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How Primary School in Bangalore Plan Activities for Preschoolers

Doreen Catherine Batra
Jul 30, 2021
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The primary school acts as an incubator for the next generation of leaders, thinkers, and innovators. It builds a child's personality and the basic framework of their future. It is easier and essential to build a strong foundation in children in the initial years than later.  

Their brain acts as sponges and soaks up knowledge easily, therefore it is necessary to give them the right kind of information and environment in their earlier years. 

We save money for higher education but ignore investing in good Primary schools which ensure broad-based learning in the child.

Benefits of  Primary schools

1. Primary schools prepare children for formal schooling 

2. Children learn cognitive, social, emotional, and language skills. 

3. Children are curious and love exploring everything around them and retain information which lays a healthy attitude towards learning.

4. Activities like art, music, dance can help your child to explore different things.

5. Children get acquainted with the routine which will help in a smoother transition to formal schooling later on.

6. Children learn to mix up with others which encourages an interpersonal relationship, they understand the importance of friendship, love, bond and empathy.

7. It helps your child in improving their vocabulary as they learn new words every day and learn to communicate.

8. It helps in developing basic skills in children. 

9. They learn the fundamentals of communication and cooperation. 

10. Children learn to participate in new activities and become more open to opportunities. 

11. The different subjects like mathematics, science, history, etc that are taught in primary school help in the mental and psychological development of the child.

12. They learn to think analytically.

13. It is seen that children who attend good primary school are more positive as they have been nurtured in a positive environment which helps them to be more stable.

14. Good values are instilled in them that teaches them to create a better life for themselves and others.

Taking school admission sets the foundation for primary school learning. The attention span of a child is not more than 5-6 minutes therefore fun activities and lessons are planned in the nursery to help them learn and keep them engaged for as long as possible.

Taking admission in Nursery not only sets the foundation for primary school but also opens the door to learning while having fun. Play is one of the ways where children learn practically and is good for their overall well-being as it improves concentration, social interactions and creative thinking. 

Let's have a look at some of the learning based activities organised by schools:

Sand play

It is a fantastic activity for the foundations of scientific learning and developing self-confidence and physical development. Scooping, digging, pouring and sifting teaches children how things work, and helps in building their muscles and coordination and when they do it with their friends they learn teamwork, sharing, and social skills.

Play Dough

Playdough strengthens children's fingers for writing and teaches them fine motor skills, creativity and hand-eye coordination. 

Drawing and Painting

Providing children with paints and drawing tools will allow them to explore their imaginations and develop self-expression. Furthermore, it helps them to learn about colours, mixing and cleanliness.

Blocks, Jigsaws, and Shapes

Playing with blocks, jigsaws, and shape sorters help them in spatial thinking, logical reasoning, recognising various shapes, sizes etc

Music, Dance and Singing

These activities develop rhythm and coordination, refine their listening skills, strengthen their muscles and make them more flexible.

Imaginative Play

Leaving children with a random selection of objects is essential in order to develop their imagination which is essential for literacy skills and intellectual reasoning. 

Physical activities

Young children cannot sit in one place for long so allowing them to run, jump, climb and swing can be the best way to remove their boredom and improve their gross motor skills.

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Outdoor Play

Children's learning is fuelled with rocket fuel when they are allowed to play outdoors in nature. It is healthy and it teaches them respect for the environment and makes them more independent and inquisitive.

Sensory play

Sensory play involves 5 senses: touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing. For eg:- Providing children with jelly, ice, beads, perfume, musical instruments will stimulate their senses and help them in exploration.

During difficult times like this pandemic, many parents have been forced to take the role of homeschooling their children 24/7. 

When paired with the tasks of everyday life, it may feel difficult to handle kids but the activities mentioned above can help to keep your children engaged in learning, playing, exploring. 

Looking for Nursery Admission?

If your child's age is above 2.5 years then you can start searching for one of the best Primary schools in Bangalore. It is a very contemporary programme scientifically based on developing skill and knowledge. It inspires children to become independent, self-motivated learners. 

Children develop psychologically, socially, they learn to interact, make decisions and act freely within an environment. The Montessori curriculum consists of activities related to practical life where they learn how to take care of themselves, others, and the environment where they live.  These activities teach children coordination, self-discipline, concentration and self-confidence.

Want to know the process of Nursery Admission? 

Nursery admission involves the same process in all schools with little bit changes here and there depending on their formalities.

1. Contact

If you are interested in a particular school, contact or reach out to their given number on their website and their team will get in touch with you to help you with the required information.

2. Visit Campus 

Visiting campus is necessary to get the overall information. You can book a campus tour to visit personally or virtually by filling in the required details. 

3. Assessments and Virtual Counselling

Assessment is an integral part of the admission process which is conducted by professional counsellors in the form of a written test to gauge the student's knowledge.

4. Submit Application Form

You can fill in the application form online or physical form under the guidance of a counsellor and submit the required documents.


● Birth Certificate

● Proof of Residential Address

● Child's Recent Passport Size Photo

● Medical Certificate

5. Payment

Once the Admission Fees is paid your child's seat is reserved.

Make sure you enquire about the admissions and documents submission dates in advance and set a reminder before so that you do not miss the dates or have a last-minute rush.

Doreen Catherine Batra

Qualified and resourceful teacher with a master’s degree in education and proven knowledge of educational technology, blended online learning and curriculum design. Trying to utilise my knowledge of advanced teaching methods in learning and e-learning for the benefit  of the students of grades 7, 9 and 10. An award-winning teacher, Doreen has conducted subject-based training for teachers in Staff Development Program.

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