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Features of Scholarship programs that are offered by best CBSE schools in Bangalore

Shanthy Ranjith
Jul 30, 2021
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One of the most prevalent issues in India is the poor quality of education within public schools and colleges. Whether it is the increasing cost of tuition or accessibility to a high-quality educational institution, difficulties exist in all aspects.

This is where scholarship for schools comes in handy. Scholarship programmes provided by the best CBSE schools in Bangalore open up a possibility of good education and allow them to boost career options.

And some of the best CBSE schools in Bangalore understand the importance of how a good scholarship opportunity can affect its students personally and academically. This is why Holistic Development Scholarships for schools in private and public sectors are sought out by parents, as it encompasses every development front a child needs, to refine or expand their range of skills and talents.

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What exactly is the Holistic Development Scholarship?

Holistic Development Scholarships are recognized worldwide and critically acclaimed. As mentioned in the name itself, the scholarship focuses on the holistic growth of its students, i.e. balancing academia with extracurricular activities.

The scholarship recognizes how essential the overall development of a child is and how a quality school can fast-track the process of them growing into well-rounded individuals. Thus, they have included variants within the scholarship programme itself, which are:

 ● Creative and performing arts: This arena of scholarship focuses mainly on developing and refining the artistic impulses of a student. And that is why it is offered to students who are passionate about the arts and have been consistently excelling within the top 70th percentile of the class.


● Sports: This arena focuses on the physical strength and activity of a student. Only the students who are passionate about it, and have been participating for 3-5 years within regional and international tournaments are eligible for the application.

●  Innovation and Digital Technology: Scholarships like these, understand how technology is essential in the 21st Century. So they make sure that their students are provided with the latest technology to attain  knowledge of it. And students who are spirited and want to excel in this arena can be eligible for it.

Language Studies: To be the global citizens that the school aims for its students to be, the scholarship provides them with a range of languages like French, Arabic, Mandarin, German, Hindi and so on. This arena is stable for students who have a record of outstanding achievements within their preferred language in their current curriculum.

Along with a range of types, this scholarship in CBSE schools makes sure that their students have the best experience in learning. 

Thus, they have included qualified professionals and esteemed guests that give insight into their experiences and learning in their respective fields to the students.

How does a scholarship Programme like this benefit its students? 

These Scholarship Programmes in schools are mainly talent-based and help to refine and encourage productivity and success based on their artistic/physical skills rather than their intellectual capabilities.

The framework understands how schools can pressurize children through rigorous studying hours, expectations of excelling and high tuition rates. 

That is why this framework gives the opportunity to take that pressure off by just refining their inborn talents, by providing 20-60% off  of their tuition fees as well as offering them the prospects of future careers.

But not only this, such scholarships for CBSE schools in Bangalore provide opportunities that open up doors to an intercontinental association and recognition that gives the school to be an asset of the global modern education movement.

Application & Selection Process

Now that we've read a little bit on the Programme itself, you must be curious as to what is the selection and application process of the framework, it is fairly straightforward. 

So if you believe that you are one of the students who can get the said scholarships, then simply follow the steps below to apply for the scholarship:

Step 1: In the application form available on the respective schools website, fill in all your relevant details.

Step 2: Upload all the mandatory documents like the academic record of the past year, certificates, awards, supporting documents of one of the categories mentioned. Also, adding a  cover letter, as to "why you are a good fit for this programme" will boost your chances of selection with the board members.

Step 3: Once submitted, if your application is accepted you will be notified via email within the next 10 working days.

Step 4: An assessment of all the chosen candidates will be done, followed by an interview (if applicable)

Step 5: Based on the documents uploaded and the assessment, candidates are selected for the scholarship, and the scholarship will be dispensed subsequently.

Note: The scholarship is exclusively available for students of the schools. And depending on the campus, they provide the scholarship to different grades.

Scholarships for schools usually start from Grade 6 and last up to Grade 12.

What factors should you consider while applying for the scholarships in schools?

Schools have a specific curriculum when it comes to their scholarship programme. And, the CBSE schools curriculum entails certain factors that are needed to be considered as a student or a parent of a student in the school, which are:

● Academics: Such Programmes aid students to excel in scholastic activities. They are aware that an excellent academic record will not only help their students with their future prospects but also shine a light on the school through their excellence. The programme itself is based on a real-life pedagogy wherein, students learn how academics can help navigate their life and subjects applicable to real-life situations.

● Athletics: Along with academics the framework also focuses on the physical development of their students. The programme understands how a lifestyle including physical activity can affect its students' health. And not only that, they also understand that grouping the students for various activities can instil values like teamwork and boost confidence to excel in any field.

● Values: The holistic scholarship programmes give grave importance to assure that their students are learning and experiencing the right values that are needed to be a good individual of the society. So, in this programme, students learn to accept and involve people of diverse cultures and backgrounds, as well as how to be empathetic towards the environment and how individuality is an important part of personal development.

● Skills: Skills enable students to achieve excellence in any field. This scholarship helps students to enhance their skills that include creative skills, dance, music, visual performance, and theatres. At International Schools, students get an opportunity to explore their areas of interest.

Overall, the Holistic Development Scholarship in schools includes aspects of every arena so that you as a student can grow into a well-rounded individual. Due to this programme, you will also receive great opportunities for various colleges and job opportunities.

This model will not just teach you something new but also pinpoint your skills and talents and encourage you to polish them into something productive for you and society.

And this is why the programme is trusted by students and parents/guardians all over India because it's exclusively available at one of the best CBSE school in Bangalore, i.e. Global Indian International School.

Shanthy Ranjith

I am a seasoned professional with outstanding teaching experience, I hold the skills and knowledge in contributing to the overall development and learning of students.

As a creator first and foremost, I am adept at identifying innovative approaches and creative practices in teaching challenges to remain ahead of new and relevant technology.

In my previous role as Class teacher at DPS and as an NGO volunteer teaching blue collared workers in UAE, I have enhanced collaboration abilities and cultivated a reputation as a significant contributor through teamwork and innovation. I am a respected team player always searching for opportunities to share valuable learnings. With these qualities combined, I facilitate positive change and impact outcomes.

For a more in-depth look at my background and qualifications, please review my attached portfolio.

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