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How to Choose the Best High School in Bangalore?

Rema Rajiv
Nov 30, 2021
High School
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India's education system is multidisciplinary, and each state has its own education board for students. Different councils also emphasize different subjects and have different teaching styles. 

The system followed in schools following the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) guidelines has been judged by experts as the most comprehensive and popular among the rest.

Schools play a major role in shaping a child's overall development. To begin with, it is important to ensure that your child attends a good private school in Bangalore.

The question is, how do you find out which is the right one for your child? Every child has different needs and requirements so how do you choose the right school that will  cater to your child's needs?

Why And How To Choose the Best CBSE School in Whitefield, Bangalore?

CBSE curriculum is designed to make learning fun and easy to comprehend  by children and help them fare well in later examinations. The advantages of this curriculum will be available, however, only when schools implement it thoroughly. 

Choosing a CBSE school in Whitefield Bangalore becomes all the more important when you put your time and effort behind hunting for the perfect school. 

Here Are Some Characteristics to Look for:

Get a Full Understanding of the School

Consider your family's needs and your child's interests before filtering out schools. What kind of work environment does your child prefer, structured or unstructured? Does your child require extra assistance? 

Having precise answers to questions like these can help you make a list of schools that are suitable for you. There is plenty of information on schools' websites and prospectuses that can assist you in adding them to your list. Talk with like-minded parents and get their input as well.

The Infrastructure

Can they accommodate games and sports events on their playgrounds? Are the classrooms inspiring, tidy, and well-maintained, and do they display students' works? Is the school building maintained well, and are the bathrooms clean? These are some of the questions you need to consider.

Academic Performance

While extracurricular activities and divergent learning are essential for the child's development, their academic performance is equally important. Look at the school's average exam scores at the district and state levels. 

Consider how many ranks they have gained and their yearly results trend; have the ranks risen or fallen and what the reason may be. Ranks are an indicator of the quality of coaching in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) area. Ask the school about how their best students have fared in their higher education.

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A Place That Promotes the Right Values

A school that places great importance on discipline and decorum is one that truly believes in instilling the right values in its students. A healthy, stress-free, and unrestricted educational environment is preferred.

School Location and Cost

Be certain you understand the costs involved, even what you will be charged and what the extra charges are. Make sure that you receive a breakdown of what you will pay for, as well as whether the cost of the curriculum and faculty is worth your investment. 

The distance from home to the school is another factor that parents and children should consider. A good school location not only provides a harmonious and serene environment for academic pursuits, but also helps in providing physical protection to its students.

The Advantages of CBSE Board Education

Students are increasingly choosing to study in the best CBSE schools Bangalore. Here are some of their benefits:-

● The textbooks and syllabus are student-friendly, interactive, and enjoyable. The syllabus is structured to not exert too much pressure on students. There are interactive exercises throughout the chapters that make the process of knowledge transfer collaborative, resourceful, and enjoyable. 

● Exams are less stressful and practical as you'll be judged on what you know, not how much you can remember. The students feel positive about the experience, and the exam failure rate is low. 

● Students have a fair amount of flexibility with the board. Each education level allows you to choose the study field that you are interested in, and you can select any study field. Along with giving you a sense of confidence and trust in yourself, it is more fruitful academically for you. 

● We emphasize both physical activity and academic studies equally so that you can achieve optimum physical and mental growth while earning good grades. A balanced teaching model that emphasizes the cognitive development of children is provided by combining academics with sports. 

● CBSE schools allow students to choose subjects according to their liking, rather than adhering to a predefined combination. The student's academic horizon is expanded by allowing them to choose from a variety of topics.

● The CBSE is considered more flexible than other boards due to its flexibility in offering additional subjects in grades VIII to XII, be it in language or any other subject. CBSE allows students to pick and choose combination subjects, for example, if they wish to take Arts or Humanities along with Maths as an additional subject. The extent of customization may vary from school to school.

● After completing their school education, many students strive to become engineers or doctors and prepare for competitive exams at centralized education institutes such as IIT-JEE or AIIMS. Because these exams are also steered by CBSE, CBSE students perform better in exams like these. Therefore, attending a CBSE school is an added advantage.


Finding the best high school in Bangalore for your child can prove to be a good decision. Choosing the right school for your child can be overwhelming and often lead to dead ends. 

Better School Solutions eases your dilemma by providing a dynamic learning environment that focuses on developing physical skills, creative ability, social skills, and extracurricular activities. Let us help your child take their big steps and spread their wings.

Rema Rajiv

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