanities.

● The CBSE board offers a clear and simple syllabus that presents subject content in a straightforward manner.

● The CBSE offers a condensed curriculum with fewer topics to learn, whereas the IB offers a more extensive curriculum with more subjects to learn.

Is the CBSE Board the Best Option in a School in Bangalore?

As previously mentioned, the CBSE oversees the AIPMT and the Main or JEE Advanced exams for medical school and engineering admissions in India. 

As a result, students at CBSE School in Bangalore would not have to worry about doing extra reading for their 12th board examinations or studying for numerous selection tests.

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CBSE Campuses of GIIS Bangalore

GIIS is a pioneer international CBSE school in Bangalore's garden city, where students develop their innate abilities and potential. Our campuses in Whitefield and Bannerghatta provide SMART facilities, a best-in-class co-educational atmosphere, and a comprehensive learning approach that is appropriate for today's 21st-century education. 

The incorporation of GIIS' 9 GEMS holistic pedagogy into the internationally recognised CBSE curriculum adds refinement and a firm foundation to students' academic paths, hones important life skills, and prepares them for admission to top institutions throughout the world.

● Professional Instructors:- GIIS's  highly educated and experienced facilitators guarantee a seamless learning process and aim for holistic excellence, making GIIS one of Bangalore's best CBSE schools. GIIS chooses outstanding teachers for their knowledge of the curriculum and for their achievements in respective fields.

● Interdisciplinary Teaching:- GIIS provides fantastic possibilities for our students to conceive of unique and cutting-edge solutions and enhance their creative talents, rather than simply remembering the courses. GIIS's students benefit from excellent interdisciplinary instruction that allows them to apply information, ideas, and value to a variety of academic subjects.

Structure of CBSE School Fees in Bangalore

The finest gift a parent can give and a child can get is a decent education. Most parents want to enrol their children in the best school possible in order to achieve this goal. Aspects like the school's Infrastructure, staff, curriculum, and safety, all play a role in selecting a school. 

School expenses are also important. This can be an issue because a decent education can be costly. Parents nowadays are responsible for paying school costs, coaching fees, transportation fees, exchange programmes, cafeteria fees, and other modest expenses. 

These costs are just as important as the child's education, therefore parents have no choice but to pay them. In terms of all of that, GIIS is one such institution that has  affordable CBSE School Fees.


While each board has advantages and disadvantages, the indisputable benefit of the CBSE board is that students who pass it are more likely to achieve higher marks in AIEEE, IIT-JEE, and AIPMT. 
From a long-term perspective, parents of children now enrolled in CBSE Schools in Bangalore recognise that the CBSE board gives a significant edge over the other boards. And considering that the best schools offer an affordable CBSE School Fees in Bangalore, it can be the ideal choice for those who are pondering over choosing this curriculum.

Maninder Kaur

I am Ms. Maninder kaur, working as a primary teacher in GIIS Whitefield from past five years.

I did my schooling and college from Chennai. I have completed my degree from Madras University and then did my B.Ed. I am in this teaching profession from the past 15 years. I have worked in IGSE and CBSE schools in my carrier as a teacher. I have been a part of Army School, Air force School and International Schools. I have always been teaching with passion and kindness so that my students are able to learn faster and better. There was always a sweet connection with my students, those who have passed out of school and doing well in their lives. It gives me immense pleasure when I get to meet them in the alumni or through phone calls.

I got inspiration from my mother as she was also a teacher and being from the defense background I learnt discipline from my young age. I have catered to the requirements of an institution on many occasions. We learn from children on daily basis in this profession and enhance our knowledge.

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