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Why is Project-based learning important for CBSE schools in Bangalore for 11th and 12th.

Doreen Catherine Batra
Jan 25, 2023
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Why do some of the best CBSE schools near Bannerghatta road encourage their students of 11th and 12th to adhere to Project-based learning?

Project based learning is one of the most effective methods that provide extensive benefits to students of CBSE schools in Bangalore for 11th and 12th grades. There have been in depth studies on various learning methods inside and outside the classroom and Project based learning tops the list among the most productive learning approaches for high school students.

Top schools near Bannerghatta road offer world class curriculums to their students and the very popular CBSE curriculum has been reconstructed to provide a more innovative platform to help students grasp their academic concepts faster.

Let us see what  Project-based learning is and how it can help students during their 11th and 12th class in CBSE School.

Project based learning is a wonderful teaching and learning method that helps students get involved in their learning. They also learn the different steps in creating a project where students are required to self-initiate and actively learn by engaging themselves in identifying the problem,  researching, analysing, producing, demonstrating  and concluding with possible outcomes and solutions. 

Benefits of Project based learning for students of CBSE schools in Bangalore for 11th and 12th grade.

1. The most valuable skill of Problem-Solving

The biggest advantage of Project based learning is that students learn to identify problems and also find different solutions in order to solve the problem. They learn to challenge the problem or the question and gain the necessary knowledge to find plausible solutions that may give  successful outcomes. This trial and error method also gives them a chance to learn from their mistakes. 

2. Collaboration

Most of these projects are group-based projects and involve the efforts of all the members in the group or team. This leads to collaborative efforts among each other and also imbibes the importance of team building. Students also learn to resolve conflicts that may arise during  a group activity like a project. Students are compelled to liaise with the respective communities during these projects in order to gain a better understanding and this leads to positive relationships and improves social skills to a great extent.

3. Design thinking 

A community project can boost the design thinking skills of a student where they get to analyse the different phases of a project and how best to approach each of these phases effectively by keeping the best interests of the community in question. Design thinking is one of the most impressive and effective forms of problem solving and is applied in many industries across the world to achieve successful outcomes.

4. Empowerment and Self- Confidence

Students feel stronger and more confident when they are empowered with something substantial. It helps them believe in their own abilities and makes them work harder in order to prove that they are capable of the empowerment and the responsibility that is entrusted to them. This also initiates other characteristic traits like leadership and entrepreneurship and brings about a sense of being aware of themselves.

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5. Project Management / Critical thinking Skills 

The whole process of planning, scheduling and organising helps students understand the intricacies and challenges of a project and gives them insight about other problem areas they encounter during the process. They also learn the strength of teamwork for successful outcomes and the art of integration of different viewpoints into one single objective.

6. Communication and Presentation Skills

This is again a very important part of every project. A good project does not hold value if you do not know how to communicate and present it to your audience effectively. Students learn by making mistakes and understand the importance of being a confident communicator. They also hone their creative and technical skills while creating project presentations.

7. Adaptability

Very often, projects do not go according to the plan. There may be a necessity to change your approach and adapt to different methods in order to achieve the end objective. Students learn this the hard way and learn how to anticipate changes in their project planning.

8. Assessing the learning of the student

This is another important advantage in project based learning methods. It is beneficial for the teachers to understand the depth of the student's knowledge. It also helps the teacher reflect on the outcome of the project and discuss it with the student to bring more clarity with regard to the improvements and defects in the project. 

Most schools near Bannerghatta road are using new technology and project based learning in schools

This hands-on approach has been appreciated by many schools and they are actively imbibing these modern methods in teaching and learning. CBSE Schools in Bangalore have changed their approaches to blend with a global perspective in education.  Most of the schools near Bannerghatta road have their own frameworks and unique pedagogies to provide a highly dynamic and engaging platform to students.

A child might score straight As in his exams but it is also important to make him ready to mingle in a diverse environment and learn the art of collaboration and adaptability. These are basic survival skills that are needed in order to grow into successful individuals of a community in this century


CBSE Schools in Bangalore for 11th and 12th grades have taken the responsibility to adapt to new concepts and methods of teaching and understand the importance of a holistic environment to encourage students to develop in all spheres of life. The top schools near Bannerghatta road have next gen campuses and exceptional facilities to benefit a child's overall development.

Doreen Catherine Batra

Qualified and resourceful teacher with a master’s degree in education and proven knowledge of educational technology, blended online learning and curriculum design. Trying to utilise my knowledge of advanced teaching methods in learning and e-learning for the benefit  of the students of grades 7, 9 and 10. An award-winning teacher, Doreen has conducted subject-based training for teachers in Staff Development Program.

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