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What Purpose does Bangalore International School Scholarships Serve?

Rupali Karekar
Jul 30, 2021
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Bangalore has some of the best international schools in the country. This is on account of the fact that the city is not only amongst the top cosmopolitan ones, but also because it is the centre of the global technology industry. These schools cater to the educational needs of  the children of a large number of technology professionals living in the city.

Considering the fact that the schools are extremely well endowed  with world class infrastructure, amenities and facilities, they charge a fair amount as fees.  While quite a large number of well heeled parents are  easily able to afford the school fee charged by these schools, there might be those who struggle a little. 

This is where scholarships offered by many of these Bangalore International Schools step up to the plate and come to the assistance of such students and their parents. 

Purpose behind the myriad scholarship for school programs run by such schools:

1. Encouragement to meritorious students excelling at academics-

Many of these Bangalore international schools provide generous scholarships to students who excel in academics. This helps  many brilliant students complete their education at a  leading international school with all the advantages that accrue from passing out from such an institution. 

The eligibility for qualifying for such  scholarship is usually  based on past academic performance. All that the applicant needs to do is to furnish evidence of pass marks received and send in the application on time,  as the scholarship is granted on a first come first serve basis. The scholarship covers the school fee either partially or fully depending upon the past performance of the student in question.

India is a young nation with abundant talent. It is only a matter of tapping into it by providing deserving students the wherewithal to grow and blossom into the best in the world. The potential is there for all to see and by providing scholarships to such youngsters, the Bangalore international schools are sowing the seeds for a stupendous tomorrow.

2. Sports scholarship for school program to encourage students with stellar sporting ability.

This scholarship is made available to students who excel in sports. The eligibility criteria comprise creditable performances at the district, state, national and international levels. In order for one to avail this scholarship, one needs to furnish the proof of past performance and submit it on time along with the application form. 

The scholarship for school can take care of all the academic expenses, apart from the sports and mentoring related expenses. It may also cover the boarding and lodging expenses in case the student studies at a boarding school. 

Sports is a viable career these days and the fact that students excelling at sports are able to qualify for admission into elite colleges on that basis motivates students further to do better in this field.

India is a nation of almost a billion and a half people and possesses the potential to be a global sports powerhouse. Scholarship programs like these are a step in that direction.

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3. Levelling the playing field for talented students

The very purpose of education is to enhance the quality of life of not just individuals, but society as a whole. There are so many supremely talented youngsters who are not able to fulfill their true potential for lack of financial support and other constraints. 

By offering these scholarships these international schools are making a worthwhile and much needed contribution to the promotion of talent and the creation of a more egalitarian society. This is something that can only aid the overall growth of this predominantly young country with an abundance of talent.

Bangalore has always been a special city right from colonial times. Over the past two decades it has become famous globally for its information technology prowess. For all the wealth that has come to the city and all the growth that it has seen, Bangalore is also a city with a keen conscience. This is reflected in the generous scholarships provided by the many well known international schools of the city.

By empowering promising and talented youngsters to strive for excellence by providing them with the schooling that matches the best in the world. This can help unleash the creative power and potential of these empowered youngsters to go out there and prove their mettle to the world. 

No country in the world ever became a world beater by not empowering its best talent to grow to their maximum potential in an unbridled manner. By opening their doors to students who otherwise would have found it difficult to access education of this standard these Bangalore international schools are helping create many outstanding success stories.

There will no doubt be many world class scientists, entrepreneurs, bureaucrats, doctors, authors, sportspeople and athletes who will emerge on the world stage in the years ahead thanks to these many scholarships for school programs initiated by these schools.

Rupali Kaerkar

Ms Karekar comes with over 20 years experience in content writing and content strategy in fields from journalism and content marketing. As head of international communications, she has been actively interacting with stakeholders like the student, teacher and parent community to ensure open channels of dialogue and passage of information between all parties. As a result, the school initiatives and stakeholder performances find the right platform and voice to share their achievements.

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