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School Admission Process In International Schools Of Bangalore - Read To Know It All

Tusha T Nair
Jul 30, 2021
Admission Tips
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School is one of the most important institutions a child joins after the comfort of their home. The knowledge and values that they obtain in this place will stay with them forever and assist them in making good career choices. Hence it becomes essential that there is a good relationship between the student and school. If you are keen to take admission in an international school in Bangalore, you need to find a school that fulfils the needs of the student and vice versa.

School admissions in International Schools, Bangalore

If you're looking for school admissions, international schools in Bangalore should definitely be on your list. Bangalore is also known as "The Silicon Valley in India" as it is the centre for the high-tech industry. The city offers diversity, culture and many educational institutions.

The international schools in Bangalore provide the best quality of education to help students emerge as independent professionals. With these promises by schools and your expectations, you need to find the perfect school for your child.

Admission Process:

The school admission process might seem a little scary at first but it is quite simple. These are the steps to begin the process of school admissions in Bangalore.

● Do some basic research about schools you are interested in.

● Read up on the eligibility criteria for the school - age, location, etc.

● If the school matches up to your requirements and you fit the criteria, you can fill the online admission form for the school.

● The school might ask you to submit documents for proof of identity and residence, so complete the same.

● Many schools have the admission interview process. The school will schedule you for the same.

Why do international schools have an admission interview process?

In order to find the perfect match, schools have the admission interview process in place. The interview process helps the school learn about the student and the parents and deduce if this school fits the student. The student also gets an opportunity to ask questions and get information about the school and clear any doubts. 

The admission interview is not to intimidate the student, but is an attempt to build personal connections with the student. Understanding the expectations and goals of the student helps the school prepare better facilities and recognise the ever-changing needs of students.

When you apply for school admissions in Bangalore, there are certain basic documents and information that the school collects. The admission interview just helps to increase this portfolio of a prospective student. The interview assists the school in getting to know the personality of the students, strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes.  


How to prepare for school admission interviews

1. Do your research on the school. Understand the mission, visions and goals of the school. International schools in Bangalore have a set of facilities and programs offered. Read up on them and keep questions ready. Your prior research and questions will help the school know you are interested and invested.

2. Make sure you have all the necessary documents with you. If you're moving to a new school then keep school exam results ready. Do not hide information from the school as that might cause unnecessary trouble. Keep your documents organised and ready.

3. For students, prepare yourself with some basic questions. Organise your thoughts on the things you enjoy, your hobbies, your goals and subjects and activities you love. Speaking confidently will boost your chances of being selected.

4. Dress modestly. Make sure your clothes are pressed and basic hygiene is maintained. This helps create a good first impression. If the school has dressing guidelines, follow them. This will show your dedication and research efforts.

5. Treat people in the premises of the school with respect. While answering questions, address the people in the room appropriately. Be calm and maintain good etiquette. This helps the school gauge your personality and the kind of student you will be.

6. Be punctual. Make sure that you arrive on time. This helps to shake off any nervousness and keep you from missing out on anything. If you are late, due to any reason, call ahead and inform the school so adjustments can be made. Taking responsibility is a sign of a good student.

7. While answering questions, be calm. Try to answer them as clearly as possible. If you don't know the answer, tell them. Honesty is appreciated.

8. Be prepared with questions and listen to the answers and advice given.

9. If you are a parent, then let your child speak for themselves. Support them so that they may be more confident.

10. The day before the interview can be quite nerve-wrecking, try to relax and have a good rest. Eat well before the interview and present yourself nicely. The interview is not a test on your worth, it is just a conversation to help both parties understand each other better.

A question guide to school admissions in Bangalore

International schools in Bangalore provide a curriculum well-optimised for your child along with state-of-the-art facilities and programs to boost your child's knowledge. All of this is done to increase their thirst for knowledge. In order to know if the child would fit the school's current services and to understand their future choices, schools conduct admission interviews for the curriculums they offer like GMP, CBSE, and Cambridge curriculum.

The interview questions are structured to get a view of the mental, physical, emotional and social abilities of the student. It is also to understand their academic interests and career goals to help guide them in school. If the child is a pre-schooler, then it is just to understand if the child has some basic communication and learning skills and understanding and is prepared to step into the school environment.

1. Questions about the student's academic interests - Favourite subjects and what do they like about it? Subjects that they don't like and why. Something that they found interesting and wanted to learn more about.

 2. Questions about the student's personal interest - How do they spend their free time, what they like doing at home, what are their hobbies, what do they want to do after completing school, what are some achievements that they are proud of.

3. Questions about challenges or victories that the student has achieved in their life.

4. Questions that test a student's observation, reading or listening skills.

5. Situation-based questions that test the child's morality or quick-thinking skills.

6. Questions about the student's expectations from the school - why they chose the school   and what the school can do for them.

Being prepared to answer these just helps increase your chances of getting into an international school in Bangalore.

This is not an exhaustive list. These are just some of the themes around which the questions will be based. The school will ask follow-up questions to understand you better. Prepare yourself for these and anything more you think they could ask. Every school has a different mission and hence the questions could change accordingly.

The admission process requirements for international school admissions in Bangalore is a small stepping stone to the bright future of your child. All you need to do is prepare well, be organised and let your child flourish.

Tusha T Nair

Tusha T Nair, MCA, BEd is a  compassionate, enthusiastic, student-minded Senior School  computer teacher  with 8+ years of experience in developing and promoting creativity and high-order thinking skills in  students  to increase their performances in XII CBSE Board while also managing and co-ordinating annual functions, trips, and other events at GIIS Whitefield.

She always assists and co-ordinates with the teachers regarding CBSE-related responsibilities and had also served as a CBSE Co-ordinator in the past.

Exhibiting exceptional ability to make meaningful contact with students and parents, Ms. Tusha specializes in making the students understand the practical aspect of Technology. She has also been recognized as School Innovation Ambassador By Ministry of Education Innovation Cell (MoE).

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