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Top 7 Common High School Mistakes that Students Must Avoid to Do

Deepa Chandrashekar
Jan 30, 2023
High School
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High school is one of the most fun but tough years of education for students as it is pressuring for them to score well and succeed in their academic pursuits. 

During high school years, students get all sorts of advice that can easily confuse them and contradict their own views. 

Some might tell them to take things seriously while others may just tell them to take it easy and not be a nerd. These countless opinions may end up giving students mixed feelings about their choices. 

It can be a frustrating time to receive so many different opinions at once but keep reading this if you want unbiased suggestions on top 7 mistakes you can do in your high school as a student:

1. Inconsistency

In the beginning, many students prepare a timetable that balances their academics, free time and other activities. However, students gradually stop following the time-table as they think that they followed it yesterday or the day before and missing one day on the timep-table won't be a big deal. 

But before you know it, you don't remember the schedule you planned for yourself and all your plans to stick to a regimen will go awry. 

This behaviour makes it impossible for us to catch up with the time we lost when things start piling and we are filled with nothing but the feeling of overwhelm. 

Fighting these urges could be tough but it's worth it once we remind ourselves that any new practice or habit takes time to stick. 

2. Being a Bookworm

It is nice to be studious however being a bookworm is not the best way to go about it. There are many activities you can pursue in your high school years and you shouldn't miss that opportunity as those activities can help you decide where your true interest really lies. 

These are the golden years where a student can make mistakes and learn from them and explore their options so don't just limit yourself in academics but also try to socialise, be spontaneous, sporty and not too hard on yourself.

3. Being Too Hard on Yourself

When you are in high school you will tend to take things seriously or at least you will be expected to but the only thing you need to do is give your studies and other activities your level best and as long as it's enough for you it doesn't matter what other people think. 

Knowing your limits and accepting when something is too much to handle is one the most bravest and mature things which you will require and develop sooner or later.

4. Limiting Your Knowledge to Just Academics

One of the biggest mistakes students can make in their high school year is relying only on their academic knowledge and limiting themselves to it. 

This is repetitive advice but reading truly helps to broaden your horizon and the books you read doesn't necessarily need to be informative but even books that are fictional or fantasy enhances your imagination and vocabulary. 

Reading is one of the best ways to improve your vocabulary while learning new things. Opening yourself to new activities and hobbies can bring a variety to your knowledge as well as your perspective that you can use not only academically but also in the outside world.

5. Afraid to Seek Help

One of the biggest obstacles students face is asking for help when they need it. The reason behind this could be that they think their question is not smart enough or foolish which could make it embarrassing for them to ask about it. 

This fear of theirs is not completely irrational as there are some teachers who belittle a student's question which suppresses a student more. 

However, there are several schools in Bangalore like our GIIS that have teachers who use techniques that are more friendly and sophisticated in nature while creating an environment for students where they can speak their mind. 

This is a fear a student must overcome slowly but absolutely as no one question is big or small. Many times you also end up realising that other students in your class shared the same doubt as you. 

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6. Letting Others Get the Best of You

There are always going to be people around you who tell you what they think of you and your methods. Some might say you take things too seriously or you study too much while some or the same people would criticise you for taking things slow and steady. 

It's important to know that sometimes whatever others say is nothing but white noise and we must let it be white noise. Realising the fact that we cannot please everyone and we shouldn't too could be one of the best things that can happen to you as at the end you just need to do things that feel and work right for you. 

7. Letting Opportunities Slip By

Lack of attention or laziness could make students miss important opportunities that will help them in their further and higher education and even in the outside world like participating in elocution competitions, speeches, anchoring, hosting events, writing competitions or even scholarships that can help you develop various skills while broadening your horizon and help you build confidence. 

Many students are not aware of excellent scholarship programs their schools might be offering which could make them miss some important opportunities in the long haul.

The Best CBSE High School in Bangalore

Above mentioned are few things students need to be mindful of but the most important thing that students as well as parents need to be mindful of is the school they enrol into. 

GIIS is one of the best high schools in Bangalore that offers the best curriculums that are of international standards. They have some of the most modern and advanced facilities on campus that enhance students' learning experience. 

Along with this ,they are one of the best CBSE schools in south Bangalore that offers the 9 GEMS holistic framework curriculum that provides highly advanced subjects for students. 


GIIS is one of the best high schools in Bangalore that consists of some of the most well trained teachers, excellent safety and security policies, top notch scholarship programmes and advanced curriculum like CBSE and more.

Deepa Chandrashekar

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