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Why Must You Consider Taking Admission In An International School In Bangalore That Offers Holistic Development?

Maninder Kaur
Jul 30, 2021
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Education is revamping and reinventing itself, and the schools in Bangalore play a huge part. In the pandemic world, schools have had a chance to introspect. Today's students are not isolated, and academic achievements are not the sole identifier. It is the time of school admissions in Bangalore, and parents are reevaluating the education sector. The pandemic has taught us many things, and international schools near me have held the forefront. 

The student of today is not just an individual learning new things but an individual unlearning and relearning every day. They are citizens of the global world, and as we model our leaders and broaden their horizons, we need to question and educate ourselves before we take the leap of faith. 

One must not fail to consider the following when they're on the hunt for international schools:

Academics and Sports

Academics and sports continue to lead the conversation around education. This, however, is not an either or situation; today, sports is as vital as academics in building a foundation. This needs to be collaborative, interactive with active discussions, brainstorming sessions where students can come forward with their divergent ideas. This must be backed up with intelligent technology, data analytics, and being in Bangalore's IT city; this shouldn't come as a shock.

Community, Ethics, and Leadership

COVID-19 has brought forward the importance of community and the idea that every individual is a leader, irrespective of the title attached to their desk. Students studying in international schools should not only be global leaders but hold onto grassroots values and ethics. While looking at the prospectus, it is essential to see if the students are being given safe spaces to create communities and a chance to be connected and be a part of these communities showing empathy. 

This can all make them leaders, even in small scenarios, leaders with global ethics, an ideal to serve for the greater good. This is required not just in India but globally. So often, we forget the values that we teach our children, to be honest and be punctual, but being accountable for what one says as an educator is a part of the ethics being imparted to the student. Without ethics, a student's mind is like a pendulum in cognitive dissonance. The schools nearby must foster a sense of inclusivity and high ethical  values.


Higher Education

The pandemic has brought a lot of stress to the job market and the future of students graduating. Therefore, the schools must have a coherent, comprehensive system for making sure every student gets into a university of their choice, caliber, and interest. 

An international school without opportunities to study abroad and in India is a school lacking a long-term vision. But, schools like Global Indian International School (GIIS), Bangalore have an outstanding record with university placements at Oxford, UCLA, Berkeley, among other stellar university placements.

Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Creativity

The three might look disjointed, but every innovation requires a creative space, an open, courageous mind to make mistakes. It is okay to be a jack of all trades, interact with different environments and apply a cohesive, intelligent approach. The students in Bangalore are fueled by the silicon valley that it is, and schools need to consider providing holistic development

Mind, Body, and Soul

The school's job is not only academics and extracurricular activities, but also to enable students to become conscious participants of their journey. With excessive stress, the schools must provide a sense of alignment, a space to explore topics whether they are climate change, mental health, traditional healing like yoga and meditation to find their ground. Counselors, mentors, grievance redressal cells for bullying, harassment, and regular seminars to sensitise students towards each other and their own selves.

Skill Development and Industry Leader

The international school should provide a platform and opportunities to students where they can learn new skills, whether in terms of media, technology, languages, fashion, among others. International schools must also possess international amenities, an appealing campus with state-of-the-art technology, easy navigation while learning new life skills. 

It goes without saying that the schools must create space for feedback which one can look at in terms of positive reinforcements like awards, championships, competitions, and results. It is essential to understand the application process as the school's admission  in Bangalore begins in June.

Hence, as a takeaway, for taking admission in Bangalore one is signing up for excelling in Academics and sports, Technologically Savvy, Inclusivity, learning global ethics and leadership foundation, developing community care and empathy, tie up with universities, skill development and feedback and value-oriented education.

Maninder Kaur

I am Ms. Maninder kaur, working as a primary teacher in GIIS Whitefield from past five years.

I did my schooling and college from Chennai. I have completed my degree from Madras University and then did my B.Ed. I am in this teaching profession from the past 15 years. I have worked in IGSE and CBSE schools in my carrier as a teacher. I have been a part of Army School, Air force School and International Schools. I have always been teaching with passion and kindness so that my students are able to learn faster and better. There was always a sweet connection with my students, those who have passed out of school and doing well in their lives. It gives me immense pleasure when I get to meet them in the alumni or through phone calls.

I got inspiration from my mother as she was also a teacher and being from the defense background I learnt discipline from my young age. I have catered to the requirements of an institution on many occasions. We learn from children on daily basis in this profession and enhance our knowledge.

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